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Robert Rumery

Shah Fazli
Robert Rumery, Thank you and thanks everyone else for joining this event, can you please introduce yourself to us and tell us what do you write, what does your writing involve in particular? — with Robert Rumery.

Robert Rumery Hello, I'm Robert Rumery, I'm a writer from Maine. I tend to write a little bit of everything. I like tt write poetry, action-adventure stories. Right now I'm working on a comic with Matthew Christopher Nelson called The Grove. It's set in Florida. Its a very interesting story. If you'd like to know more I'll tell you more. It's an honor to be able to do this.

Catherine Mahoney I like the preview of the comic introduction on your blog, can you tell us how this idea came about? the story I mean.

Robert Rumery The idea was all Matthew. He just sorta contacted me one day and asked me to be a part of the project. I had just got done writing an Novella about mutants and heroes. I guess he had been watching me for quite sometime, we had been aquatints before we became partners on this comic. The day we started the project was the day I showed him the last part of the novella I've been working on. The partnership is a unique one. I ask him what he wants done in the issue, he explains it and I execute it into the story. Matthew had the idea for a long time and he was just looking for a writer to execute it. Guess I was that writer and I gotta say this is a blast and I love it! I always loved the idea of writing a comic book and I feel that the comic book is actually a dying art that needs to be revived. We've been telling stories with pictures for centuries, it's the best way to tell a story. That's only my opinion though.

Catherine Mahoney Wonderful Robert, I saw that a popular site or company picked it up and it is coming out on what date? Name of the company is interesting.

Robert Rumery Yes, the company's name is What The Flux Comics. It was supposed to come out on the 20th of March but due to some issues it's not going to. I don't know the new date, but I heard it's supposed to be out by the end of the month. Everything needs to be perfect for the comic, not rushed. I know our fans will be happy when it finally does come out, patients is the key.

Catherine Mahoney So true, it sounds exciting, a end of the times doom's day series with heroes, who are the heroes and villains, would you like to give an excerpt or brief story line?

Robert Rumery I would give an excerpt but the book isn't out and I don't want to spoil it for anyone. The heroes are anthromorphic creatures, at one time they had been normal animals but they got tested on and gained the ability to walk upright and talk. The villains, if you can really call them that are zombie-like-swamp-creatures. The way I describe these things are a mix of The Walking Dead zombies and Swamp Thing. The target audience is tricky, for me I think it's teens and early adults. I write for a more adult crowd and it's not just for anyone. I could see some kid's picking up the comic and their parents being freaked out about. It's a comic because it's a mix of words and drawings.

Robert Rumery Oh and to sort of get into the mindset to write this, I read George Orwell's Animal Farm, an amazing book I might add!

Catherine Mahoney Interesting yes my children/ teens love stories with creatures, zombies and the Walking Dead. I see you are a Geek, be proud of that, my family is heavy into Dragon's Den and the characters games and videos. So you ideas of plots must come when you are in the game zone? yes?

Lori Wolfe Safranek Why did you choose to make the animals more advanced than the humanoid swamp creatures?

Catherine Mahoney I posted the preview in top comments, it seems to be a war zone story line. Thank you Lori, interesting question?

Robert Rumery Some of my ideas to come from when I'm playing my Xbox 360 at 3 in the morning. I've been working on a fantasy story as a side-project to The Grove. I've been heavily into Skyrim since it came out and started playing it again a few weeks ago. I always loved the fantasy setting : Swords, Dragons, Kings, Wizards and I thought I'd try my hand at the genre. Another thing I'm into that sort of does get my muse going is anime. I love anime! I'm a big fan of The Dragonball and Dragon Ball Z series, along with Naruto and Bleach, Afro Samurai is good too. Ah, the book, no not really. It was an Audio book.. Well, the swamp creatures are mindless creatures that are strong. They are stronger than the animals.

Catherine Mahoney is this a continuing series? how many in the first monthly, weekly or yearly and how much is a separate copy and are you going to bundle them into a subscription?

Robert Rumery This is going to be a continuing series. Each copy is about 3.99 each. I have not heard any ideas to bundle them into a subscription. I will keep you posted though.

Catherine Mahoney Have you started a Fan page anyway, where you keep them posted of the newsfeed and such?

Robert Rumery Yes, the fan page is located at : The Grove Comicgo there for updates regarding the comic.

Catherine Mahoney 15 minutes before the interview is over, but please stay and ask Robert questions, sounds good. I will let my children know about it.

Catherine Mahoney You and Matthew should think about promoting through Tshirts and such items? do you have plans to sell or donate merchandise for a discount? to build your reputation and comic?

Catherine Mahoney What or who is your favorite character(s)?

Robert Rumery The book, no I don't remember the words. We plan on making merch sometime, not really sure if we are right off. My favorite characters? Explain the question a little more.

Catherine Mahoney When a writer writes a story they have a favorite character? One that stands out from the rest, or main character,

Catherine Mahoney they must have unique names and roles?

Robert Rumery I like them all.

Catherine Mahoney Good, Easter is coming, maybe you can have a promotion of posting a page here and then, and the fans can see and like your works more. Does anyone eles have any questions?

Catherine Mahoney Robert do you have any words for beginners in the world of comic's plots?

Lori Wolfe Safranek Have you seen the final product and do you like it?

Robert Rumery What I do in my free time : Listen to music and play video games. The final product looks nice, very nice.

Catherine Mahoney True Lori, that is an exciting time when it is in your hands!!

Lori Wolfe Safranek How did it feel seeing your words in a comic book?

Robert Rumery Exciting.

Catherine Mahoney So the publishing date is close by and is it 3.99 an issue and where can fans order it?

Robert Rumery Fans can order the comic at the webstore @ The publishing date is close by. We just got some cleaning up to do with the comic, to make it pure awesomeness for the fans.

What The Flux?!
independant comics publisher

Catherine Mahoney Well done my mate, as the Irish say, Wish you much success with your future wishes and we all will be on the look-out when it is release. Thank you this has been an Flux, good time. Do you have or anyone eles, or should we close with Black Sabbath and thank Robert for his time to share with us his happy news.

Robert Rumery Good 'cause I'm part Irish.. Now where is that Reuben I must have misplaced it in the time portal.. or The Dalek took it!

Catherine Mahoney Thank you to Mr. Shah and Lori for hosting, and helping. Getting late over the seas.

Catherine Mahoney haha, got me, yes you can be funny, keep the spirit alive.

Shah Fazli Thanks everyone, it was a very exciting night with Robert and the rest of our guests. Please visit our page and be a member of the page.

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Catherine Mahoney Good nite, time to watch anime! with my children. Have a great weekend all.

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