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Roseville Nidea

Shah Fazli
Roseville Nidea, We are so excited to have you on Spotlight interview all the way from Philippines, especially for a cause that it is worth remembering it for as long as possible to honour the victims and their families, so thanks for giving us this opportunity one more time, how did you get involved in Angels Cried Anthology?

Roseville Nidea I am excited too though a bit nervous being heard live by fellow respected authors from all over the world. First I thank you all for being here with me tonight!

It was through Elizabeth Castillo post that I have learned the call from Mr. Stephen L. Wilson about this anthology for a cause. It was truly an honor that I was also given the opportunity to extend help to the victims if the incomprehensible tragedy that had happened.

Neal James What was your particular piece?

Roseville Nidea The poem I contributed is "The Dot on a White Paper"

Neal James What was it about?

Roseville Nidea The dot is a symbol of the mistake that we commit, that no matter how we weave ourselves to be fine ( white paper) in just one mistake, other people will only see the dot no matter how small it may be. Or worse the mistake will be remembered until memorial. The metaphor sprang into mind while watching a paper with a small dot in it. When given the choice to see the paper or dot, my uncle saw the dot rather than the finess of the paper. I was hoping then that he will see the cleanpaper rather than the dot.

Neal James That's a very sharp set of imagery.

Roseville Nidea Lesson in life that we can all take.

Neal James Such a simple idea, and so very clearly put.

Neha Godambe Yes Rose, it indeed is a wonderful imagery. Want to read the poem you contributed for the cause. And even I would want to know you as a person. Please tell us

Shah Fazli Thanks Rose, now tell us a little about yourself, now we do want to know about you as a person please?

Roseville Nidea You call me Rose and it sounds lovely. It is rare that somebody calls me by that name for most of the people around me call me Belle which I appreciate more.

I am in the family business since I was twenty one, for long period of time I knew no other work except doing business but not until I became a classroom teacher. I am teaching college students right now.

I started writing few years ago, during my stay in Illinois USA. Writing became my refuge during those homesick moments in the middle of winter confinement, from there it grew and now I consider it more like of a call than pursuing passion.

If you will read me through my writings, you may find me a serious woman, but believe me I am not. I am a person who loves to laugh, make jokes in the middle of conversation, plays with children especially with my son and do outdoor sports. I swim, I play badminton, I go gun shooting, I so love watching basketball games.

Shah Fazli Thank you, now read us the poem you contributed to the anthology please?

Neha Godambe Gun shooting.... that's exciting...

Roseville Nidea The Dot on White Paper

Small dot how do I remove you
From all of the white paper
Made from very, very fine fibers?
Not big
You are rusty
Shattered from old metal
And yet will be remembered
Until memorial.
Small dot, how do I remove you?
Si it with soft cotton, another paper
A harder dot?
Tell me!
Books, Letters, Heaven
All condemn the small dot.
How do I remove you?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Hey Belle, its so lovely to see you as a poetess. How do you find the connection between Belle as a poet and Belle as a person. Does being a poet helps beings a good person or does a good person helps being a poet ?

Roseville Nidea Tough Question my friend. We are what we write.I beleive we can never seperate the poet from the poem. Everything in our writings is i believe either our overflowing emotion, our experiences, our convictyions and /or perspective in life. So Belle the poet and Belle as a person is ONE.

Neal James Very true...

Neha Godambe Deep thought Belle! (good that now I know your name)... have there been any other such poems created by you that you recollect and would want to share here?

Diwakar Pokhriyal How does "Belle as poetess" helps "Belle as a person" in her life?

Antonia Valaire Tell me something distinct about your country?

Roseville Nidea So many questions now, I think Ill answer Mr. Fazli first.
I started writing poems few years ago. I have now the yearning to write essay for me to sahre more stoires about life of my countrymen and I am starting to be on the process now.

Neal James I have a Guest Author section on my own site - it's open to all.

