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Jake Hollow

Shah Fazli
Jake Hollow, Welcome to Spotlight, and thanks everyone else for joining, how do you want to start this event, what do you have to say to the people who have joined, and also what is it in your life that makes you a real proud person, your book, career, friends, or family, or something else, please answer this first question before I ask more about you and your books?

Jake Hollow Hello Shah. Let's leave it to the audience

Shah Fazli Ok, thanks, what can you tell us about your book, I am sure everyone knows a little about you and your work, but we definitely need an update on your book please?

Jake Hollow It's a Motivational book on short and long term relationships.

Jake Hollow It deals with how I used to view things in my life before I because Spiritual in 2007

Tricia Drammeh Why did you decide to write it?

Tricia Drammeh And, who would be the target audience?

Jake Hollow I was working on a Spiritual book under my birth nameGino, but wanted people to understand my past under my street name Jake. I wanted to do it before the media or someone else did it and use it against me, since my Jake work is not on Spiritually.

Amy Rogers Is this book for individuals who are not spiritual

Jake Hollow The target Tricia are both Men and Women. There is a male version and a female version that are looking for healthy relationships.

Jake Hollow Yes Amy , however you can turn it into a Spiritual book

Tricia Drammeh You mentioned you became spiritual in 2007. What led up to that decision? What was the turning point?

Jake Hollow

Jake Hollow's How Guide on How to Persuade Women
November 30th 2012 The Jake Hollow Guide on How to Persuade Women: Social Engagements Authored by Jake Hollow, Cover design or artwork by Alfredo Jorge & Gin...

Shah Fazli Can you please tell us something about yourself in a little bit details, what happened in 2007, why you became spiritual, what was going on in your life that made you change?

Roman Down Brave Jake how long did it take you to write this work and your others under Gino DiCaprio? and Why the different topics?

Jake Hollow Shah most of the detail information is in the books and I would encourage people to feel free and read the teaser.
Males Edition:

Females Edition:

Jake Hollow My Jake work only took a few months, while my Gino DiCaprio took 2.5 years Roman. To show people how I dramactly changed in view of life. Thank you for that question

Tricia Drammeh For those who may not be familiar with your work under your real name, can you tell us about it? Catherine will provide links, but for those who can't switch over to Amazon, can you please give them an overview?

Catherine Mahoney Jake I read your preview of your book, my insight is that one more rejection from a close loved one may you decide to look inward and you started your path on spirituality, is that correct?

Jake Hollow Tricia, the overview on Jake Hollow is when I was 'worldly'. I was focused on only having fun and partying. I let men see how to connect with women and see inside themselves. With women I teach them to take responsibility and to watch out for guys like me that used to take advantage of weak women

Catherine Mahoney made you meditate and find answers how to establish relationship with charismatic and other worthy traits ingrained in human psychology? to persuade woman to fall in love with their suitor?

Jake Hollow lol, please slow down, so that I can reflex on one question at a time lol

Catherine Mahoney ah so you were a casanova, and then the guilt or consciousness changed your view of relationships?

Catherine Mahoney Jake I apologized we all have internet problems tonight, storms. Also time is running out, 15 minutes before concluding interview. I am just trying to let your fans see what you and your book is about and attach links to have them preview more of your works.

Jake Hollow Cat, you are partly correct , but the real eye opener was Prison. I was locked up in a very violent system but it though me to look inside myself and see my TRUE CALLING. It took me years to prove my innocence, yet Prison also saved me.

Catherine Mahoney Ah, that is the conflict in your story, you met darkness straight in the face and that transformed you, Wow

Catherine Mahoney What would you like to conclude the interview with, your inspirational words, works or advice?

Jake Hollow Cat, I was a very Dark person before 2007. I was known as a person with a Black Heart. So even if I was innocent for the crime I was accused on, there were many moral crimes I did and the Universe had to balance it for me, and give me a Big wake up call.

Catherine Mahoney I sensed that from the research i did on you, so happy that you were able to find peace in the darkness and walk towards the light.

Jake Hollow the quote that most love from my Jake Hollow persona is "It is okay to be angry or have fear, however it is not acceptable to let anger or fear control you... for you must control them."

Catherine Mahoney yes, and ?

Catherine Mahoney you writing is your positive outlet then?

Jake Hollow Yes Cat, I have never been in peace as I am today and my 3 children remind me every day on how much I have changed.

Amy Rogers When u found the light did u at any point fall back into darkness if so how did u get back it must be hard to change old thinking patterns

Catherine Mahoney So happy for you and your family, Amy has a question for you?

Catherine Mahoney Jake I apologized I lost Tricia and Shah and the HFA Asylum is calling me away, you are invited if you like to come over to their post party. It has been a pleasure chatting with you.

Catherine Mahoney All I and the admin has to depart, but please keep Jake company and ask him questions, I can tell he has alot to tell and teach others.

Jake Hollow Amy, remember that I was in a place where I could not go out so, yes, it took a while, but when I saw that I changed not only violent inmates/prisoners but also the Correctional Officers I knew I could not let the Darkness back in. So Amy, I catch myself right away and don't give my Power away.

Jake Hollow No problem Cat

Jake Hollow Amy, does that answer your question?

Amy Rogers Yes sure does

Tricia Drammeh Jake, it was wonderful talking to you and learning about your journey. Thank you so much for being open and honest about your experiences.

Jake Hollow I'm glad it did, or else I would have have to have gotten deeper

Jake Hollow I thank you Tricia and everyone else that made the time in their busy life

Roman Down Brave Thank you

Jake Hollow If you have more question, please send me a private message or on my group page

Catherine Mahoney Jake if you like to join Message To My Children 2 Fantasy Escapism, feel comfortable to promote your links and visit anytime. Yes there will be a after interview blog and your book placed in Shah's bookstore. Good luck on your future endeavours and stay in the light, if not for you, for your family.

Maryann M Johnson So the interview is over?

Jake Hollow Cat send us the link here, and in the mean time here is

Books You May Want to Read
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Jake Hollow Maryann, yes it is but you may still ask away

Maryann M Johnson I still don't get what the book of persuading women is about?

Catherine Mahoney spiritual traits of kindness and understanding what a woman needs to believe and trust a mate, and to avoid the bag wolves out there? I believe

Jake Hollow Maryann it's a Motivational Guide. Does this help? I was hoping the answers I gave above answered this question Thank you Cat, and yes you are correct but it goes very deep

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