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Author Interview -- Rasheeal

Shah FazliRasheeal Ra Blaze Dixon

Rasheeal Ra Blaze Dixon, How to Overcome Fear and Start Living Fearless, please tell us what is fear, and what scares you the most?

Rasheeal Ra Blaze Dixon Well in the firat chapter of my book I talk vividly on what fear is, and I describe it as an emotion just like how love, and happiness can be described as an emotion. The only difference is that fear can be an intense feeling that sometimes can become a hazard to someone's life.. At this point in my life I really don't have any fears. Life is what made me this way I guess..

Shah Fazli What made you write such a book, tell us what have you experienced in real life that made you write this book, why did you write it?

Rasheeal Ra Blaze Dixon
Well I would say that for years I've had this book written in my mind. It was something that I kept thinking about. When I finally sat down, and wrote it I felt like the time was right. Growing up where I grew up I guess that's what made me
become absolutely fearless. I've been in situations that just changed my outcome on life. I just wanted to write this book just to help others understand fear the same way that I understand it. Growing up I've been through it all.. I've Been shot, and my whole outcome on life changed I feel there is no way that I can have a single ounce of fear inside me..

Shah Fazli Thanks. Who is in the book, and how would he or she deal with how you want him or her to teach your readers, how have you written this book?

Rasheeal Ra Blaze Dixon
Well the book is basically a motivational type book that just deals with helping the reader understand the fear of the unknown, the fear of death, the fear of love, the fear of betrayal, and so on. I tried to write it from an angle that wou
ld be understandable, and absolutely enjoyable for the reader. This book is nothing more than a self-help style book that will leave the reader with something to think about with every chapter that they may come across.

Shah Fazli Why do you think your reader would live fearless after reading this book, totally or partially, can you give us an example please from your book?

Shah Fazli We do apologise, as Rasheeal Ra Blaze Dixon is having problem with his computer, we will complete this interview soon, and keep you all posted, thanks everybody for being here today.

Rasheeal Ra Blaze Dixon
Well I say that it's an individual thing, I don't think that my book will make a person absolutely fearless the first time that they read it, but it will be a great foundation. To me it’s kind of like exercising. Well here is what I mean, i
f a person goes to the gym for one day then they might not get their results, but if they kept going and stayed focused; then eventually they’ll get their desired result. Everything first starts with having a positive way of thinking, and that’s what I try to outline in my book. I try to show the gift, and the curse of fear. Well here is a quick example of what I mean; I knew someone that feared failing so bad that they would quit before they even got their goals accomplished. This way of thinking became a curse for them because it held them back from achieving their goals because they feared failing so much that they would just give up. Now, on the other hand, if a person used the fear of failing as a gift then it would allow them to truly succeed. I say that because if they truly feared failing then they would work twice as hard to succeed because they wouldn’t want to become a failure because they feared it so much, so that’s why they might work extremely hard to not become what they feared.

Shah Fazli Thanks. Can you please read a few lines of your book for us, that much that we get a taste of your writing please?

Rasheeal Ra Blaze Dixon Well here is an excerpt from my chapter "Fear of others" ". The strong is only a few while the weak is plentiful.
I repeat the strong is only a few while the weak is plentiful meaning there are only a few individuals that are truly stron
g while there are plenty that appear to be weak. Then again there is always an exception to this rule. You’ll find those people that appear to be weak when in all actuality they’re not even weak at all. These people are the folks that you would call the wolves in sheep clothing."

Shah Fazli What people say about your book, do you get feedback from your readers, tell us about it, if you do please?

Rasheeal Ra Blaze Dixon Well I've been to several book fairs with it, and I've enjoyed the feedback that I received, so far the feedback I've been getting has been good.. I've even been invited to do some public speaking, so I must say that I love the feedback so far..

Shah Fazli What would your advice be to a person fearful of being betrayed?

Rasheeal Ra Blaze Dixon Well first I would sit down, and listen to their issue because evey situation is different. I'm a great listener, so I would first hear their issue, and then I would give them the appropriate advice that I feel will best fit their situation.

Shah Fazli Thank you so much for your time, and I hope to see you again on our live show, and enjoy talking to you. Here is the link to Rasheeal's book.

ShahSight Literary Book Shop: How to Overcome Fear and Start Living Fearless by Rasheeal

Rasheeal Ra Blaze Dixon Your welcome, and thanks for having me..

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