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The Interpreter: Author Interview: J.V.K.

Shah Sight ·

Danny Rei Welcome to our live show, as you know this interview is also connected to our own facebook site, and many other sites, do you want to say something about yourself to our audience, before I ask you about Black Lace?

Paths of the spirit series by J.V.K.
Well, I am almost twenty one years old. I like anime and manga, which is Japanese style animation. I spend most of my free time with my boyfriend. My time is mostly occupied by the University and my job. Sometimes is hard to balance between them, but it is mostly fun, it is just a matter of right dispensation of time. And of course reading, it is a big part of me, I read almost all the time.
I love music. I cannot imagine my life without it. I love rock music it is the genre that I listen the most. Also my best friend wants to be a singer and in the past I have tried writing lyrics for her, but I think this is not one of my strong points. Thinking of her, I remember that we tried writing a script for a TV Show when we were little. Being a child sure is fun.
I am a normal young lady. I try my best to achieve my dreams in a way that I could do everything I want in my life – this includes having great education, steady job and of course being an author. I am very optimistic for my future, even with all the ups and down.

Shah Sight Thanks Danny, appreciated, what is your book, Black Lace, about, tell us please why did you choose the title for you book, Black Lace, is it about your own life, or is it in another genre, tell us something please?

Paths of the spirit series by J.V.K.
To be honest the title came after half of the second book –“ Red Moon” was ready, and about half a year after I finished the first one. For a long time I couldn’t decide on a title. One day I woke up for school and I realized that the previous night had no moon because of the clouds and it was really dark, so here it comes the dark part, then lace is really comfortable, so here comes the second part of the title. Anyways, “Dark Lace” didn’t sound so good and I tried some combos until I finally stopped on the title as it is now. I am really happy with it.

Also yesterday I thought of a great name for the third book. I am really excited about it.

Black lace has nothing in common with my own life. I am perfectly happy with my life as it is, while my main character – Vivian is crashing between her duty as a keeper of Raven and her love for a man that wasn’t meant for her. To begin with, when she was born, she was promised to one of the last pureblooded vampires, because of her cursed clan only someone by her bloodline can give birth to another pureblood vampire. She is happy with her life as it is, she has accepted her faith. But for girls things are never easy and as she realizes what she feels and how deep she is in all these confused feelings she is into way too deep to just cut things where they are.

But love isn’t everything that happens in Raven, to feel the emotions I put into the words you really need to read the books. It is something that is personal and everyone finds for himself.

Black lace as well as most of the other things I write (I write a lot, I write all the time) is fiction. In real life love isn’t like in the books, as much as I want it to be. Books are the best way to develop your imagination and create your little very own world that you can live your fantasies freely. Black lace is just fiction.

Shah Sight We are so glad that we could manage to interview you, it is really exciting, could you read a few lines of Black Lace to our audience, we would love to see how you write, and to also get something from your story, please?

Paths of the spirit series by J.V.K. I have to say that choosing just one when i have so many favorite moments is really hard, but i think this one is beautiful.

Michael’s body strained. The envelope smelled of Sam. He forced every muscle in his body not run over and see what it is inside. Stephen helped a lot by holding him by the shoulder. Vivian looked at Michael and smiled cursorily. He came closer and she put everything back.

“What did they do to her?” his voice was bass and he was shaking. She smiled faintly.
“Just a few locks of her hair that’s all.”
“I smelled blood!”
“Relax, it’s nothing.”
“You are lying!” he raised his voice to her and momentarily regret it. Her eyes were so lonely and sad. She slowly rose. Her movements were somewhat coarse, distorted and she seemed even paler than usual. Her eyes were wet and before she could stop herself she wrapped her hands around Michael’s chest and hugged him tight. He didn’t know what to do, so he let her be, but the unease in his chest was getting heavier. She squeezed the envelope and got away from his so fast that she staggered. He caught her by the armpit so she wouldn’t fall. “Rei?” he said so gentle that something deep inside her throat got stuck.
“I’m sorry.” She said finally and looked straight into his eyes. “I will bring her home.” With these words she stepped on her toes and pulled his head down so she could kiss him. The kiss was gentle, sad and wet.

Shah Sight It's really descriptive and beautiful, thanks for giving us the joy of reading it. Danny, you are still young, and you already write beautifully, tell us please what other people say about your writing, and what do you want to achieve, maybe, in ten years from now in terms of your writing?

Paths of the spirit series by J.V.K. Thank you!

Well, before Black Lace I have written various things, but in my native language. This is why my English written books, poetry and stories are so important to me. So far I haven’t had any negative reviews. And I am really enjoying the feedback. I really wish I had more opinions to read.

Ten years? This is too far, I want a lot of things for my future and they are all connected to one another. I want to succeed in reaching out to people, in making them laugh or cry with the love I put when I write. I hope that when someone picks up my books, my poems, they will bring a smile on their face. For me writing is life, just like every dream for every person in the world. Dreams are what keep us going, what show us light when we are in doubt. They are like fairy god mothers that will keep us going no matter what.

What I want to do in ten years with my writing, what my wishes and prays are, is just to make others happy. I believe in that. Happiness is magic, it is power. If I smile, people around me will. Happiness is beautiful and I wish to see more smiles around me. This is my goal for today, the day from tomorrow, ten, twenty years from now, even.

Shah Sight I think, Danny, we are asking you tough questions, and you manage to answer them with ease and correctly, you should be proud of yourself for what you wish others to get from your writing, tell us Danny where can we buy your books, please?

Paths of the spirit series by J.V.K. Heh, I am just being honest. I think it is important. After all, I do wish to make new friends and nothing but honestly can achieve solid roots for a real friendship and relationship.

I am self-published and I use as a publisher and my books can be found there. “Black lace” is approved on Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Book Store and Apple’s iBookStore. The Promise Vol. 1 is currently waiting to be approved on them as well. “Red moon” should be ready around June/ July and will also be first available as eBook on those sites.

I am currently working hard on creating a paperback version of “Black lace” and as soon as I am done with it I will post a link to it here and on your very helpful page as well. I plan to make my books available in two physical formats (two sizes), but for now I am focusing on making “Red Moon” ready for the readers, since the eBook is the easiest and quickest way to the PATHS OF THE SPRIT series.

Shah Sight If we ask you in the near future to be our guest on our live talk show on our site, will you accept, and also we are reaching the end of this interview with you this evening, please add anything that you want our audience to know that we haven't asked from you?

Paths of the spirit series by J.V.K. I would love to be your guest again, I had a great time.

And I am always open for questions. As of now in my country is kind of late and my mind is working kind of slow, not to mention the speed my heart is beating with. This was my first live interview and I was thrilled to answer your questions.

For the people who know me I am really shy. Most of the time it is considered a minus, but I don’t think like that. If we are not shy we can really tell when someone is not, right? I mean when I look at my hands not even my fingernails are even slightly looking closely alike. I do not wish to compare a real person with a finger nail, but we are really different. And if someone out there has a question for me, wishes to say ‘hi’ or even, I don’t know, share something that bothers him – anything at all – I am here and I will be.

I know that it is hard to share and it is something that I have bumped a lot, so if you guys are bothered by anything drop me a line. I will answer it.

Shah Sight Thanks, Danny, we would love to have you with us soon, for now we wish you more success in your writing, it was a real joy to be with you on our talk show, hopefully we will see you soon. Good night.

Paths of the spirit series by J.V.K. Goodnight. It was a pleasure.

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