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The Interpreter: A Literary Group

Shah Sight
Steph N-s, you wrote one short story, and we published it here on our site, I loved it, and George said, "This is a story for all the ages. Beautiful." Do we expect to read a lot of such short stories from you in the form of a book, or you write other full fiction or non-fiction stories as well, tell us what is the name of your first book, and what is it about?

Steph N-s OK. My story writing began about three or four years ago. I had an urge to start creating stories. At first they came from a very "young" place, so had a very much fairy tale flavour.

Steph N-s People asked me to write stories for them, and I tried to do so, with them in mind, from a "thinking" place, but found very quickly that that method did not have the same flavour.

Steph N-s So I took a chance and began to write intuitively, especially when I was emotionally charged, whether that was positive or negative.

Steph N-s
I found that writing creatively was a wonderful outlet for emotional ups and downs. I carried on writing over a number of years, and many of the stories are through my own experiences, or because of stories I had heard from friends. Someone whose son had commited suicide because he had psychiatric problems. Someone else whose husband was dying of cancer. Quite dark subjects, and those poems sometimes reflect those experiences.

Steph N-s
As I was studying at the time, to be a Gestalt therapist, I was undergoing a lot of therapy, and also working at a Rape and sexual abuse counselling service, which was tough work, so a lot of the emotional "dross" that I picked up there - being a highly sensitive person, went into some of those stories. However, they are not factual, much more fable\myth style, so you will not read any very dark pieces. I gave up the training, as I burned myself out...where that goes from here, who knows.

Steph N-s So the first of my stories, and poems are all contained in the book "Stories and poems in the moment" on Amazon US available in Black and white and also colour, as I took photos as well, to illustrate in between the stories and poems. I still have another two books worth of stories and some poems, waiting in the wings. They may not appeal to everyone, and I like them...

Steph N-s I've made two attempts to start novellas, one more serious, and the other scifi, and I find it hard to maintain the discipline of keeping the story moving...

Steph N-s Here is my book...

Steph N-s

Stories and Poems in the Moment: (black & white version)
‎'Stories … And Poems … In The Moment … ' is exactly that, a series of short stories and verse which explore the world below its surface and which seek to bring out the enlightenment and wisdom of those who wander its pathways with the realisation that, whatever joys and sorro...

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