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The Interpreter: With Kate

Shah Sight
Kate Rigby, Hello Kate, and thanks for stopping by to answer our question. When we asked who would be happy to stop by and join our interview, you were so enthusiastic about it, to me that shows the amount of your enthusiasm about your work, now we are all ears to hear about your work, how did you start, and where are you now, how many books you have, tell us please, we would love to hear? And what is the easiest way to buy your books, Amazon, Smashwords, where, you may want to give us one or two links, please?

Kate Rigby
Many thanks for this opportunity, Shah. I’ve been writing for over thirty years. I was then up in north Liverpool and now in Devon. I realized my unhip credentials were mounting so I decided to write about it. Little Guide to Unhip is published by Night Publishing and there is also a Facebook Page!

However, I’m not completely unhip. My punk novel, Fall Of The Flamingo Circus was my first book to be published in hardback (1988), then by Allison & Busby (1990) and by Villard (American hardback 1990). Small prsses have published my novels Seaview Terrace (2003) Sucka! (2004) and Break Point (2006) and other shorter work has appeared in Skrev’s avant garde magazine Texts’ Bones including a version of my satirical novella Lost The Plot. Thalidomide Kid was published by Bewrite Books (2007).
I’ve also uploaded some of these books and others onto Kindle, and I’ve not finished yet! I think I am on my 15th book.

I’ve had other short stories published and shortlisted including Hard Workers and Headboards, first published in The Diva Book of Short Stories and now published as part of the Dancing In The Dark erotic anthology, Pfoxmoor Publishing (2011).

At the moment I’m just editing my oldest book, which I first began in 1978. It won a bursary in 1991. I am wondering if it can now be classed as historical!

My books are available at, Smashwords and some are available in paperback. Most of the Kindle ones are all on offer at 0.99 at the moment!

I will post a couple of links beneath this post but rather than bombard you, you can find details of all my work and where it is available on my website:


Kate Rigby

Little Guide to
When we are young, we all hope that even if we are not totally hip, we are not completely unhip. With age, we begin to realise that we have had more than a few embarrassing moments and tastes and, maybe more to our surprise, we don't really care. There are days when we are ...

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