Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Interpreter: A Literary Group

Happy New Year: I and JCarson:

Shah Sight
JCarson Black, Happy New Year and thank you so much for taking part in this special interview. What do want to say to our audience about this new year, and secondly, please explain how a new year day is different to you from a normal day, in which way, and tell us about your feelings on the day, please, what message a new year day would bring to you and to your family?

JCarson Black
Happy New Year, Shah and to everyone here in the Group! New Year's Day is always a hopeful one. It's a time to look forward and forgive some of the mistakes of the old, worn-out year left behind. Looking back, I have to thank amazon for giving me my writing new life. And I'm not alone. The change has been incredible, and gives me much hope moving forward. Amazon has opened up pathways in creativity for my husband (publisher) and myself, and I think that has been the greatest joy of the year--that we can work together in harmony and with great enthusiasm. I can't help but compare this time to the heady days (for some) of the American Oklahoma Land Rush, where someone cracked a pistol in the air and people in wagons and on horses took off, looking for their little piece of Heaven. There is so much excitement now, and I see so many folks who were once living in their cars now doing well with their books and rebuilding their lives. That there is this hope for renewal is tremendously exciting. I wish everyone in my family and in the world health and happiness, and hope that good things can bloom and happen, especially for the poorest among us. And special love for this world we live in, and my own passion--protection of animals. (Heavens, I could go on and on.) Thank you for the opportunity, Shah.

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