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Robert Rumery

Shah Fazli
Robert Rumery, Welcome back to Spotlight interviews, since we first interviewed you some months ago, can you please tell us about some new developments about your writings, what is so exciting about them, are you a published author now, tell us a little about it please? — withRobert Rumery.

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Robert Rumery I really dislike talking about myself. Well, to make a long story short I was raised in Maine, moved to Waterbury, Connecticut earlier this year. I'm an author. I just finished a super hero novella called 'Impulse' which is available on Amazon. I'm also working on a comic book script for an up and coming comic book with a friend of mine.
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Shah Fazli One thing, why you tend to make comic books, and other, why do you have to do it with a partner, is it hard to do it on your own?
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Robert Rumery Because I'm a writer, I need someone to draw the pictures for me. I also like having someone else to bounce ideas off of, it's easier doing something when you have two people involved. I sometimes get stumped when I'm trying to work on a storyline, it's nice to have someone else around to read it and put another spin on it and to see if it could work another way.
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Shah Fazli Thank you, now tell us about Impulse please, what is it about?
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Robert Rumery This is what it is about : Shawn Watson’s life changes forever when he discovers he has certain special powers. But instead of becoming a hero with his new skills, he finds himself rejected by everyone in his life, even his own family.

His ability to gather energy and use it as a weapon means that he is a mutant, one of many showing up all over the United States. Mutants are shunned and must register with the government for housing and employment and this rubs Shawn the wrong way. In a society that’s falling apart because of crime and despair, he knows his powers could be used to save his city, but his status as mutant puts him outside of the regular world.

Shawn’s good heart and sense of justice puts him in the path of a nasty gang of bikers, forcing him to employ his powers. Not only is he exposed as a mutant, he’s gained the hatred of a group of killers. Will his powers lead him to heroic heights or force him into a showdown with evil?
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Robert Rumery My E-book :
Shawn Watson’s life changes forever when he discovers he has certain special pow...See more
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Shah Fazli Thank you, you might have been asked this question before, what motivated you to write this story?
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Robert Rumery I've always been an avid fan of comic books. I read both Marvel and DC comics. I had kinda fiddled with the idea of making my own super hero and trying to make a comic book series. At the time, I didn't know anyone in the industry and I knew that an artist just wouldn't fall in my lap. Well one night, I started to write. I was trying to test myself, to see if I could get a full novella done in under a year, and I could and did. That is where Impulse came from. Like I said before, I always loved comics and I wanted to write a super hero story.
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Shah Fazli Thanks, can you tell us about a scene in the book, what happens, who is there, and where it happens please?
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Robert Rumery I don't post excerpts from my works online.
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Lori Wolfe Safranek Will you be writing more about Shawn in the future?
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Robert Rumery Yes, I got a sequel planned out.
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Shah Fazli Thanks, can you give us some names from your book, it would be interesting to know a few, if possible, and if you introduce them a little?
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Robert Rumery There is Shawn, he's the main dude of the story. He's a lone wolf, Delilah, Shawn's girl known him since childhood. She's a little more reasonable than Shawn.. There is also Jacob, who doesn't really fit in and might be consider a lone wolf as well.
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Shah Fazli Thank you, what do people say about Impulse, anything exciting yet or not?
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Robert Rumery The few people that have read it liked it, loved the characters. I just get the complaint that it could be longer, but they didn't know I was writing a sequel. I intend on releasing two or three impulse books and then putting them all together as one giant book.
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Lori Wolfe Safranek I've read Impulse and it's a very entertaining story, Shawn is a solid character, well-developed. I'm not a superhero fan, but I love Rob's way of writing about them.
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Shah Fazli Robert who is your favourite character, if it's Shawn, what do you like about him, if not then who?
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Robert Rumery It has to be Shawn, um what do I like about him? Everything.
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Lori Wolfe Safranek LOL
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Lori Wolfe Safranek I like Shawn because, even though he has these super powers, he uses them for good, not for bad. if that doesn't sound too corny.
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Shah Fazli Great, what is there that we should really know about Impulse, what is it that you think everyone should go and get a copy?
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Robert Rumery That it's a great story, Shawn starts out as reluctant hero and by the end of the book he's become a hero of sorts. Not wanting to give too much away, I think anyone who likes say X-Men or The Justice League will like this book.
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Shah Fazli Thank you, do you want to tell us a little about the role of the other characters, what do they bring into the story?
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Robert Rumery Of course in every story you need villains, theres a biker gang that kidnaps Shawn's girlfriend, in retrospect.. Shawn's girlfriend makes him the hero. The biker gang, are a big role in the story as the bad guys.
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Shah Fazli Sure, is the setting of the story any important in the book or not so much, can you name a few places for us please?
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Robert Rumery It's set In New York.
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Robert Rumery I mean New York City.
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Shah Fazli Thanks, tell us a little about the whole experience of your writings, what have you learnt, what do you regret, and what you think you should have done more, for instance?
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Robert Rumery I've learned that good story telling is hard, you need a good editor to be sucessful in writing. Don't really regret anything..
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Shah Fazli Why Impulse, did anyone help you with the title, or is it your own choice?
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Robert Rumery The title just came to me. Lori Wolfe Safranekedited the book and Jeffrey Kosh did the cover of the book.
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Shah Fazli We have three minutes left, others are welcome to carry on asking for as long as they want, anything you want to add please?
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Robert Rumery If your a young and ambitious writer, don't give up. Not all of our stories get accepted right away. I'm proud to say I'm a self-published author. 'Cause I did it all myself, with a little help from my friends. You can do it, never let anyone say other wise or wear you down.
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Shah Fazli Thank you so much, it was a real pleasure for us to have you back, hope to see you again, and again, it's appreciated. Other guests may want to continue, but thanks once again.
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Robert Rumery Next time I'll stock the fridge with beer.
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Travis Patton
Do you like writing full length books or comics more than the other?

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You like this.

Robert Rumery I think I'd say comics, it's fun to see someone else draw your ideas on a page.

Victoria Warren
So where are you in the process with your new comic projest?

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