Roseville Nidea For Antonia Valaire question :

I can say I am very fortunate to have born and to live in Albay Bicol Philippines where I can always have so much pleasure to be embraced by the love of the other member of the natural world like playing in the woods with trees, going up the hill to sing with the birds, swim in the river with the fishes and ride in a bus or in jeepney from town to town with the company of our BEAUTIFUL MAIDEN that never ceases in giving amazing scene almost every minute as it plays with the clouds or with the sun. Yes, we have this famous perfect cone volcano that lies at the center of our place, so wherever part of Albay you may go the Volcano makes you feel as if she keeps on hovering over you for she is visible in all parts of our province. Apart from the beauty of MAYON VOLCANO, my place is plentiful not only of white sand beaches but also of distinctive black sand beaches where everyone can enjoy walking along seashores while being caressed by the sweet breeze of the sea.

For food lovers, we are known to be fond of vegetable and chicken meat cooked in coconut milk with little or lots of spice ( by choice) in it. It is a known tale that every house in rural areas has SILI tree of which people from other cities jokingly telling the story that whenever there is a typhoon coming, Bicolano people protect the SILI tree more than their house. Well, this is just a piece of proof that we love spicy food. Another distinctive delicacy is PILI NUT candy. PILI NUT is a variety of nut where can be found only in Bicol. .

Another amazing about my homeland which I have found out recently through my Ethnographic Research is that our people is rich in Oral Traditions which depict our cultural mores; we even have this so called TIGSIK, a genuine poetic form, uniquely our own and is truly indigenous and heterogeneous.

Oh, well I have said so much about my homeland, but I must tell still that Albay,Bicol above all has happy and warm people that when you visit us you will truly feel that you are not a stranger!

Roseville Nidea Here is a photo of my place.

By: Roseville Nidea

Shah Fazli Thanks everyone please wait till the end the interview, then ask questions or comment, as it is getting hard for Rose to answer everybody, please. Rose thank you so much, and we applaud you for handling everyone of us, can you read one more of your poems please?

Roseville Nidea Yes please one by one for you are giving me palpitations.

Here is another poem from me.


Indeed! Indeed! Indeed!
Beauty is creature in bordered wild,
Exoticism diffuses in colored
Here Brown, there White, there Black,
There is even Ivory.

Indeed! Indeed! Indeed!
Every country change its shape and shade,
Complimenting bounded sight
Like of proud Eagle in the Occident,
Like of earthy Ox of the Orient.

Come--come to realize!
Beauty is creature in the wild,
Vary still you must know and see
Depending of what individual portray,
Depending how one self declares.

Shah Fazli Beautiful, and thanks once again for answering so many questions, it's appreciated, have you read the Anthology Angels Cried, what do you think after maybe reading it or after taking part in this, what is your particular feeling about it please?

Roseville Nidea Yes I have read it. I have two hard copies of the book in hands sent by a very dear friend. I have read most of the poems but for the short stories I am planning to get back with the book this summer vacation, that will be no work days for me so I have all the time to read. The anthology is one of a kind and it makes me feel great to read one of my poems there. It give me a sense of purpose. ANGELS CRIED an anthology for a cause. Overwhelming it really to feel how little kindness can make a difference.

Shah Fazli True, I have asked this question from other contributors to the Anthology, which poem or story do you like in the book in particular, and why please, do you remember one or two verses or lines, or the title please?

Roseville Nidea Sincerely I apprceiate everyone in my IIA family,they are all amazing people, but since I cannot mention all poems I would like to re-share Snow Angles by Rachel E. Kovas for it summarizes and/or she presented the heart of the anthology :

Twenty tiny footprints
Scattered inthe snow
Twenty wings that flutter
as the breeze begins to blow

Twenty peals of laughter,
twenty toothless grins,
twenty eyes that twinkle
As their journey begins.

