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The Interpreter: Author Interview: Elaine Raco Chase

Shah Sight
Elaine Raco Chase, we warmly welcome you on our talk show, which is live to our members, let me ask you about what you are reading at the moment, why do we ask this is because we want to have a guess of what genre you would like to read and also write, tell us please the genre you would love to read, or maybe write?

Elaine Raco Chase Hi Shaw - first thanks for the invite. What am I reading right now? Erotica (can't you see me blush!) Why? Because I'm doing an internet radio show on that topic on March 22nd. What do I write? Well, I've been a published author since 1979 - I write contemporary romantic comedies, mystery/thrillers, non-fiction how to write and asssorted short stories. My romances are explicit - not sure if they can be labeled erotica although some reviewers have.

Shah Sight Thanks, I was going to ask you about your talk show that you just mentioned, you said you are going to be co-hosting the internet radio show, tell us a little bit about it, how you got involved and what made you get interested into this, before I ask you about your long time writing experiences, please?

Elaine Raco Chase Totally by accident. Patrick Walters posted a note on quite a few author's FB groups about his Triangle Variety Radio program. I just inquired and put in a brief bio - and he called. I worked in radio/TV & print PR for many years and had written radio shows. So he checked out my 'voice' - I can talk but I'm not allowed to sing! - and things are getting up and running. Internet radio is new...bound to be some technical glitches but - hey Columbus probably felt the same way.

Shah Sight Yeah, true, very interesting indeed, we might ask you about this show later, now tell us about your writing, you said you are reading erotica, do we expect to also read erotica from you, or you are reading it just for the show, is all your books close to erotica or any other genre as well, tell us something about it please?

Elaine Raco Chase I've been print-published since 1979 and have all my rights back - while my sensuous romance novels - Dell Ectasy & Silhouette Desires - are still available in print, I'm now updating them into ebooks. I've done 8 so far - Rules of the Game (thanks for posting the cover) is the newest update and yup, the ebooks are close to erotica or are. I just got the rights back to my mystery/thriller series and those will be updated as well. Updated in all areas! Times have changed, we all wrote to a word count and a word list of 'nots' - so now - no word count means richer characterizations, secondary characters, plot lines. And we can say all those words and phrases and swear words that were mandatory deletes back in the 1980's!

Shah Sight Thanks, Elaine, will you ever write in another genre as well, have you thought about it?

Elaine Raco Chase I don't know, so far: contemporary romance, mystery/thrillers, non-fiction. I have a new paranormal mystery I'm working on - A Rare Medium, Well Done - so that's a bit of a mixed genre. My first writing offering was in Syfy - short story to Azimov Magazine...came back in record time with this note: your theme as been done and done better since 1928 but we loved your characters, try again - I did, got the same note with a PS: why don't you try writing in a genre you like to read. I mistakenly thought having never read syfy fantasy would make my ideas "new and compelling" - not!

Shah Sight All right, Elaine, tell us about this show again, why did you agree to do it, and of course, you said you have a good voice, and also experience in writing radio shows, does it help you with your writing, or promoting your own writing, etc., and tell us if you have done any show as yet?

Elaine Raco Chase Well - it's not about me! It's about other writers and letting them have the opportunity to talk about their writing...and I hope to get listeners 'listening' trying new books...especially from Indie authors. I've been teaching creative writing at the college level since 1985 and have been brought into elementary classes to 'excite' students to read and write more...especially boys. So I'm hoping to get more authors noticed...get more ebooks noticed. My granddaughter, Anna who is 8, can't get enough of 'chapter books' to we are downloading some on a kindle for her. My first show will be on March 15th and I'll be the one getting interviewed. March 22nd is the 'erotica show' - that idea came from the March 2nd Today Show Segment of how 50 Shades of Gray, an erotica book, was being touted as a marriage primmer... March 29th will be for YA authors - talking about the Hunger Games and other YA titles...had to grin at the newest issue of AARP Magazine that stated "reader's 60+ are the biggest fans of Hunger Games & similar YA novels"

Shah Sight Brilliant, thank you so much, we would love to hear about this even more, but we leave it for another time, and now about yourself as a person, we see you as a quite impressive and hard working character, and we really admire that, it is great what you are doing for others, tell us something more about yourself as a person please, now that you got us extremely interested?

