Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Vikas Pratap Singh

Shah Fazli
Vikas Pratap Singh, welcome to our live spotlight event, can you please introduce yourself at the start of this interview, and also say something to those who are following your interview live, before we ask you more questions about your poetry? — with Vikas Pratap Singh and 5 others.


Vikas Pratap Singh Hello Shah... Thank you for this great platform to let me interact with my readers and friends

Vikas Pratap Singh Well, to start with I would like to tell you that I am a die-hard Indian. Belong from Mathura. Born and brought up at Faridabad. B.Tech. in ECE from Nit Kurukshetra.

Vikas Pratap Singh I started writing poetry while I joined engg. college and came in contact with fellow poets-cum-friends Ved Prakash Sharma, Navdeep Shukla, Ashish Srivastava. Plus a heartbreak at the same time put me into this expressive ocean and my poetic journey got its jolted start .....


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