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Spotlight Show -- Marta Moran Bishop

Shah Fazli
Marta Moran Bishop, Thank you so much for coming, you are a poet, right, what makes a person become a poet, what has made you a poet, does someone's personal life affect him or her to become one, falling in love, for instance, or is something quite different, tell us something about it please?

Marta Moran Bishop Thank you for having me Shah. I fell into poetry when I worked for the literary journal in college.

Shah Fazli Thanks, what was your first poem about, do you remember, it wasn't a love story, or was it, do you remember how old you were by then?

Marta Moran Bishop The first poem I wrote was a poem about jumping in puddles, I was in my twenty's

Shah Fazli Tell us a little about A Poet's Journey, what should we know about this book?

Marta Moran Bishop The last few years have been full of some of the lowest and highest moments in my life. A Poet's Journey comes from that.

Marta Moran Bishop From those emotions sorry

Shah Fazli How do you write your poems, is it the way like anyone else writes a poem, or you have a quite different style, what does people say about your poems?

Marta Moran Bishop Sometimes a line or thought comes in my head and won't leave me or I see something that makes me feel an emotion that must be expressed.

Marta Moran Bishop One of the reviews called it the good, bad, and beautiful of being human.

Shah Fazli Do you place stories in the form of your poems, do you remember one time that you thought of a story, and then you told it in a poem, tell us if you remember that poem or that story?

Marta Moran Bishop There is a tree that started as two trees, over 100 years their branches intertwined and they became one. I wrote a poem about the love they had for each other.

Shah Fazli Interesting, Marta, thank you, how do you describe a poem, what do you think a poem is, what is your thought on that please?

Marta Moran Bishop To me a poem tells a story, it is a short story and sometimes it is told through the use of metaphors yet it is a story.

Shah Fazli Do you have a lot of love stories in your poems, what do your poems mainly cover, if it is not love, it must be something that you have a great connection with, tell us what that is?

Marta Moran Bishop A Poet's Journey: Emotions is split into sections. Love, Death, Hero or Villain, Rebirth and the silly side of me. I have strong emotion involving love, honor, finding the new, and death.

Shah Fazli Do you want to read one of your poems here for us please?

Marta Moran Bishop THE TWO WHO WERE ONE

Upon the hill, beside the road
Stood two little trees side by side

Over the years they grew as one
Their trunks and branches intertwined

One hundred years and more they stood
Limbs locked in a lovers embrace

Look closely if you want to see
How long these two have grown as one

They lost a friend a year ago
He stood upon the hill near them

One hundred years and more they stood
The two who were one and their friend

Age is showing some limbs dying
Still they hold each other entwined

Their leaves still shade us in the spring
In fall they turn red, orange, and gold

It’s in the winter you will see
The hundred years and more they stood

Shah Fazli Beautiful, thank you so much, we will ask you to read one more later, what are you writing at the moment, is it poetry or something else?

Marta Moran Bishop Thank you Shah, I am always writing poetry, but am near completion of my first novel. The Between Times, I hope to have it for sale in October.

Shah Fazli Thanks, have you ever written a poem about yourself, or about your own emotions or difficulties, or happinesses in your life?

Marta Moran Bishop Most of the book is about the emotions I went through. I lost a dear sister this year to cancer. It caused some family rifts, much of the book deals with those emotions.

Shah Fazli Do you attend book signings or live book readings at the book stores, or libraries, what do you do concerning your poems, do you attend gatherings where you need to read from your book, tell us something if you do please?

Marta Moran Bishop I have done many readings at stores, cafe's, senior centers, libraries, and schools.

Shah Fazli You might have a lot of good memories from those readings, do you want to share a few with us, how would people react for instance, how were you feeling, etc?

Marta Moran Bishop Some have cried, laughed, or smiled. Most of them told me a story of something that happened to them that my poem reminded them of. That is one of the things I like most about doing readings is hearing other peoples stories and emotions. I also have done video readings of some of my poems and distribute them.

Shah Fazli Do you want to read one of your poems for us as well, the one you read in one of your gatherings please, we want to be there as well?

Marta Moran Bishop This one was written when I first learned my sister was given a few months to live.

Marta Moran Bishop DEATH I AM NOT AFRAID

We met when I was three
Again at twenty-five
Death I am not afraid

When my time comes I'll face
Again your warm embrace
Another world I'll find
Behind that final door

For when you come for me
With this life I'll be done
Just like a worn out dress
That has seen better days

Until that time I'll live
With vim and vigor too
See beauty all around
Live and love unfettered

Of death I am not afraid

Shah Fazli Very brave poem indeed, we want to know more about you as a person, tell us the things that you enjoy the most, or dislike the most, etc, what sort of a person do you consider yourself to be?

Vicky Walker Applause Applause

Marta Moran Bishop I consider myself to be compassionate. Sometimes to the point where others emotions are felt physically by me. I have difficulty understanding why people need to be mean, or hate without a real cause, but as a judgement. I love all things nature, and am an avid animal lover. My husband and I have 3 horses, 4 cats, and 2 birds. We catch the mouse and put it back outside if it should get in.

Shah Fazli Thank you, do you have a particular message in your each poem, when you write them, of course you have, but do you plan them, or does it come as it goes along?

Marta Moran Bishop That is a great question. I don't really plan them, an idea, emotion, thought or line hits me or stays with me, and I need to write it. As I am writing it fills itself in expressing what I need to say. If I am angry over the treatment of someone or aching for the loss that is happening it comes out in the poem.

Shah Fazli I love your poem, Death I Am Not Afraid, which one do you think is the best, maybe you will read them for us later?

Marta Moran Bishop All of my poems speak to me on a different level. Thank you for your kind words about Death I Am Not Afraid. I think I like those two, my Edgar and Emily love poems as well as the poems that I wrote for my mother who lived with me disabled for 20 years. One of them is a particular favorite.

Shah Fazli Ok, please read the one you have written for your mother, if possible?

Marta Moran Bishop Thank you Shah.


I run down the street with wings on my feet
I dance every night till three
My hunter and I take hedges and walls
Oh what a joy to be free

Tennis balls fly from racket to racket
Our sailboats hull over keels
The salt spray and air blow wild through my hair
Oh but it’s grand to be me

I wake with a start, there’s pain in my heart
My pillow covered with tears
Running and dancing are all in my dreams
My hunter just memories

For tennis balls fly and sailboats still sail
And salt spray blows off the sea
Trapped in this body that doesn’t perform
Spirit that used to be free

Shah Fazli Oh, it is beautiful, do you want to say something to those who are new to writing poems, what have you learnt that you want to share?

Marta Moran Bishop When writing express your heart and soul, but make sure it isn't so abstract that others have trouble connecting.

Marta Moran Bishop Thank you so much for having me on your show.

Shah Fazli It was a pleasure, we really enjoyed this show, hope to see you again. Visit:

A Poet's Journey:
A Poet's Journey: Emotions, is a veritable roller coaster of emotions from heigh...See More

Shah Fazli

A Poet's Journey:
A Poet's Journey: Emotions, is a veritable roller coaster of emotions from heigh...See More

Marta Moran Bishop I will certainly come to some of your other shows. I had a wonderful time and you ask really great questions.

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Virginia McKevitt Touching poem Marta and congrats on your interview.

Miriam Davison Brilliant, really enjoyed it x

Marta Moran Bishop Thank you Virginia. That means a great deal to me. I had a great time. Shah Fazli is a really good host.

Marta Moran Bishop Thank you Miriam. xox

Marta Moran Bishop I really hope you love it. It means a lot you ordered it.

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