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The Interpreter: Author Interview: ‎Cara Bertoia

Shah Sight
Cara Bertoia, Welcome on our live talk show, and it is a real joy to have you with us this evening, will you please say something about yourself to our audience at the start of this interview, and also you may want to add how did you start writing and when, please?

Cara Bertoia Cara Bertoia
Hi, Shah,
I started writing when I worked at a casino in Lake Tahoe. A sports agent with Hollywood connections played on my game. He liked my casino stories so he encouraged me to write about them.

Cara Bertoia I live and work in Palm Springs. My husband and my co-author work as croupiers. This occupation provides us plenty of material to write about.

Cara Bertoia I also write a few blogs. This blog has all the posts about casinos, cruise ships and whatever captures my fancy in one place.

Author of Cruise Quarters - A Novel About Casinos and Cruise Ships. It is a fun, fast paced tale of working in the casino aboard a Regal Cruises cruise-ship. The crew of the Regal Star resemble a mini United Nations, hiring people from all over the world. Book a cruise and travel with Sarah and the...

Cara Bertoia There I am done and ready for the next question.

Shah Sight Thanks, Cara, and sorry for the complications, do you also write non-fiction, as you said what you do gives you lots of material to write, tell us about other genres that you would also love to write, or have written before, why don't you write non-fiction, if you don't?

Cara Bertoia My novel is fictional based on our real life stories but the names have been changed to protect us. I would love to write a political science fiction based on the future of America sort of in the tradition of Brave New World.

Cara Bertoia In our blog we write about gambling and casinos. My husband is very unsuperstitious and he likes to dispell gambling mythis. He is helping me with this now.

Cara Bertoia In fact one of our most popular blogs is titled 'Roulette Can You Spin it to Win it?'

Shah Sight It's actually a good thing to write about, tell us Cara how challenging it is to write about this subject, and also tell us what actually we expect to read in your books, what do we learn from reading your books, before we ask you to read a few lines later?

Cara Bertoia I also used to write a humour column for the Brighton Allston Journal in Boston, Ma. My first column was titled 'The 45 Minute Date.' I was single at the time. Good questions Shah, by the time we write a book most of us have dabbled in different types of writing.

Cara Bertoia You can learn what the casino business is really like, especially if you seen alot of movies about casinos, like the Cooler. We try to take the reader behind the scenes of a modern day casino.

Cara Bertoia We also let the reader below the waterline so they can experience what it is like to live and work on a cruise ship.

Shah Sight Thank you so much, will you please read a few lines of your book, Cruise Quarters, to our audience, as this is a totally different experience to any other thing we have experienced so far, and it's really exciting?

Cara Bertoia The excerpt I am reading is about Paul the main male character based on my husband. The book is told from both Sarah and Paul's point of view. He is looking for a job when we meet him.

Cara Bertoia Where in the world will Paul go? His imagination was running wild while he sat in the office of Gaming International, waiting for his next assignment. He knew that the sun never set on British croupiers, valued for their speed, efficiency and accuracy. If he walked into any casino on this earth, the chances were good that he would find a fellow Brit working there.
Paul daydreamed about aqua seas and white beaches. He had been using this London agency, located in up-market Mayfair, for the last couple of years. They staffed casinos all over the globe. But for the last few years, they specialized in Eastern Europe. Communism had fallen and capitalists were rushing in from all over, casinos popping up everywhere in the former Eastern Bloc, following the money.
“Please, Karen,” he pleaded to his agent. “Send me somewhere warm, somewhere safe. I’m tired of freezing my bollocks off. My first contract you sent me to Czechoslovakia, a nice place, and then Poland, which was a little hairy, like Blackpool on a Saturday night. Please let me see the sun again. Send me somewhere I can stay for a while.”

Shah Sight Is there also lots of dangers, drugs, money, Mafia, and all such things in your novel, as there is in most of the Casino novels and movie, or it's a total different kind of novel, what is the name of the villain in your novel?

Cara Bertoia This novel is really a travelogue, a narrative, a romance, a self-help manual for gambling and cruising, and a real-life story all rolled into one funny, obsessive, and entertaining story of two people whose separate life journeys meet at a crossroads. A reader Janis from Oergon described our novel better than I could.

Cara Bertoia Thank you so much for having us Shah. It was a pleasure.

Cara Bertoia There is dangers, drugs, money all of it in our book, but no Mafia that is from the old days of gambling. The villain is a casino manager named Sean, and he is just the bad boss we all face at work sometimes. Thankfully now I have a wonderful boss.

Shah Sight Thank you Cara, it was a pleasure for us too, hope to have you on our live show in the future, again. If you want to buy Cara's book visit:

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