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Jill Pennington

Shah Fazli
Jill Pennington, Welcome to our live event, the title 'The diary of a single parent abroad' says a lot on its own, but we want to hear from you what is there in this diary, why did you choose to live abroad and what are the challenges you are facing as a single parent, what happened that you chose to live abroad, and what happened that you have to look after your child on your own, do you want tell us about it all please? — withJill Pennington and 4 others.

Jill Pennington When I decided to move abroad i was still married, it was an adventure for the whole family but soon after moving out here I discovered my husband had no intention of emigrating.

Jill Pennington So I found myself with three young children in a foreign country, and no income.....

Shah Fazli Can you read from your book for us please?

Jill Pennington The chapter when I found a new love. - SEPTEMBER 2006
My love life really started to get serious. In the beginning I just wanted to jump up and down on him till his bits dropped off, but when I discovered he was a really nice man I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to go to sleep with him, I wanted to wake up with him and I wanted to smell him on my skin when he wasn’t with me ... Oh dear, I had it bad. What happened to ‘never trust a man with testicles unless they are in your handbag with teeth marks in’?’ I asked myself, how could I have let this happen? It was supposed to be just a bit of fun but had turned into a serious relationship. We talked about the future and it was obvious he wanted babies. I wasn’t surprised but could I consider it? I would be forty next year...a bit scary.

“You no trost me Ji Ji” he said.

“You’ve got testicles,” I replied.

Ciara Threadgoode Is there some kind of sound that I'm not aware of? Or do you mean copy and paste?

Jill Pennington yes copy n paste.

Ciara Threadgoode Well I want to know if there is going to be a second book?

Paul Chrisp All gone quiet now Jill..

Jill Pennington There will be but I don't know when, one day I will just surprise you with it!

Ciara Threadgoode Maybe add some FICTION and KILL the EX!

Jill Pennington My daughter writes, maybe she could do her version 'The diary of an abandoned daughter'

Paul Chrisp Trilogy?

Ciara Threadgoode That sounds like it would be kinda sad.

Giselle Stafford And now Jill? Is there a love interest for a new book? There just has to be a sequel! Pleeeeese!

Jill Pennington Still hoping one day to write the book I always intended to write when I came here 'The house that Jill built'

Shah Fazli Do people read your book in Italy, have you made a lot of friends and fans there now, what do people in general say about your life story?

Jill Pennington Ok Giselle, that one would be titled 'The eggman and I'

Paul Chrisp Where's Shah gone now,and can you all stop typing too quickly,I am a lowly male and can't keep up..

Jill Pennington I have sold a lot of English copies over here and people are very interested, I have also done a number of newspaper interviews and it is currently being translated.

Ciara Threadgoode So Jill Pennington ... do ALL of your old BIG GIRL PANTIES have holes in them! If so.... could fans send you some sexy new lacy girlie ones .... just in case the ole' love life sparks back up?

Jill Pennington Ha ha, I have never wore belly warmers, a girl has to have optimism!

Paul Chrisp I reckon the book would make a great film..can i play the part of the ...can't find it now..the errm..not the eggman or ex hubby but that bloke in chapter 15 or whatever?

Giselle Stafford My Mum was out here visiting not long ago and on my rec she downloaded Diary...... Honestly Jill, you made a big impression - at all times of the day, every day she was here, she remembered another little snippet !

Jill Pennington Ok, I'll put your name down.

Jill Pennington Thanks Gis, it's good to know it is being appreciated.

Shah Fazli What were the challenges you faced in completing the diary, you didn't think of writing a fiction at the start, or in the middle, did you?

Jill Pennington No, I have always written about lifes observations, so it was always going to be non-fiction, though I wouldn't rule out writing fiction if I got a taste for it. My biggest problem was having no money I could not afford to have it professionally edited, but as friends have read it I have had offers to update and improve it.

Shah Fazli Thank you, do you want to tell us about one day or two that you really wanted to give up and just go back to the UK, if yes, when was that and where was that?

Paul Chrisp Jill,I reckon it should not be edited at all..it is written as you speak,warts and all..just leave it at that x

Paul Chrisp We done yet Shah?

Giselle Stafford Jill, Shah , Thanks for this 'chat'. Jill, I hope we will meet one day in person! Goodnight/Buona Notte <3 :-d:-d="" br="">

Jill Pennington There was never really any time I wanted to go back, sure I had down days but I would just walk into the field and stand in my favourite spot, absorb the amazing view and say 'this is where I am supposed to be'

Jill Pennington Paul it's bed time when I say and don't you forget ti!

Ciara Threadgoode I loved your book Jill! Keep your head up and your thoughts pure and life will all work out. Thats what my granny always said.... so it MUST BE THE TRUTH!

Shah Fazli What else do you want us to know about you and your book that we didn't ask Jill?

Paul Chrisp Thanks Shah and Jill..that was good that..enjoyed it but in future Shah when Jillipen writes her next book,you must allow for slow Englishmen typing,otherwise it all goes to cock..x

Jill Pennington Well it's available on all Amazon sites, smashwords, kobo and paperback so there is a copy for everyone

Ciara Threadgoode hahahhahahha@ Paul Chrisp ..... love it!

Shah Fazli What have learned that you want to share from your experience Jill?

Jill Pennington That money is worthless and health n happiness is all that really matters.

Shah Fazli And what is your advice to people who want to write about their life stories?
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Paul Chrisp Great comment Jill...how true is that..

Jill Pennington Ha ha, have an interesting one! Otherwise nobody will read it!

Paul Chrisp Get a job lot of cheap bic biros Shah Fazli

Ciara Threadgoode Where can fans send you those sexy new knickers Jill?

Ciara Threadgoode

Shah Fazli Thanks Jill Pennington, such a pleasure, hope to meet you again, and hope to have you on our future shows. The show will continue for as long as you are happy and others have questions.http://shahsightshop.blogspot.de/2013/05/the-diary-of-single-parent-abroad-jill.html

ShahSight Shop: The diary of a single parent abroad Jill Penningtonshahsightshop.blogspot.com

Jill Pennington What's with the knicker fetish? I have nice undies thanks!!

Jill Pennington Thank you Shah, will let you know when I write another book.

Ciara Threadgoode hahahhahahhaha!

Paul Chrisp Good that..enjoyed it Jill (and Ciara) x

Ciara Threadgoode Great interview Shah Fazli...

Jill Pennington Right bedtime bunnies, kiss kiss.

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