Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Interpreter: A Literary Group

NightPoets: A Tree

Shah Sight
Tim Roux, Please say whatever you want to tell us about Night Poets, how did you come up with this great idea, and how has been the response from the Night members so far, tell us please whatever you think we should know about it?

Tim Roux Poetry in the West is pretty unpopular nowadays. Only 5% of poetry sold is by a living poet. I was re-awakened to poetry by 'The Slab' series, the best and most vibrant collections of poems I have ever seen, compiled by Wilton Carhoot, otherwise known as the excellent poet Peter Knaggs.

Tim Roux Night publishes poetry because there are wonderful poets out there, and some of our publications have done quite well, usually being sold off the back of live gigs.

Tim Roux The wonderful Cilla Wykes of ThisisUll has been developing a stable of Hull poets, and we have published both Mike Watts and Joe Hakim from the stable, for instance:

Tim Roux We are also branching out into Eastern European poetry - Jiri Orten who was a Jew who was run over by a German car in Prague into 1941, and next Dato Barbakadze from Georgia.

Tim Roux Night Poets was therefore devised as a place for poets to meet and chat. similarly to Night Reading. I guess poets think differently from authors.

Tim Roux What I didn't really think of, though, was that so many authors are closet poets, so the site is filling up with the guilty contents of authors' bottom drawers. I know the feeling. i write poems as they hit me and make no claim as to their merit, but I enjoy writing them, I am usually unaccountably proud to have written them, and it is a shame if something you are proud of isn't visible somewhere.

Tim Roux In two days we have acquired 21 members, which is pretty close to the speed Night Reading itself grew in the first few days, which augurs well because Night Reading now has 785 members. It is also a livelier site than Night Reading in the Blog Posts area because poems are naturally somewhat shorter to read than first chapters. On Night Reading, most of the action is in the Forums. Currently on Night Poets, it is in the Blog Posts. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.

Tim Roux Thanks for the opportunity to explain, Shah!
Sweetheart, if I were a tree and you were this beautiful, I would still talk, I would play human, I would not stand still, I would not be a tree, I would be a branch to fall down at your feet, and become dust.


  1. Great interview Shah and Tim and a good insight into Night Poets. I will certainly be a regular contributor.

  2. Night Poets,
    a welcome site (sight),
    for day poets too,
    thanks to Tim Roux!

    (If Roux does not rhyme with too, egg on face!)

    Good work.

  3. Thank you, Shah,
    Or should I say Ta?
    He's amazing our Tim
    There's no stopping him!

  4. Mike, you are welcome, thanks for leaving the comment, appreciated.