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The Interpreter: With Sheila

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Sheila Mary Belshaw, tell us please about your new book, Count To Ten, there is a lot of good reviews and positive talks about this book, why did you write this book, I suppose it's about a child that has got cancer, what did motivate you to write about such a hard subject, I mean it takes a lot of courage and heart to write such a book, how did you write it, and what people say about it, give us a link where we can buy it?

Sheila Mary Belshaw
Thank you, for this opportunity to be on your site. Count to Ten was actually the very first piece of writing I ever did, except that it started as little scraps of notes I wrote at my son Andrew's bedside while he was undergoing the horrific treatment for osteosarcoma, a virulent bone cancer that strikes teenagers. I never dreamt it would one day become a book, but in 2000 it was published under the title of "Fly With a Miracle" by my married name, Sheila Belshaw. I never intended to write a book, but it just happened. Then when the e-book revolution happened I was thrilled when Tim Roux of Night Publishing said he would republish it under its new title, and by Sheila Mary Taylor, which is my maiden name.

Sheila Mary Belshaw Count to Ten wasn't a difficult book to write because the events unfolded before my eyes and all I had to do was pour them out onto the paper. But I was also motivated to write the book because of the tragic result of the illness on Andrew's lifelong goal to become a pilot.

Sheila Mary Belshaw
This burning desire of his was, I'm sure, part of the strength he gained to beat this cruel disease. He was determined to get better even though he was close to death. I was inspired by his incredibly positive attitude, his bravery and his stoic belief that he would live. But the threat to amputate his leg made it seem at times that he would never achieve his goal. Count to Ten tells the story of his amazing courage, and how having cancer actually gave Andrew an even greater incentive to stay alive against all odds.

Sheila Mary Belshaw The links to Count to Ten are:

Count To
Few things worse can happen to a mother than for her child to be diagnosed with cancer. It started as a pain, that became a 'hot spot', that grew into a tumour, ultimately threatening Andrew's life. At the very least, his leg would have to be amputated, a chilling prospect in itself.

Sheila Mary Belshaw
I had always wanted to write but imagined that I had to have a degree in English Literature in order to be qualified for such a career. So I started very late in life, and it was only this book about Andrew that triggered my pen. But being my first piece of writing, it was not up to the standard of a published book. So in the meantime I started to write novels - four romances which were published but are now out of print and I'm hoping to re-write them, now that I have improved my craft! and have them published as e-books. I also sharpened my writing skills by resurrecting and editing three of my mother's unpublished works of fiction and had them published by Penguin. The rigorous editing I had to do for Penguin on these books then gave me the confidence to rewrite a psychological legal/crime thriller I had written, called Pinpoint, and this was published in April 2011, also by Night Publishing. It reached the Amazon Kindle 100 Best-seller list for Thrillers and Mysteries in June, July and August last year, and the links for this book are: If readers would like to know more about my writing career, I have a blog:

Sheila Mary Belshaw The links for Pinpoint, by Sheila Mary Taylor, are:

and for my Sheila Mary Taylor blog:
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