Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Viewing Arnold

  • Viewing Arnold.

    Good morning Arnie, let me thank you for being on our view today, have you ever missed a shot in life? — with ShahSight Literature.
    Viewing Harnold.

Good morning Harnie, let me thank you for being on our view today, have you ever missed a shot in life?

    • Shah Fazli I mean, if you have ever missed your target?
    • ShahSight Literature You mean in films?
    • Shah Fazli You can't miss a shot in films, can you?
    • ShahSight Literature Not actually, but when you watch it from outside it looks like that.
    • Shah Fazli I know what you mean, but what I want to ask is if you have missed it in real life?
    • ShahSight Literature In real life, yes, once I went hunting, I targeted one bird, and I ended up killing another bird.
    • Shah Fazli Why do you think that happened Harnie?
    • ShahSight Literature Because, by then I was too muscular, and I couldn't control myself much.
    • Shah Fazli Yes, that is what I think Harnie, now what, do you have any regrets from your past?
    • ShahSight Literature I think I am still too muscly for any regrets, joking, but yes I should have been very careful in life in certain parts.
    • Shah Fazli Can you give us an example of what you mean?
    • ShahSight Literature One example is that when I went hunting, if I had relaxed my muscles a little, I might not have killed two birds instead of one.
    • Shah Fazli Oh, I thought you killed only one bird by mistake, I didn't know that?
    • ShahSight Literature No, it was two actually, that day I had made two shots, one for the real target, and one for the wrong one.
    • Shah Fazli Ah, is that the only thing that you regret in life?
    • ShahSight Literature There are A few more, but I don't want to tell you, I think I have said enough, don't you think Shah?
    • Shah Fazli All right, fair enough, thanks for sharing your only regret with us, do you want to say anything else to everyone?
    • ShahSight Literature When I was doing hard training and went hunting, I used to say to myself that I should ask people not to try this at home.
    • Shah Fazli Did you ever say that to anyone?
    • ShahSight Literature No, not at the moment, but then I had to say it on TV. And everyone was shocked.
    • Shah Fazli So, that is another regret you might have in life, is that not true?
    • ShahSight Literature I don't know what to think of that now. Now years have passed. I have grown old and those stories are old stories as well.
    • Shah Fazli Tell us about your films a little, which one do you like the MOST?
    • ShahSight Literature I think I like the Terminators quite a lot, because in those films you have the chance to say I WILL BE BACK.
    • Shah Fazli Is that because you like things to come back in real life, or is it something else?
    • ShahSight Literature When I was younger, I liked it when things happened to me again, and again, again, now that I am older, I am scared a little, so this is quite an old habit that I still have. Even in the Terminators I liked the idea, I loved it when I said, I WILL BE BACK.
    • Shah Fazli So how many times did you have to go back there?
    • ShahSight Literature Ah, Shah, I didn't have to go back a long way, it was right in front of me. I could have it anytime I wanted it.
    • Shah Fazli Like tea or coffee?
    • ShahSight Literature Exactly, I would have it with a little wine, sometimes with Whiskey, other times I just jumped on it, and that is.
    • Shah Fazli Wow, interesting, so was it the wine or whiskey that made you make the mistake, or was it your muscles, when you went for hunting, I mean?
    • ShahSight Literature Look Shah, everybody makes mistakes in life, have you not made mistakes yourself, are you perfect?
    • Shah Fazli Yeah, Harnie, that is right, with you the unfortunate thing was that your were very muscular, and you should have been more careful?
    • ShahSight Literature Yeah, I agree with that. I said it on TV and other social media that I have made a mistake, and I am telling you as well that I have made a mistake, so is that not enough?
    • Shah Fazli Harnie, I thought we were talking about your films, I am sorry, I don't know how we ended up here, don't you think it's our conscious minds that brings us back to the mistakes we have made in life?
    • ShahSight Literature I agree with you, I don't know how, in the last few years, anything I say, or others say to me, mean only one thing to me, the mistakes I have made in life.
    • Shah Fazli When did this exactly happened to you that you felt this way?
    • ShahSight Literature I think it was right after the bird hunting, after I killed two birds in two different shots, all my mistakes that I had made in life stood in front of my eyes like they would never leave me alone again.
    • ShahSight Literature Are you going to ask me the same questions again?

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