Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Fallen Teeth

My Fallen Teeth

I was once called a 'Kill Boy', when I was very young, because I saw death in everything. I used to think that one wouldn't swallow down his fallen tooth, because he is supposed to place it in his palm and look deep at his fallen tooth. Doesn’t he see a body wrapped in white cloth? Others would laugh at my imaginations, and I would go deeper into my thoughts.

Then I thought of the next step, when one went to a dentist to fill in his fallen tooth with a new one. I visualised the new tooth as another dead body that went into the mouth of a grave; I saw the human's mouth as the mouth of a grave, and the new tooth as another dead body. I am not surprised why others called me a 'Kill Boy', because I still look at my fallen tooth as my own dead body, and when I go to the dentist to fill it in with another tooth, I look at my own mouth as the mouth of a grave, and at the new tooth as my own dead body. Even the dentist with his white dress looks dead to me.

Are you still surprised at why I was called a 'Kill Boy’? How many teeth have I lost from when I was growing up, and how many times have I visualised my own death? Many teeth. and as many times. How many dentists have I met from when I started losing my teeth? Many dentists. What do I see beside my disintegrated body long after I am dead? My fallen teeth.

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