Twenty desks left empty
Millions hearts that mourn.
six will join to guide them,
unsung heroes born.

Twenty little angels
playing in the snow
dropping tiny snowflakes
on those who stayed below.

Antonia Valaire Do you remember the first poem you ever read either from a famous poet or unknown individual?

Roseville Nidea The very first poem that I was able to read is the "The Road not Taken" by Robert Frost. It has great influence in me.

Shah Fazli Thanks Rose, now everyone can ask or comment if they want, it was a real pleasure for me.

ShahSight Literary Book Shop: Angels Cried Stephen L.

Roseville Nidea Thank you so much Mr. Shah Fazli for this wonderful opportunity. Friends the event is now open for your query. I would love to answer you all.

Stephen L. Wilson I was surprised to find out you go by the name "Belle." All this time, I have thought of you as "Roseville." Thank you for sharing your personal insight about yourself and your country. You are a wonderful person, and one day I hope to meet you in person. Thanks for all you do, Belle!

Diwakar Pokhriyal How does it feels to be called as "Devil"?

Roseville Nidea You are a more wonderful person Mr. Stephen L. Wilson. You have my respect. You have endowed our IIA family an excellent leadership. I thank you for craetingthe group and I am looking forward to extend help in all manner that I know for our next project.

To my friends ouside IIA, I would like to say this to let you know that we have admirable and amazing and humble people in the group. We came from different countries, all are highly individualized people that sometimes ideas clash and becomes hard for us to decide over things but in spite of all the diversities that we have, this anthology is like a magic speller that unifies us all. I believe that these are the reasons why the Anthology is so successful in serving its purpose and in receiving support from all over the globe.

Roseville Nidea Mr. Wilson it is because of the IIA and the Angels Cried that I have changed my name from Belle to Roseville.

Roseville Nidea Diwakar Pokhriyal You always raise a tough question. I'd prefer to be called still by Belle but Devil is always a name for me for our endless saga.

Diwakar Pokhriyal But still one question. After being a poetess ( by writing poems), does it helped your as a person also in your life?

Roseville Nidea I am about to answer that. I believe I am already a shaped person as Belle before I became Belle the Poetess. It is the Belle as a person that influences more the Belle as a poet.

Neha Godambe Where online can I get to read your work/poems?

Antonia Valaire last question from me. what's your advice or words of comfort to the victims families?

Roseville Nidea Most of my Poems are already in the book. The only way to read them is through the anthologies. I can send the link of the on-line bookstore through your inbox if you like.

Roseville Nidea I have already experienced a loss and I know how hard it is to cope and no words of comfort can easily take away the agony, but knowing that there are people around who still care is a comfort. This is in some manner the ANGELS CRIED all about. To let the victim know that we care.

Roseville Nidea Antonia Valaire Thank you so much. I very much appreciate your presence. I hope I did answer your questions well.

Catherine Mahoney Has everyone had an opportunity to ask their questions? to the amazing Poetess?

Roseville Nidea I would like to mention the kind heart of Catherine Mahoney. Thank you so much for all the hard works for the anthology and the assistance you have extended to me and for your presence.

Catherine Mahoney Life continues and Roseville on Behalf of all your guests, fans and loved ones, Mr. Shah and I we appreciated your contribution, so thoughtful and created. Wish you much happiness and more promises to come forth from you. Your country is beautiful and angels like you are rare, keep striving and dreaming. Thank you for Being YOU.

Roseville Nidea Catherine Mahoney Yes, your words are taken to be kept and with much appreciation.

Roseville Nidea I think everyone in my country can take their sleep now. THANK YOU all my friends for your endless support. Once again, I felt your love by being here though it is already past mid-night! Thank you! TO EVERYONE THANK YOU for this wonderful conversation.

Roseville Nidea Please allow me to share the reason why we are all here. )

On 12/14/12, tragedy struck. Authors and artists combined, so that their express...See More

Roseville Nidea

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