Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Interpreter -- Old and new Kabul

The Interpreter -- old and new Kabul

I arrived home, in Kabul, and stayed with my family. I didn’t want to go anywhere else; I didn’t have much time, I wanted to give all my time to my family whom I had visited after years of living away. It was winter when I arrived in Kabul. The streets were muddy and the air was dusty and polluted. I missed going out of the house to see the new city. When I tried to come out of the house the pollution forced me to go back home and stay put. I was sad not to be able to go out and walk in Kabul, something that I would have loved to do.

When I came out of the house, I got so much dust on me that I felt I needed a shower and my clothes needed a wash. My feet were dusty and it felt as if they did not belong to me. My hair was showing dust on them, my face looked tired and dusty, my whole body was not happy with having to carry so much of dust and pollution. I was getting tired after walking for a while in the dusty city. You could get pollution and dust everywhere in the city. The cars kicked the dust into the air. The streets were dusty. The wind blew dust in the city. I could not rid myself from the dust. Kabul is real dusty now. I love Kabul. Kabul will be beautiful again, and the dust will go away from its enjoyable air.

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