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Muzzammil Shah

Muzzammil Shah, Welcome, and thanks a lot for being here today, we would love to know you a little, so please can we start this interview with you introducing yourself to us, and also please tell us something about how and when you started to write poetry, what does poetry mean to you, and why you think it's very important in your life?

Princess Bathsheba Muzzammil Shah I am glad to have a chance to ask you some questions. What are the sources of your inspiration that you compose nice poems?

Muzzammil Shah I liked poetry since my childhood,and read poems of great poets.Their poems and life story also inspired me to write my emotions in verse. Whenever i read poems of theirs,I lost with their age and situation.

Princess Bathsheba So, it means that the writing of great poets has inspired you? Which are the poets that inspired you most?

Muzzammil Shah Dr. Sir Allama Mohammad Iqbal,Mirza Ghalib,John keats,P.B. Shelley and Shakespeare inspired me a lot

Spotlight Antonia Valaire Ask the questions here I am using ma phone.who are his inspirations or where do he gets his source of inpiration to write?

Muzzammil Shah The sources of my inspiration are the great poets that's why my style of writing is classical. If you read my bio,you will come to know that in the initial stage of poetry, I felt the lack of emotions. I came to know that each poet has a love story that enables him to compose wonderful lines. I loved a girl and proposed her too. An really I found the result of it made me a poet

Persian Khushi what are the pleasures and difficulties writing about your family / loved ones?

Spotlight Thanks Muzzammil, what do you want to achieve form writing poetry, what is your main goal in writing poetry, some people may want to earn their living, which is very hard, some may want to get famous, and some may just want to publish a lot of books?

Muzzammil Shah Very nice. Writing about the loved ones and family is always pleasure because we have a lot of things to mention,but difficulty is to start.We feel problem from where we should start it.

Charles Darnell Do you think it is important for a poet to publish his or her work ?

Muzzammil Shah Spotlight, writing poetry is only the matter of interest,but,if it can give you your living and fame its very good.In my opinion, composing poems is a talent and talent is itself a crown. I just pour down my heart, it becomes poems. i want to spread only my words.

Persian Khushi Muzzammil, is there a relationship between your speaking and writing voice?

Muzzammil Shah Yes,Charles Darnell, publishing the work gives one more energy and courage to write more.

Muzzammil Shah Persian Khushi The relation between me and my poem is that whenever I take anything at heart, a new poem takes birth.

Persian Khushi How do the diverse cultures influence your poetry?

Persian Khushi besides poetry, what else do you do?

Muzzammil Shah A diverse culture gives much influence more because of its diversity.

Muzzammil Shah Besides poetry,I write short stories and essay

Spotlight What do people think of your poetry, what does your family think, and who is supporting you to write, have you gotten back your lost love by writing?

Persian Khushi Muzzammil, how does your readers inspire you?

Persian Khushi how long does it take you to write a poem?

Muzzammil Shah Most of the people who are far from its charm think it is a difficult thing. as i am also a teacher, I know the antipathy of the people who are not familiar with its charm. But those who understand it, they say it is the language of heart. Whenever I start writing, I myself don't know what is to written. It is a direct connection of my heart and pen.

Persian Khushi this is great Muzzammil, it shows you are a stong character. you are a poet of heart and soul.

Muzzammil Shah When a reader praises, I am inspired.

Muzzammil Shah It doesn't take long to compose a poem. The thing that I need is only inspiration.

Persian Khushi I do believe every poet thrive on praise from readers

Muzzammil Shah What can a reader give except some praising words. That's why I am happy to be praised

Spotlight What do you like about Eqhbal's poetry, can you read one of his poems here for us that you really like?

Persian Khushi Muzzammil, describe to us your writing process?

Muzzammil Shah I just recite only his one couplet
Zindagi insan ki hai manind-e-murgan-e-khush nawa,
Koi dam shaakh pe baitha,chachahaya,udgaya.
( The life of man is like a bird that sits on the branch of a tree for sometimes,sings joyfully and flies away)

Charles Darnell I understand you are influenced by classical poetry. Are there any current poets you find interesting ?

Muzzammil Shah Whenever I get inspiration, i just write it down. If I am at a place where there is no papers and pen, I write verses on my mobile.

Muzzammil Shah So far as I have read, current poets have thoughts but they prefer to express them blank verse. I love the poems of Shelley and Worsdworth because their poems contain both rhyme and matter.

Persian Khushi when can we expect your next publication?

Muzzammil Shah Inshaa Allah next year

Mrinal Kanti Das Adhikari what things or matters inspire u 2 write poetry?

Persian Khushi Ameen

Muzzammil Shah Natural beauty such as green trees, cascade, seashorer and rainy season. Sometimes, people of my era inspire,and sometimes their works.

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