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The Interpreter: Author Interview: Phyllis Burton

Shah Sight
Phyllis Burton What a delight to have you with us today on our live talk show, before I ask you any question, I should say that there is a question from one of your fans that I will ask you along the way. Phyllis tell us something about yourself, please, we know you live in the UK, but where in the UK, and maybe you want to tell us about what do you like about where you live, the environment, the weather, the parks, tell us something please?

Phyllis Burton Hello Shah, I live in south-west Surrey, England. It is a very beautiful part of the world and the view from my study window gives me the inspiration I need to write. Our garden is quite large, lots of trees and wild life. I am a grandmother of seven, so apart from writing I have plenty to do. I love singing and water colour painting.
Shah Sight Phyllis, how could I imagine that you might live in such a place, now tell us how does it inspire you to write, where you live, and what else is there in your live that inspires you to write, when did you actually start writing?

Phyllis Burton I started writing after the death of my father several years ago. I started mainly writing for my children and then moved on to bigger things. I have written several short stories, poems, and three one-act plays, two of which have been produced and directed by me.

Phyllis Burton As well as my two books of course.

Shah Sight Thanks, phyllis, now tell us something about your first book, was it a novel, non-fiction, and tell us please what was the genre of your first book, and maybe add a little why you wrote it in the genre that you did?

Phyllis Burton My first book - A PASSING STORM - was published POD in July 2006. I have had a few problems with the publisher - it was taken over by another one -so much so, I have just taken it away from the company and I will be seeking another way of publishing it. It is first and foremost a romantic novel. Romance is part of everyone's life and I suppose you just can't get away from it. You can add thrills and spills, but that is still life. It is a way of making people feel good.

Phyllis Burton OK

Shah Sight Thanks, Phyllis, we have questions for you from your fans, which I will also ask you later, Phyllis, can I ask you to read a few lines of your romance book, we would love to lose ourselves in your romantic words, for a while, from your book, if that is possible?

Phyllis Burton By the way, I painted the picture on the cover of A PASSING STORM.

Phyllis Burton Is there a problem? Am I in the right place...?

Shah Sight Yes, Phyllis, I asked you if you could read a few lines from your book please?

Phyllis Burton Yes, I'm waiting, I thought there was a problem.

Shah Sight Phyllis tell us please what are you writing now? Are you writing another romance, or what genre it is, tell us something please?

Phyllis Burton I am part way through a story (probably the title will be 'SWITCHING OFF'. A man is seriously injured in a flying accident and remains in a coma. His wife has to decide whether to turn off the machine that is keeping him alive, or not.

Shah Sight ‎'Why mix romance family members fighting over money? What was the drive to this story?' This is a question from Jake Hollow, can you please kindly answer it for us?

Phyllis Burton In answer to the question: I was looking through an old book in our bookcase and I found an old 10-shilling note - not legal currency now. I started wondering what else could be hidden in a book and why? I came up with a story - PAPER DREAMS. My main character Katie, is a romantic dreamer who just happens to be a librarian, so who better to find some old love letters in a book in the attic of an old mansion. She gradually becomes embroiled in a tale of greed, inheritance and attemptedmurder. Just like Pinocchio's nose it grew into a novel...

Shah Sight Very interesting. "Do you find that the best ideas come in-between 3am-5am?" This question is from Gino DiCaprio, another of your fans and a very dear member of this group, can you please answer his question?

Phyllis Burton In answer to your request for a few lines from my book A PASSING STORM, here are a few lines from near the end of the book.

Phyllis Burton Later that evening, Angus took Jennifer into his arms and kissed her for the very first time. They remained cocooned in a web of love for several minutes afterwards: a spell had been woven around them and one which could never be broken.

Phyllis Burton Angus was the first one to speak. 'You have no idea how I've longed to kiss you Jenny.'

Phyllis Burton ‎'I think I do, you know Angus. It is about as long as I have been waiting for you to kiss me,' she whispered in his ear...

Phyllis Burton The answer to Gino's question: Annoyingly yes, why can't they come to you in mid afternoon. And you always, unless you write them down immediately, tend to forget them in the morning. Most frustrating.

Shah Sight Those lines are really beautiful, Phyllis, thank you so much, and thanks for answering Gino's question as well, we are having fun with this interview, since we are with a lovely lady on this talk show, phyllis I will have a couple of more questions for this interview, what do you like in a book the most, is it the writing style, the genre, or the story that attracts you the most, for example, the writing style would attract me the most?

Phyllis Burton Here is some more about PAPER DREAMS: It was described as being a unique reading experience that plays with the reader's emotions...but above all it is a story of people's lives, their loves and how they eventually overcome adversity.

Shah Sight What do you like in a book the most, Phyllis, the genre, the story, or the writing style, it is the writing style that attracts me the most, for instance?

Phyllis Burton I have a very varied taste in books. I have always loved reading anything by Jane Austen, Daphne Du Maurier, but I also like Sophie Kinsella, Jodi Picoult and Dan Brown. I also enjoy sci-fi. My son, Chris is about to publish his second sci-fi book. My daughter is a copy editor, so we kind of keep it all in the family.

Phyllis Burton My husband, not to be outdone, is writing as well.

Shah Sight Phyllis how can I thank you for this lovely interview, do you want to say something to our audience at the end of this interview, we love this to go on forever, but we know you have other things as well?

Phyllis Burton I'm sorry, but my computer is playing up a bit and I'm not getting the whole of each of your questions.

Phyllis Burton No, I didn't get your last question.

Shah Sight Phyllis how can I thank you for this lovely interview, do you want to say something to our audience at the end of this interview, we love this to go on forever, but we know you have other things as well?

Phyllis Burton Well, I have to thank you Shah, for giving me the opportunity to talk to you and everyone watching and reading. And thanks to Jake and Gino for their questions. I must say that all your hard work is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you. I have to take the dog out now.

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