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Emeke Nwaoboli - Nigeria

Shah Fazli
Emeke Nwaoboli, Welcome to our live interview, how are you doing today, and please say something to the people who are here to join your event, they must be close friends or fans who are happy to follow this interview live, what do you want to say to them please? — with Emeke Nwaoboli.

Emeke Nwaoboli First of all, i thank you sir for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed. To all my friends and fans, i am so happy that they followed me on this event and i greatly thank them.

Shalini Samuel Glad to meet you on this fine day. Can you share with us your favorite poem from your poetry collection?

Emeke Nwaoboli This is one of my favorite poems, to be published in my forthcoming anthology titled VISIONS OF GLORY: a clarion call for a better Nigeria (although the title has not been concluded yet)

A Clarion call

Arise O compatriots,
Our nation is dieing
Men are falling
Leaders are lieing
And the masses are crying.

Religion is dividing us,
Tribalism has taken over,
We do not know where we stand
We do not know what to do.

O! Great Nigeria,
The giant of Africa
The land flowing with milk and honey
Where art thou pride?
Where is the great Nation we envisiage?
The independent country we claim to be?

Arise my people,
Fight for your rights
Discover your potentials
And make Nigeria a better place to be.

Shalini Samuel Wow, that's an energetic poem. Poets get inspired by nature , God, family, social issues etc. What does inspire you?

Emeke Nwaoboli Motivational quotes and testimonies motivate me. Also, i am always motivated when i see our future leaders making history.

Shalini Samuel Are people in Africe interested in reading and writing poems

Emeke Nwaoboli Yes! Africans enjoy reading and writing poems, although to some degree. In this information age, writing has become a culture for people in Africa and even children are now challenged to write poems just like i wrote my first novel at the age of fifteen.

Shah Fazli Tell us something about your homeland Nigeria, what do you love about your country a lot, and if that is what has made you become a poet?

Emeke Nwaoboli My homeland Nigeria is a good place to live. Since the begining began, we have greatly developed with our population coming up to 150 million and we are the 7th most populated country in the world.

One special thing i like about Nigeria is that they are hardworking people in conjunction with our fruitful land.

Though we are still faced with some problems which motivated me in writing an anthology pleading with our leaders to change. The tyranny of our leaders and the suffering of the masses made me to write VISIONS OF GLORY

Shah Fazli Thanks, Visions of Glory, please tell us when will it be published, and what mainly this book talks about, is it all about politics, or not, there are other things in it as well?

Emeke Nwaoboli As the name picturesque, it is all about my visions for Nigeria and a clarion call for a better Nigeria. Nevertheless, some other themes found in the anthology includes: indecent dressing, war, the sufferings of the poor etc. The anthology satirizes our leaders and pleads with them to change.

As for the publication, i am yet to decide the time because the anthology have not been completed. Hopefully, it will be out as soon as am through.

Shah Fazli Great, thank you so much, you are a talented and aspiring writer, tell us a little more about yourself, your education, family, etc, please?

Emeke Nwaoboli My name is Emeke Nwaoboli, i was born and bred in Onicha-Ugbo, Aniocha-North local Govt., Delta-state in Nigeria. I am an alumni of Anthopadua nursery and primary school Onicha-Ugbo, where i bagged my primary school certificate in 2005 and furthered to Rev. Martin memorial mixed seconday school issele-uku. I graduated from secondary school in 2011, and currently, am seeking for an admission into the University of Benin, Benin city where i will study mass communication.

Blessed with a good family, i am the first child out of four children. My parents are alive and they have been greatly supporting me.

I started writing out of challenge, not knowing it was my talent.

Shah Fazli Thanks, we leave it now for others if they want to ask any questions, if you have anything else to say please carry on in the meantime, before others join in and ask more questions?

Emeke Nwaoboli Thanks so much, am honoured.

To my fans and fellow writers, my greatest advice to you is to avoid procrastination. That which can be done later, could be done now.

As i would always say, to be successful in life, you must have a VISION, take an ACTION and PRAY with passion.

Ken Ejiofor I am so pleased with your articulated answers. kindly tell us when precisely you started writing and the first Novel you wrote whether published or not?

Emeke Nwaoboli Good question. I started writing in 2008, after i went for a seminar which motivated me. In the seminar, a boy who was my agemate then, precisely 15 shared us a novel of his. This challenged me, and i decided to write mine.

My first novel was titled COBRA SQUAD. It has not been published due to some challenges.

Shah Fazli Sen Ihenyen, Interesting interview! I‘ve a question for the young writer, Emeke. What inspires you as a writer, and what will make you fulfilled as one? Thanks

Emeke Nwaoboli Am glad to receive your question, sir Sen Ihenyen.
What inspires me is motivational quotes, testimonies and heroic achievements from the future leaders.

Also, what will make fulfilled as one is my zeal, ambition and talent and with the help of God.

Ken Ejiofor who are your role models

Ken Ejiofor kindly let us know why you chose them as your role models too

Emeke Nwaoboli Funny enough, that is a question many people might not believe. I have no role model, as i don't want to live in another man's shadow.

Sen Ihenyen Thanks! As a writer myself, I couldn‘t have grown without mentors like Niyi Osundare, Leopold Senghor and the likes. I‘m wondering if you have mentors as well or self-motivated?

Emeke Nwaoboli Am self-motivated, that not withstanding, i appreciate great books from great authors like William shakespeare, Chinua Achebe, and the likes.

Shah Fazli Please visit our page if you want to book your own interview, thanks everyone, the interview is open for as long as there is questions from our guests.

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Sen Ihenyen Then you must be one of those writers who enjoy solitary confinement and produce masterpieces in such quiet times! Can this be so with you as a writer?

Emeke Nwaoboli I will not like to blow my trumpet, but all i would say is that i enjoy writing masterpiece. I creatively write things which seem impossible as the case of one of my novels titled THE PREGNANT BOY

Ken Ejiofor I Learnt that one of your works will be published next month, kindly tell us about it

Emeke Nwaoboli Actually it is not just my work, am just one of the co-authors. It is a volume of poem titled SUNSET AT MID-DAY: an anthology of young Nigerian poets.

It will be launched on April 10, 2013 at Delta state University, Abraka.

Ken Ejiofor i will like to know the title(s) of your poem(s) in sunset at mid day and what motivated them

Sen Ihenyen Congrats on that!

Emeke Nwaoboli Thanks sir, Senator Ihenyen.

The title of my poem in "sunset at mid-day" is "letter to the rain". It is an apostrophe whereby i wrote a letter to the rain as if it were a human being.

The unending downpour in june and july which halts people from moving freely motivated me to write it, as i tried to speak to the rain with a good imagery, rhyme and rhythm.

Osakwe Esther I will like to know the challenge(s)you have been faced with so far if there is any.

Emeke Nwaoboli I have been faced with the challenges of getting a reputable author, and getting my works published.

Sam De Poet What type of poetry form would you say you enjoy the most, what style do you prefer?

Emeke Nwaoboli I enjoy writing poems with rhymes and rhythm.

Ken Ejiofor great talk. i wish you the best in your career. cheers

Sam De Poet Are you earning anything from poetry, is writing poems paying your bills?

Emeke Nwaoboli Thanks! I highly appreciate you all for creating out time to join me on this interview. For further questions, you can inbox me.

Sam De Poet You are welcome.

Emeke Nwaoboli Presently, i have not earned anything from poetry and i look forward to earning somethings in each. Hopefully, i will earn a lot when my books are published.

Osakwe Esther All the best dear

Emeke Nwaoboli Thanks ma.

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