Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Interpreter

After talking to a German lady, here in Germany, about the release of my novel, she instantly paid a twenty Euro in advance asking me to order two copies of my novel for her, and one for a friend. Once she received the copies, she was so impressed and excited that she asked me to enter a social gathering where many politicians would gather, talk about Afghanistan, and also do a book signing.  I said yes, without any delay.  Now I am preparing for the speech, and also practising an author signature, so I can sing the books I sell.

The gathering is happening in Dormagen, on the 25th of November, two days later from now. She has asked me to bring at least thirty copies of my novel.  Since the lady is doing charity work, and she has already taken part in sending money and medicine to Afghanistan -- and since ten percent of my profits from the novel goes to the children of Afghanistan -- I promised that she can handle that ten percent and send it to Afghanistan.

I will film the gathering, and the book signing and will post it here.  

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