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Moses Opara

Shah Fazli
Moses Opara, Here we are with one more poet from Angels Cried Anthology, and here we have the honour of remembering the victims and their families, we appreciate the opportunity and we thank Mr. Moses for giving his time, Moses, please say something at the start of this interview? — with Moses Opara.

Moses Opara Thanks shah am greatful and would love to share this poem to all the people.


The grave is tireless
as mortals are restless!

The earth is barren
as shadows are weary!

The stars are in enmity as the moon watches with sadness!

The sun is burning
without pity
roasting hearts in cruelty!

The skies are dumb
watching men cause their own misfortunes!

The trees flapped
with sorrowful joy
as the wing sang a love song with tears!

We are the curse of
our own downfall.

Moses Opara Am very elated
to be among the angels cried,
with great authorz and writerz.
Am humbled,and thank God for that priviledge.

Shah Fazli Beautiful, thank you, may I ask you about your stand-up comedy and visual art as well, are they as serious part of your life as poetry, or they are just hobbies for you?

Moses Opara Yea mr shah,they are hobbies,
i always love entertainment and entertaining people write from my childhood, and painting or artistry,i developed in me. I seldom paint,but when i mean business i just creep.

Shah Fazli I thought so, thank you very much, tell us about your involvement with Angels Cried Anthology, how did all start for you, I know it has something to do with how we all care about each other, but there must be something else to it as well?

Moses Opara Our joy are rottened
like colanuts patching an old man's teeth,
as tomorrow bleaks away in a twinkle,
we are homeless and dumb our hearts sat
in grieving mood. An excerpt from my poem tittled. This is our chance.

Emeke Nwaoboli Nice answer! In this angels cried anthology, who were the angels that cried, or why that title?

Moses Opara Fading smiles wrinkling away
children humming songs of hope,
looking into the sun
in liveless joy,
with icy death as gift in their hands to bear.

My involvment in the angels cried anthology was divinely planned, i never thought that i would ever write with great authors.
That day of the tragedy, my country too was shocked at it,
i was at home then, when i heard about it.
I wanted to cry because,it was a painful thing, immediately i picked my pen,as i was led, i didnt know what came over me to scribble that poem titled. The cries of the shackled.
But all i could just say is it was God's divine push. He knew a time like this will come,when the whole world will want to see my heart touching words. Its a honour to be of acquintance with stephen l. Wilson. I love the whole contributors.

Moses Opara Mr emeka the poet,
angels cried, is the perfect title for that anthology.
The sandy hook victims are the angels.

Shah Fazli Can you read The Cries of the shackled for us here please?

Moses Opara Mr shah,its a pity, i didnt care to slate it down.
It was an inspired poem and i gave it out.

Moses Opara Mr shah,its a pity, i didnt care to slate it down.
It was an inspired poem and i gave it out.

Shah Fazli That is fine, thanks, you may want to read the poem you contributed to the Anthology please?

Catherine Mahoney I will go get a copy, if i can brb

Moses Opara I would have loved to read it,
but i think i didnt copy it down.
It on the wall of the IIA group.

Moses Opara That sure will be great ma'am catherine,
thanks for the help.

Shah Fazli Thank you Moses, tell us something about yourself, we have read your bio, but we would like to know you more, what are your favourites in life, what is making things hard for you, how is life treating you in general?

Moses Opara When it rains
it pours on every

About me is indeed something i try to patch,but its just God who have been helping me,
i love to meet with great people,
thosè who can bring out the best in me,
and what i love doing best is making my life be a blessing than cause in all ramification to people i meet in this journey of life,
i would say,what is making things to be hard for me is that i got know funding to further my studies,am still an undergraduate for years now,
and entering into higher institution have been so gruelsome. Thou, i just look up to God,who is always smiling to me,with joy. I stay with my widowed mum,i do the duties after and before work,
i teach,than to be idol,i enrolled in a teaching job.

Catherine Mahoney I posted Moses poem, Moses Opara - Abuja, Nigeria
In the rhythm of life things can never be the same as we wish, feel our pains how the cries of the broken have littered the streets in vain, ringing on many hearts. In our bleeding soul forced to weave cobwebs of sorrow, as thousands of voices echo pains to our hope, and massaging our timid hearts with painful doom in myopic sight. They hunted us on every side, and stitch our lips with tears, as we saw bullets spread upon our childrens’ innocent souls; forced to register with the silent graves. And tears we chew to console our shackled soul, as we tiredly trek with tick tears in our heart, allowing sorrow rebrand our lips with joyful pains humming dirges of hopelessness in cashed joy.

Shah Fazli Thank you, tell us something about your writing, something that we learn from it, what have you learnt yourself that you want to share with us please?

Moses Opara About my writting,
it was a calling,after the death of my dad who wanted me to be an architect,
i felt the pains of losing a great person, so i began to scrible about my experiences with a widowed mum and 6 sisters, in a rugged room patched with tears and a licking roof.
Sumtins when the rain fall,we put bucket under where the water is droping,and also at times, hardly 3 square meals kiss our wooden floor, and rarely a grain escapes from our hopeles calabash.
Those things made me to write about the masses and their plight. You know growing up in the gheto has never been easy.

Shah Fazli Thanks Moses, now it's time for me to leave the conversation and let others if they want to ask anything, it was a real pleasure so far, we all enjoyed and learnt from it, thank you so much once again.

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Moses Opara Am honoured to having partaked in this great talk. Thanks its a priviledge.

Moses Opara Who has a question should ask?

Elizabeth Castillo Hi, Moses sorry I'm late it's just 6am here. Do you have any plans of publishing your own book soon like I have told you ? You deserve to have your own book.

Moses Opara I will sure ma'am elizabeth soon. Just that i need to get funds for that.

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