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Antonia Valaire

Shah Fazli
Antonia Valaire, Welcome to What's happening? live event, happy birthday, tell us what you did on your birthday, and how would you celebrate birthday parties in Jamaica, you go out with friends, stay at home and celebrate with family and friends, do you party somewhere, what you normally do, and what did you do for your twenty first birthday party, tell us about it, or was it just a quiet one?

Antonia Valaire well It is a norm in Jamaica to party but I did a quiet one.I woke up steamed some calalloo and saltfish with rice later in the day My Mom cooked stew chicken, vegetables, Gungo peas rice and beetroot drink then my Mom and neighbour and two brothers we prayed as well as I read my poems out of ma book and lastly in the night, my neighbour drove me to buy a sundae( ice cream).The greatest gift was I was alive and well.Thank God.

Shah Fazli Thanks, I think the quiet ones with the family and friends are even better, and gifts, did you receive gifts from family and friends, or it's not normal there to receive gifts on your birthday?

Antonia Valaire I got clothes and perfumes and other stuffs.Jamaicans are party fanatics and yea gifts is a norm, Jamaicans like to have a great time.Its part of our rich culture, if one day you do come to Jamaica I am sure you will enjoy what we have to offer everything about us is authentic

Diwakar Pokhriyal Hi, Antonia Valaire.. Congrats on your interview. How is the creative world there in Jamaica?

Antonia Valaire Its splendid.lots of creative individuals, very versatile individuals to name a few, Daron Chosen Smith Kerione BryanShanoye Norman.I just want big up Javon Merchant Smith he write a little bit of rap.Melsayda Wright-Murray

Shah Fazli Thanks, what is the traditional dance called in Jamaica?

Diwakar Pokhriyal That's great. How did you get the idea of your book Pearls Among the stones..

Antonia Valaire we have maypole and quadrille as well as Dances to Dancehall music and reggae.Reggae music is mostly sang by rastas or people of high spiirtual meditation.

Antonia Valaire Diwakar Pokhriyal Its amazing you asked, To tell you the truth its unexplainable.One day I was reading my bible Psalms and I read chapter 45, I thought I would get some inspiration it so happened I did.The word was so powerful That it spoke to me.I began writing and I used some words from the bible and when I was finished I wondered what the title would be I am kinda bad with titles its a weakness of mine but I don't know, Pearls among stones came to me.I do believe God gave me that title.

Shah Fazli What poem did you read to your mom and neighbors on your birthday, can you read it here please?

Antonia Valaire okay no problem, Out of many one people
Beat the Congo
Blow the horn
Wave your hand
Out of many one people
What a vibration
In a this little island

Even though we can’t live as one
But when a party time
We unite
Nuh matter the culture (it doesn’t)
We a full joy we self
You have Rasta talking
Christians praying
Bay song playing (in the context Bay means a lot)
Smiles on everybody faces
Out many one people

So come the Chinese, British, Syrians, Americans, Indians
Every Caribbean and rest of the world
Come to Jamaica
And feel alright
Listen some Bob
Don’t carry no jewelry
Because you will get rob
But come and eat
Have a feast
Enjoy we beach

Energy a shot
Dink a cold beer
Relax under the coconut tree
Feel free
We have jerk chicken
Curry goat
Festival, rice, Bammy
Fry and steam fish
Come enjoy we cultural dish
Food galore
Go back a your country
Tell every boy and girl
Say Jamaica nice

We know say crime and violence
A plague
But don’t let that stop you
Cause everybody welcome
Nuh matter taste (It doesn’t)
Come in a haste
Cause we have a celebration
Jam dung vibration
Me a tell the politician
Say me a send out a special invitation
But first we yard need renovation
Build up Jamaica
And education
Cause we live in a paradise
Black, green and gold
We proud and bold
As we motto say
Out of many one people.

Shah Fazli Thanks, what was your neighbors' reaction to this poem, they must have liked it, do you remember what everyone said, they might have said a lot of things, it was your birthday party?

Antonia Valaire haha There was a lot of smiles and laughter, She was impressed and felt proud not only of me but because I wrote a poem on our Motto, Jamaica.The dialect and The English blended well.She loved the beat and rhythm.I also love this poem .It is featured on Worldpoetryca and was short listed in the Desmond O'Grady competition in Ireland.

Shah Fazli What did you wish to have on your twenty first birthday, and you think you had it, or you still keep that wish alive until one day you get it, is there anything?

Antonia Valaire I was happy when I got my copy of my book and I just wanted to live to see my birthday plus I wanted cheese cake, My Mom says she will buy for me another Time.what I hope for my future birthdays is of course more life and to have one more book published,I want to be a top seller and many more and I wish to continue be inspired and inspire others as well.

Shah Fazli Thanks, Antonia Valaire, we wish you many other happy birthdays, we partied along with you, and thanks for sharing your time with us.

Antonia Valaire Thank you for having me and I hope everyone enjoyed the interview.please feel free anyone to ask me any question.

Antonia Valaire check out The link to review and preview my book and you can get a copy anytime.

Pearls Among Stones
Christena AV Williams is a young Jamaican poet who writes with passion and radic...See more

Javon Merchant Smith haha Valaire, never leaving me out the mix huh? you do the poetry and i'll keep being that lyricist.

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