Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Interpreter: Author Interview with Robert

Shah Sight
Robert Craven, thanks for your interest in our interview, we know you lived in Ireland, right, but we don't know where in Ireland, and what did you do apart from writing, and if the place you lived or the work you did influenced you to become a writer?

Robert Craven
Many thanks for the question Shah, I live on the East cost of Ireland, 20 miles north of Dublin in a small town named Rush. Its very picturesque and I'm fortunate to live 5 minutes from 2 beautiful beaches. I work near Dublin airport in a printing company & watching the flights coming in & out gave me the idea - how could you ship a sarcophagus in 1941? I've had a few careers - full time bass player, graphic designer & layout artist - I designed Get Lenin's cover. I think being a gigging musician gave me the confidence to keep pitching Get Lenin as you hunt down every opportunity for a gig, radio play or studio session. It makes you bloody-minded in making sure the world knows who you are.

As the German troops approach Moscow during the Russian offensive of World War II, encountering ever more determined resistance as they go, what if they could snatch the greatest and most heroic symbol of the Soviet Revolution, the body of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin? Would Soviet morale collapse? W...

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