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Author Interview -- ‎Lucy Monroe

Shah Fazli
Lucy Monroe,, We are excited, please teach us something about Dragon's Moon, what do you mean by this title, and how much we read about the dragons and moon in this book, is it scary?

Lucy Monroe Dragon's Moon is a paranormal historical romance set in the Medieval Highlands of Scotland. My hero, Eirik, is prince of his people and their protector. He also shifts into a dragon. Hence the title.

Lucy Monroe And nope, it's not scary, though it does have action, adventure and some very steamy romance. :)

Shah Fazli Can you tell us something about yourself to guess what might have motivated you to write this book?

Lucy Monroe Dragon's Moon is the fourth in the Children of the Moon series for Berkley. At the end of Moon Burning, the readers are privy to one of the Chrechte (my shape changers) sacred ceremonies and there a dragon literally popped off the pages to me. It was an amazing moment and I knew Eirik's story and that of his people (the bird shifters) would have to be told.

Shah Fazli You didn't tell us about yourself Lucy, we would love to know a little bit about yourself as the writer of this book, what do you like or hate in your life, what annoys you as a person, etc?

Lucy Monroe also asked for the inspiration for the book. We don't always find overt inspiration for our stories in our own lives. In this case, the inspiration came from a previous story. What do I like in my life? So much! I feel very
blessed. My family is my top priority and joy, my writing is a gift I am always grateful for and I love living where I do in the Pacific Northwest. I'm a positive person, so you aren't going to find me hating anything in my life. I find focusing on the negative a terrible waste of energy and time.

Shah Fazli Thanks, Lucy. Tell us a little bit about your other titles as well, before we ask you more about Dragon's Moon. Are they all in the same genre, name a few of them for us please?

Lucy Monroe
My latest contemporary single title is an anthology called Bodyguards in Bed. It was a lot of fun to write and the other authors in it are extremely talented. It is a story in my secret agent/mercenary series for Kensington. I've got ano
ther contemporary release coming out in October (this one short series romance) entitled Not Just the Greek's Wife for Harlequin Presents. It's a reunion story and those always tug at my heart. I don't know why. :)

Shah Fazli Tell us more about Erik in Dragon's Moon please?

Lucy Monroe
Sure. He's born to be prince of his people, but he's also born into a world that is changing. To save the Ean, he must make hard choices the ultimately lead him to his mate and a quest to save all the Chrechte. He's very alpha and has a hard time expressing emotion, but he feels things deeply. He's strong and powerful, not only in his dragon form, but as a human as well. And like all my other heroes, there's a wee bit of my husband in him. I can't write a man to be admired without having some of my husband's traits show through. :)

Shah Fazli And who is the opposite female character, is there a heroine as well?

Lucy Monroe Definitely, Shah. Her name is Ciara. She's a wolf shifter and her past is a dark one. It includes a brother killed by dragon fire. Can you guess which dragon is responsible for her brother's death? She's strong willed and powerful in her own right, but her emotions are closed down. It will take a great feat to open her heart and even a dragon may not be up to the task.

Shah Fazli Where and how your two main characters meet, and who is there in the book as your negative character?

Lucy Monroe Eirik and Ciara meet when she falls off a stone parapet and he must shift into his dragon form to save her. The antogonist in the story isn't a single person, but a group of shifters dedicated to eradicating everyone but the Faol (wolves).

Shah Fazli Fascinating, can you describe one scene where the two main characters and the antagonists all come together?

Lucy Monroe That is the climax of the story actually, so you'll have to read the book to see how it turns out. :)

Shah Fazli You may want to read a few lines from your book for us?

Lucy Monroe
Her legs dangling over the stone edge, Ciara waited atop the lower bailey tower. One of two in the lower half of the wall surrounding the Sinclair fortress, it was the perfect vantage point for her first glimpse of the newcomers that would
join her adopted clan. She was not supposed to be here, but it was a favored spot for her to find both privacy and peace.

Most of the clan had gathered in the lower bailey both yesterday and today for the same purpose, but Ciara did not like the crush of so many around her.

There was no crowd now. The humans and other Chrechte had gone home, disappointed once again when night fell with no sign of the newcomers. But Ciara waited as the moon rose, unable to return to the keep — her need to see these new clanspeople too strong to deny.

As a member of the Faol, she had been told those coming were Chrechte; she strongly suspected they were Éan.

Her dreams were not all nightmares and she had seen the birds in the sky shifting back to human form and donning the plaid of the Sinclair.

Were these Chrechte refugees like her, looking for a new life among the Sinclair? You can read the full excerpt here:

Excerpt - Dragon's
Excerpt from book by Lucy Monroe

Shah Fazli Please tell us something about the romantic bits of Dragon's Moon, how do you like it yourself as the writer of this book?

Lucy Monroe Shah...the romance is probably my favorite part, though the adventure is tons of fun to write. My heart was engaged with both characters from the very beginning. She's so broken and he's so duty bound, they have huge obstacles to overcome before they can be mated. I believe love is the most powerful force in the universe, so you can be assured it does win in the end, but not without A LOT of effort. :)

Shah Fazli I agree. What do people say about Dragon's Moon, give us one example of what they like about this book?

Lucy Monroe Publisher's Weekly said the loved how I explored the dichotomy of the shifter's life.

Shah Fazli Lucy, can you tell us how you have come up with those names that you have used all along the book, shifters, for example, are they real names, or you have just made them up?

Lucy Monroe Some words I have created, some I used ancient Scottish Gaelic and others are the norm in the paranormal fiction world (like shifter) so I cannot take credit for them. :)

Shah Fazli How long does it normally take you to finish a book, how long did it take you to finish writing Dragon's Moon, what part of writing this book took a lot of your time, creating the characters, or something else?

Lucy Monroe
Every book takes as long as it takes. I mean some shorter books you think are going to go really fast, but end up taking longer than books with twice their word count. As for Dragon's Moon, maybe three months? What was the most time cons
uming thing about writing Dragon's Moon? I would have to say the research for both Medieval Scotland and Dragonology. I read probably about 20 nonfiction books in preparation for this series with new research books for every new title. But I love doing research, so it was no hardship. I don't think we should ever stop learning new things.

Shah Fazli We are nearing the end, what message do you have for the new writers as an experienced and international best seller?

Lucy Monroe Never give up. I wrote for 9 years and got countless rejections before I sold my first book. Your dream is worth the effort, the heartache, the hard work!

Shah Fazli Thanks, Lucy, a real pleasure to have you with us today. You can buy Lucy's book:

Dragon's Moon (Children of the Moon Novel)
Dragon's Moon (Children of the Moon Novel)

Lucy Monroe Thank you so much for having me, Shah. :)

Shah Fazli

Dragon's Moon (A Children of the Moon Novel)
Bestselling author Lucy Monroe returns to her “stunningly sexy” ( Joyfully Revi
ewed ) paranormal world where the fate of the Chrechte people rests with one woman and her sworn enemy… When Eirik, the only living dragon sh...

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