Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Interpreter: With Andy

Shah Sight
Andy Szpuk, Thanks for the interest, and we are so glad to have you here. Andy, do you write to make money or you write because you love writing, or is it both? How many of your books have been published so far, name them for us, what do people say about them, and tell us please where can we buy them?

Andy Szpuk Of course I'd like to make money from writing, but on my own terms. I'm not prepared to compromise on quality. I have a deep, deep passion for writing and am driven to throw words onto pages. Everyday I write, and my mind never stops. The ideas are there. The construction is the creative part, and then there's the endless editing. It's magic.

Andy Szpuk

Sliding On The Snow
It is astonishing that anyone lived this story. It is even more astonishing that anyone survived it. Stefan grows up in the grip of a raging famine. Stalin’s Five Year Plan brings genocide to Ukraine – millions of people starve to death. To free themselves from the daily terrors...

Andy Szpuk It's available on Amazon US in paperback and kindle, Amazon UK on kindle (with paperback coming soon). It's also available on Smashwords.

Andy Szpuk Sliding on the Snow Stone is my debut novel, published in 2011. I've had a few wonderful reviews and some great exchanges with readers.

Andy Szpuk Anything else you'd like to know?

Shah Sight Thanks a lot,, it was a pleasure to have you here with us, I hope to see you soon in the near future.

Andy Szpuk Thanks Shah Sight