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The Interpreter: Author Interview: ‎King Samuel Benson

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King Samuel Benson, welcome, and at last the wait is over, now we will enjoy your company all the way from Africa, you may want to tell us something about where you live, and what you do in Africa, before I ask you about Why You Are Not Wealthy?

King Samuel Benson Firstly, I'd like to say thank you for this opportunity.
As most people already know, I live in Lagos, a coastal city in West Africa.
I grew up in this environment and to be honest with you, it wasn't easy. I presently work freelance, if you know what that means.

Shah Sight King, we totally understand what you mean, I am from Afghanistan myself, and it has not been easy for me either. What does this book mean to you King, what have you learned from writing it, and what do you expect people who will read it to learn from it, you may want to tell us a little bit please?

King Samuel Benson Talking about myself, I've come a long way in a short time. I've always dreamt of becoming wealthy. It was something we all wanted as kids. Big, beautiful houses, flashy cars, and lots to eat and drink. We all dreamt of a life like that. During my senior secondary school, I patiently bore the pains.(I didn't have a choice anyway). After school, the beautiful life I imagined was nowhere to be found. The Internet had always appealed to me, so I ventured into it and let my enthusiasm strengthen me. Like I said, I wanted to be wealthy, but I had no sure path to getting there, so I sought for ways. How long has it been? 4 years? No, 5 years. I started small and learned quickly. Why didn't I try? I did virtually everything I found to help me make money and succeed. Nothing 'really' worked.
I think my enthusiasm and undying desire for success was the only thing that kept me on else I'd have resigned myself to fate long ago. But I was increasing in knowledge and gaining much experience, and suddenly I began to realize something: the reason why I was not succeeding, and why many other success-seeking people like me have not been able to succeed till today. What I couldn't achieve for more than four years, I achieved in less than two weeks. I felt compelled to share my newly-found knowledge knowing it won't affect my success one bit, but instead will strengthen it and thus I wrote 'Why You Are Not Wealthy'

King Samuel Benson You see, we've always been taught that being hardworking is the only way to become successful but the truth is; Hardwork, alone, cannot get you there. Damn! What am I even saying? The road to success isn't even 'hard'! Although being hardworking helps, but the road to success in anything but hard. Unless, of course, if Hardworking is defined as the efforts spent trying to locate the 'right' road.

Shah Sight Thanks. We believe this book is about finance, as we get from its name, how do you see it working for a someone who reads it in Europe or America, how would this book appeal to a large number of readers from around the world, what would they learn from reading it?

King Samuel Benson And that's what 'Why You Are Not Wealthy' is for. It's all about helping you locate the RIGHT road and saving you the trouble of 'Hardwork'. The hardworking strategy took me more than 4 years of intense research to locate the right path to wealth, and takes some people even longer than that. I even know people who, using the hardwork strategy, spent their entire lives seeking success and never found it until their death.
It doesn't matter what part of the Solar System you're from. The road to success is a universal one. Same road, same simple, but unknown strategy.
And the strategy? I shared it on 'Why You Are Not Wealthy'.
Outlined chapters in the book are:
1. Introduction

2. Why You Are Poor

3. Understanding Wealth's Strategy

4. Implementing It.

5. Your Life As A Success

6. A Word From The Author

Shah Sight We can feel that you are talking from your heart, and that makes us understand you better, we thank you for this honest conversation. You said you work as a freelancer, do we see a lot of your own personal experiences in the book, or you have approached the subject from a totally different angle, for example from a lot of your different researches, as you said?

King Samuel Benson Most of the knowledge shared in the book are based on my own experiences. Experiences which I eventually confirmed to not be mine alone. We all have similar experiences. Although no two are ever alike, they are all of the same nature.
I didn't list examples of my personal experiences in the book. If I haven't mentioned it before, it's a straightforward book as you'll note from the chapters I listed. I didn't allow chance for any out-of-line mentions or descriptions. I went straight to the point of my book's intention which is to let you know why all your efforts are yielding little results and how you can avoid that and get on the right track, and every single letter is relevant to the book.
My struggles, efforts, and all my experiences right from my childhood when I began it all, I leave for a greater work.

Shah Sight Brilliant. So what is next King in terms of writing, are you writing another book at the moment, or you are happy to promote this one?

King Samuel Benson I'm presently working on a fiction. It's titled '2018' It's about the war that broke out in 2015, how the earth was almost completely destroyed, how a New World was proclaimed together with a New government, how the remaining survivors from all over the world were gathered and divided into Regions and Districts, about a brutal sport, how a teenage african boy through that sport worked his way to the top amid romance, love and a battle for survival. How he reached the top and discovered a new kind of betrayal and scheming amongst the power-holders and something else: a DARK SECRET. Something none of the oppressed inhabitants never thought of, something no one like to be told of.

I intend to publish '2018' by April, and another book titled 'African Moonlight Tales' before April ending.

Shah Sight Thanks, although we would love to continue with this really interesting interview, but it is not going to be the first and last time with you, and we don't want to keep you with us all night, do you want to say something to our audience at the end of this interview, before we say goodbye to you, please feel free to say anything you think we should know?

King Samuel Benson Well, once again I'm grateful for this given chance :) If you're reading this right now, I thank you for the time you've taken out to be part of this. Allow me to share an hidden truth with you, many of us are working hard and getting very little or nothing in return because all our struggles are framed inside the Poverty Circle. It's not something we created with our own hands, it's something we met here on earth. Something that has been passed down from generation to generation. Something that has been deemed right, taught and generally accepted. That's why the rich will continue to become richer, and the poor will always grow poorer. I really want you to read 'Why You Are Not Wealthy'. You're the reason I wrote that book. Although it's not very much in volume, it's powerful enough to change your way of reasoning in particular, and your life in general. Get a copy. And to all my lovely readers out there, I want to say a big THANK YOU! You've been my major source of empowerment. I really appreciate you. If you enjoy novels, then prepare yourself for a big drama and twists with '2018'. To keep yourself updated, if you haven't already, 'follow' me on my blog Once again, THANK YOU! :) xx

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