Elaine Raco Chase I'm pretty boring - oh, except for a run-in with the secret service and almost screwing up the biggest drug bust in north florida; and working with 3 angry ducks filming a commercial - ducks had escaped and were running around the back seat of my car - the tollbooth operator asked "hey lady, do you know you have ducks in your car?" - And raising two great kids...have 4 fantastic grandchildren and a wonderful son-in-law...oh, and a hubby who models for my bookcovers...yup...pretty boring.

Shah Sight Very interesting, not boring at all, do you want to read a few lines from one of your books, Elaine, or you think it is a bit of a work to do, and we leave for another time, we would love to see how you write, by just coping and pasting here, please?

Elaine Raco Chase Sure - here's the info on Rules of the Game - hope you all will check it out..getting some great reviews, including some men:

Elaine Raco Chase ‎"You need an attitude adjustment!" Samantha Logan told Adam Rourke. She didn't care that he was rich, she didn't care that he was handsome, and she didn't care that her boss was his surrogate father.
She tried to ignore the fact that his deep voice hit her behind the knees and made her feel oddly off balance. And she was sure those heart palpitations were the result of drinking two five-hour energy drinks in less than thirty minutes and definitely not from a pair of broad shoulders, green eyes and a his sexy stubble. He was way too cynical, thought he knew it all, and had her reaching for three Excedrin™ and a couple of Tums™ in less than five minutes.
Samantha Logan, he decided, was the proverbial sexy librarian fantasy – with dancer's legs and a curvy ass. Her blonde hair was piled precariously on top of her head, held in place by a bright yellow pencil. A few flaxen wisps had escaped, teasing against a softly rounded face. Square blue-tinted eyeglasses highlighted even bluer eyes.
She was smart, sassy, way too funny – and she had no idea she was all that. When she pulled the pencil from her topknot, he watched her hair untangle and drift down to her shoulders, in a sexy-just-out-of-bed, mess-me-up-more tumble. Adam hadn't realized he was even holding his breath, until he coughed in relief.
Right now, she was mad! Her barefoot angrily tapping against the carpet. And way too sexy, he tried to blink that observation away. There was nothing left to do but apologize. But she had looked him straight in the eye and insulted him!
Even after two tours of duty in Fallujah, Adam wasn't sure he could handle a woman who: wrangled a team of SEALS for the Wounded Warrior Project, was banned from singing, humming or playing golf, had an oven timer that played Beethoven's Fifth, loved all things chocolate way too much, preferred puppy kisses over his, and owned a moose named Morti.
There was only one thing for this Marine to do – man up, take her down and demand a zerbert – whatever the hell that was!

Shah Sight Wow, enjoyed it, but I will read it again later, Elaine, you may want to tell us a little more about your writing, how you started, you said where you are now, but we want to know how do you see yourself as a writers, and what others say about you, are you satisfied?

Elaine Raco Chase gosh my FB page just went down...let me try again - I started writing for radio/tv/and advertising...moved onto writing novels. I have a core group of writers I've been friends with for 20+ years...and some new writers as well. I write mass market fiction...I hope I make readers connect with my characters and want to re-read my books again. As for what other's say about me? Don't we always want everyone to love us? But alas... I'm also the author that completely missed some fun typo's "her hand covered his fish" and "her ears pooped at 30,000 feet" ...and that's after 6 others proofed as well...(head hitting computer desk!)

Shah Sight Elaine, let me ask you something quite different, I hesitated and hesitated, and I am still saying it hesitantly, if someone approached you, for example me, and said since you have a beautiful voice, and you know some technical things as well, and asked you to read a few lines of his book for him and film it, would you do it for him, sorry that I couldn't hold myself not to ask you this, as I was looking for someone for a long time?

Elaine Raco Chase Let's talk husband is an award-winning audio/video engineer - email me at: here's my husbands website:

Shah Sight Brilliant, I will, I apologise once again to ask you this on this live show, it was a real joy to have you on our show today, and thank you so much, please feel free to add anything else you want us to know about your work, life, writing, we would love to hear it from you?

Elaine Raco Chase It's been my pleasure, thank you for the invite...lots of fun. Am hopeful to hear from authors for Triangle Variety Radio - they can email me at: with what they write in the subject matter. Shah - let's talk more! Have a great day everyone!

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