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The Interpreter: Author Interview With Chris Karlsen

Shah Sight
Chris Karlsen, Welcome on our show, and we are so excited to be with you today. You may want to say something about yourself to our members, before I ask you a few more questions?

Chris Karlsen Hi Shah, I'm a retired police detective. I always wanted to write but never had the time while working. I've just finished three books. Two are paranormal romances and in release. The third is coming out next month and that's a romantic thriller.

Shah Sight Thanks Chris, you are a retired police detective and you write romantic thriller, please tell us the connection between your writing and your past career, why don't write about what you know best?

Chris Karlsen I like romances and thrillers they're what I read the most. Once I was done with law enforcement, I was done. I have no desire to relive my career through my characters.

Shah Sight Chris that makes sense, thank you so much. Chris if we don't write to earn our living out of it, what would be the other best motive for us to write, why did you agree to write?

Chris Karlsen I grew up with a love of history, especially medieval English history. It was one of the things that led to my first book, "Heroes Live Forever." The story of a young English woman who inherits a house haunted by the ghosts to two medieval knights and she falls in love with one of the ghosts. Another interest is time travel. My second romance is a time travel where the couple are transported back to medieval England and the hero's life is at stake.

Shah Sight Will you ever write in another genre apart from what you are writing now, what else would be your other favourite genre, do you fancy writing science fiction, or mystery, for instance?

Chris Karlsen The romantic thriller coming out, "Golden Chariot," is different from the first two books in that the romance is the subplot. I just finished the draft of the sequel to it and am currently working on book 3 of my "Knights in Time," series, which "Heroes Live Forever," and "Journey in Time," are from. What I might like to try down the road is a Gothic horror. I kind of have an idea of what I'd do with the villian and I'd like to set it in Victorian England too.

Shah Sight We are interested in what you have been in your own life, a detective, it is very interesting for us. Do you think your life experience as a detective is there in some ways, in your writing, is there lots of action in your books that you think is influenced by what you have been in your real life?

Chris Karlsen Absolutely. I think it's almost impossible for a writer not to be influenced by personal experience. As a detective, I spent a lot of time in court in trials. That helped with testimony and questioning my heroine in Journey in Time used for a medieval trial. My heroine in Golden Chariot is a nautical archaeologist but she comes from a family of cops. What she was taught by them aids her in fighting for her life in the story. Logical thinking is very important in detective work and I infuse my characters with a great deal of logic or at least try to.

Shah Sight Chris give us one or two links to Amazon for your books, before I continue with my questions please, where your readers can find your books?

Chris Karlsen

Heroes Live Forever (Knights in Time)

‎4 Stars "A grand debut" by Night Owl Romance Reviews. Elinor Hawthorne has in inherited a house that is haunted by the ghosts of two medieval knights, Basil Manneville and Guy Guiscard. Basil is the man of her dreams, her knight in shining armor. She falls in love with him an...

Chris Karlsen

Journey in Time (Knights in Time)
London attorney, Shakira Constantine finally agrees to spend the day with her handsome client, Alex Lancaster. While riding in the countryside, the couple finds themselves caught in a time warp and transported back to the 14th century-and an England preparing for war. Everyone believes Alex is th...

Chris Karlsen Thank you for asking for the links, Shah. I appreciate the opportunity.

Shah Sight My pleasure, we are enjoying the interview immensely, I ask you a couple of more questions before letting you do your other things, tell us please about your writing style, what I mean is do you write from a lot of experience reading other books, or you have your own style of writing, for instance, I use very little words to tell my story, how is it with you?

Chris Karlsen I'd say both. I do read a lot. When I see a scene that really strikes me and it can be because of the well written action, or love scene, or crisp dialogue, I read it again. When I reread, I concentrate on how the author drew me in and try to craft my scenes with my words, my spin, using the technique I admired. My books are character driven and I dig deep into them and I'd say most of what they feel and say is from my style of digging deep. The action and emotion guide the verbiage.

Shah SightSharon Kleve said that your books are 'wonderful', do you get a lot of such complements from your readers, tell us what your readers say about your books?

Chris Karlsen Sharon is very kind. Many say that they were deeply invested in the characters. Some say they felt like they knew them personally. One comment I get often is they think the books would make great movies. All those comments are so fabulous to hear. I'd love for them to be movies. I'm asked on blogs who I'd cast in my character roles and that's fun to do.

Shah Sight Chris, do you want to add to what we already know about you and your works, before we thank you for this great time having you with us and let you do your other works, anything that you think we should know about you or your works, please?

Chris Karlsen I'd say if you want to suspend belief for a bit or enjoy knights, time travel, & reincarnation, then I think you'd like "Heroes Live Forever," and "Journey in Time." If you want to work a Bronze Age shipwreck off the coast of Turkey with an American archaeologist and the Turkish agent investigating her, then I think you'll like "Golden Chariot," which is out on March 17. I love Turkey and have visited numerous times. I knew I had to set a book there. The same with England.

Shah Sight Thank you Chris, we are looking forward to learn more about your works in the future, hope to see you soon on our show.

Chris Karlsen Thank you, Shah. I've had fun and enjoyed our time together and thank you for all the "likes" that appeared.

Sky Citizen Barak I am definitely buying one of her books, she is amazingly convincing.

William Talcott Another great interview by Shah. Thank you Shah and Chris Karlsen!

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