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The Interpreter: With Author TK

Live interview with one of our authors, on our Literary group.

Shah Sight
Author TK McEachin, thanks for being with us today, and welcome to our group, tell us a little bit about yourself please, and any work you do at the moment, do you write for fun, or to earn your living, are you a full time writer or you have another job, how many books do you have in your name, and where can we buy them?

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Author TK McEachin
Thank you for having me. I was born & raised in Atlanta, Ga and have been an avid reader & writer since I was old enough to do so. I was educated at Georgia State University where I earned a BA in Philosophy & Biology and a minor in classical languages (Latin). I published a couple of short stories for the school's literary magazine but didn't decide that I wanted to write for a living until I took a creative writing course in fiction. A professor of mine encouraged me to continue writing and I decided that I wanted to write novels in my spare time initially, then eventually pursue it full time. Currently I am a guest contributor for several political blog sites including RedWhite&Blue News.com and (formerly) hermancain.com. I also share my Conservative political blogs with various social networks and I am one of three new editorial writers for Black Literature Magazine. I am now a full-time writer and my first novel, The Elements -Book I will be released in 2012. This is one book in a fantasy series and so far the first three books are completed. It will be available 3-4-2012 through Amazon, B&N and directly from my website www.theelementstrilogy.weebly.com.

The Elementstheelementstrilogy.weebly.com
Site for TK McEachin, author of The Elements

Author TK McEachin Here is my first editorial for BLM magazine:http://blackliteraturemagazine.net/blackliteraturemagazine/2012/01/09/toni-morrison-octavia-butler-transcending-their-genres-to-teach-america-about-slavery/

Author TK McEachin
Here is a brief summary of The Elements Book I:
When Kgosi, ruler of the Kishnu people refuses to halt his invasion of the neighboring villages of the Lungi people, and Nkosana, ruler of the Lungi people has ordered an act which unintentionally offends a foe that neither ruler could possibly defeat, Baba, the elder Kishnu sangoma or diviner takes very drastic measures to preserve both indigenous tribes of the Earth.
The Elements is a story that takes place millions of years ago on Nchiyamolekuli or as we call it in modern times, Pangea, the massive land mass before the division of the seven continents. After a major battle in which many lives are lost and the environment is devastated, Baba, the wisest and most trusted friend and adviser to King Kgosi of Kishnuizwe, first exhausts diplomatic means then urges both rulers to leave their lands to seek refuge elsewhere. Baba learns that the angered foe is Paytah, leader of the Nootau - One of the 4 elements (Earth-the Onatahi, Wind-the Makani, Water-the Iscindri & Fire-the Nootau) who live within their respective elements on the Earth and at times among the people disguised as human.

After months of failed crops and fishing expeditions do not produce enough food for all of the people on both sides, they are forced to follow Baba's recommendation to leave for Kisiwachamani, a large distant island whose indigenous people may be helpful in supplying the people with food as well as medicine and shelter. Once there, the Mwilimmoja – the island's first and only inhabitants led by Nangaza and Ina, agree to aid the Kishnu and Lungi if they follow their strict dietary laws and agree to be “prepared”. Nangaza explains that this involves a ceremony where they all drink a fermented beverage which will remove all toxins and illnesses from the peoples, thereby preventing the spread of any disease to the island's inhabitants. The people are so desperate that they agree without full knowledge of what preparation really is, nor the freedom or bondage that comes along with it.
In Book I we follow this story from the invasion of Lungizwe by the Kishnu to the initial encounter with the people of Kisiwachamani.

Author TK McEachin I got the idea to write The Elements back in 2003 after watching the news and then President Bush ordered troops into Iraq. I abhor war and wanted to write a story showing alternatives to war/fighting and why peace is necessary. This series is my message to the people & leaders of the entire Earth.

Joyce Tyler I'm loving this so far! Amazing!


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