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Interpreter: Author Interview: Pd Allen

Pd Allen, Let me thank you for your support of other authors and also for being our guest today. Tell us please what kind of writer do you consider yourself to be, in which genre you would love to write?

Pd Allen I write all over the board, nonfiction (science), speculative science fiction, horror, fantasy, literary, humor, poetry. I prefer to transcend genres.

Shah Fazli Thank you. Will you please tell us in which genre you have written Murderer's Sky and what is this book about?

Pd Allen
Murderer's Sky straddles speculative fiction, horror, literary fiction and satire. Murderer's Sky is the first book of the speculative, dystopian horror trilogy Under Shattered Skies. Set in a world not too different from our own, a world where humanity has passed the point of no return in its exploitation of the planet, a world where the monster threatening the future of life on this planet is the sociopathic inclination of its dominant species.

Shah Fazli Interesting, describe your main characters in the book, please, what are their jobs, is it to save our planet, or is it to save themselves, or something else? What challenges they face in the book?

Pd Allen
There are several major characters. Most of them are just trying to survive. There is Albert Hayne, who is writing the history. He is a musician who was forced into the priesthood by his family, and is now returning to his true avocation as a fiddler and bard, and also recalling previous encounters with a dark supernatural force that sought to silence his musical abilities. There is Sheriff Pierce, who is trying to keep his town from falling to pieces, and to get to the bottom of the mass murder of 58 illegal immigrants just outside of town. The is Connie Blain, a battered wife and mother of a disturbed and prophetic child. There is Kevin Howell, a teenager who witnessed the ceremonial massacre along with two friends, and is now fleeing for his life. There is Maria Diaz, a pregnant survivor of the massacre, now hunted by daemonic forces. There are several more major characters. And over it all is a sky ulcerated, discolored with an infection that taints the life of everyone living under it.

Shah Fazli Why did you write this book, what is the actual message behind it, do we get a clear message from finishing it through to the end, if yes, what is that message?

Pd Allen Murderer's Sky is the first book in the Under Shattered Skies trilogy. There is a message that becomes clear by the end of the trilogy. I won't spell that message out here, but it has to do with creating our own reality, and the vital importance of empathy and love.

Shah Fazli Give us the pleasure of reading a few lines from your book please?

Pd Allen
Had someone sliced open the heavens and spilled their blood into the sky overhead, the result would have been no less grotesque. Yet the discoloration was murkier than blood could ever be, giving it the appearance of infection. If adjectives such as sore and inflamed could apply to the air, they fit this sky.
The firmament was imbued with a most horrific shade of scarlet from horizon to horizon, punctuated here and there with a trace of orange, yellow and even green. Nowhere was there a hint of blue. What few clouds formed in a summer Arizona sky looked like bloated pockets of reddened pus. A red sun glared down by day, and by night the stars bled mournfully while the moon glowered.

Shah Fazli Now tell us a little bit about Quantum Meditations, although we will have to have another interview for this book, but just a few words would be great?

Pd Allen
Quantum Meditations began began as a process of self-rehabilitation and transformation following a personal crisis. They are poems exploring the nature of reality, touching on physics, chaos theory, shamanism, interpersonal alchemy and many other disciplines. Many of the meditations are written in a nonlinear form. I began writing them in January 2011 and finished in 2012. There are over 2,400 meditations in the body of the work.

Shah Fazli Do you want to say something to those who are new in the world of writing, anything useful for them from your own experience please?

Pd Allen Write from your heart, write for yourself first. And mix a little of your own blood into your ink.

Shah Fazli What would be your message to our audience at the end of this interview, Pd, anything that you think we should know that I did not ask?

Pd Allen In the next week, I'll release Into the Night; the first emotobook. And a week after that will see the next kindle volume of Quantum Meditations. Under Shattered Skies book 2, Daemon Sky, should be out in September. And sometime in the next couple of months I'll be releasing 2 nonfiction books, one about peak oil, and the other about global climate change and the confluence of crises this planet is facing.

Shah Fazli It was a pleasure having you with us today Pd, thank you so much. Here you can buy Pd's book.

Murderer's Sky (Under Shattered Skies)
Under shattered skies, fifty-seven illegal immigrants are murdered outside of th...See More

Shah Fazli

Murderer's Sky (Under Shattered Skies)
Under shattered skies, fifty-seven illegal immigrants are murdered outside of th...See More

Pd Allen Thank you for interviewing me, Shah.

Kate Jay-r Great interview - thanks Pd Allen and Shah Sight!

Kate Jay-r Shared!


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