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Diwakar Pokhriyal

Shah Fazli
Diwakar Pokhriyal, Thank you so much for being here tonight, and thanks to our other guests for joining, Diwakar you have been part of many poetry anthologies around the world, can you please tell us about the whole experience a little and name the titles of a few poems you have contributed, India, the land of art, literature and music, I wonder how much different you think your poetry writing is from anyone else here, what do you think motivates you the most to write poetry, some people write poetry from what they see, and if you could tell us what was it about that you wrote your first few poems, was it a love story, or not, and if you could post one of your poems for us please? — with Diwakar Pokhriyal.

Diwakar Pokhriyal First of all "Thank you very much" for inviting me for this interview. Writing poetry for me is/was always like expressing myself in various ways. I started it during my school days. Slowly and steady all of it took a new dimension and my interest converted into passion. I always believe that it's all a matter of passion. Be it a sports, management, creative writing or anything it's all a matter of interest. In my case also it was pure interest. When I look back , its really surprising that without having any friend who is interested in poetry or creative writing or any family member who was interested in this. But It was all into me from somewhere. I started writing from class 9th class and it all took a new dimension when I joined my post graduation college.

Diwakar Pokhriyal Writing poetry for me is always like expressing things. Expressing emotions, experiences interest and much more. That how we develope interest in any field when we dive deep into it and that's what I am trying my best.

Diwakar Pokhriyal "From I to We" a poetic love story is a love story explained through the heart of boy. How the love story starts from first glance and ends into a marriage. A true love sprout and then blossoms into life. I have tried same in this book

Diwakar Pokhriyal Your touch ( A poem from my book) A sense is choking other,
Crescent eyes are shining,
Divine merging with souls,
Your touch felt like bribing.

Lost in elation of fervour,
Anxieties crawling skies of desires,
Snow wed nature smells,
assorted power of fires.

I am lost in your heed,
When you touched my hand,
Angle danced profoundly,
My heaven merged with land.

I captured every second with exactitude,
Locked innate passion wisely,
But sky gazed the sun of love,
My pact enacted untidily.

Still my hand tattooed your shadow
Visible even in dark,
Irrelevant is the nature,
Even snow generates the spark.

That’s the relevance of your touch,
Turned on insatiable lust,
Every second felt it in me,
Your supreme power of trust

Galaxies moved heavens searching stars,
I swimmer in your sea,
Credential flows with time,
That’s the touch to see.

Frozen that moment of love,
In refrigerator of our epic relation,
Resurrection of your senses,
In the dearth of died elation.

Chandra Shekhar Diwakar Pokhriyal What is the source of your inspiration????

Diwakar Pokhriyal Chandra Shekhar, There is no inspiration because I started writing for fun during my school days and as I completed my graduation it turned into a habit. Me and my few friends used to have fun while reading those and thats how it all happened. I must add, My 10th grade English teacher started it al, when se asked whole class to write poem as an fun exercise. She is not alive anymore but whever I write a poem her face and that period revolves inside my mind. So in short no inspiration but a habit now

Chandra Shekhar U generally specialize in writing poems on love or you write on other emotions aswell???

Diwakar Pokhriyal I missed the answer of one question asked by Mr Shah Fazli, I love to write poetry and thats why I kept on contributing in various poetry anthologies. As of now I have been a part of 13 poetry anthologies. I tried to cover different form of poetry so as to learn more and more. My few titles which were into poetry anthologies are "The childs play", "My father" etc.

Diwakar Pokhriyal Chandra Shekhar, I have written 5 books of poetry as of now and two of them were about love. But rest are different. My second book is "Solacious Solitude" which deals with different emotions", My fifth book is Droplets in the sea which have seven different poetic styles and are mix of different situations and emotions. for example this poem is all about poem and poet Poetry

Piercing vast silence,
Without uttering even voice,
Still everyone understand twisted powerful words,
That’s the power of rhythm, flowing flawlessly courageously fighting for a reason,
Poetry needs that creativity, maturity, sensitivity, expressions, togetherness, intelligence, so does poet.

Antonia Valaire what's your advice to a young poet or someone who wants to write poetry?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Antonia Valaire - For ever young poet like me I must say, if you write to express yourself its good, but what will happen when you will have no overflowing emotions?. So write for fun. When you write for fun then it will become your habit after certain time period. We learn things more when we do it for fun rather than for learning. So don't write poetry writing poetry. Write it for fun, write it because you enjoy it alone, with friends or with anyone who reads it and thats when you will realize that you have reached a stage which you had imagines years back without even knowing that you reached there.

Vikas Pratap Singh How do you think of any/new themes to write poetry on?! apart from love, nature, world.. these themes.. i m not able to find much to jot my pen down on.. would like to know your insights >--< VPS 'हितैषी'

Diwakar Pokhriyal Vikas Pratap Singh -Write on darkness, on nothing, on blank, on white, on book, on sports, on light, on telephone, on door bell, on yourself, on blindness, on literacy or ill-literacy. The subjects are your thoughts, whatever you think write on that. Why not write in thoughts ...

Fathima Manal I can see that you concentrate more on forms and styles of poems than the actual theme.Why so?

Diwakar Pokhriyal I started writing with rhyming. But as I strated reading different poems or poets I came through different form of poetry and For a poets its like learning new language to express him/her self. So from last year I started learning different forms like , Haiku, senryu, acrostic, abc, fibonacci, etc. I learned and still learning these form while being a part of a poetry group here in facebook. Learning a new form is like taking yourself into a new dimension and it feels amazing to be there. I also started writing a mix of different form as shown below.........................Silence
(Tanka + Acrostic + senryu + Fibonacci + Abc)

Silence covered Grief,
Signifying a solace,
Speaking pure serenity,

Unspoken words sizzles soul,
Like battling hero of war.
Swiftly fighting against words,
Illuminating battling courage,
Losing out on fun,
Extreme resilience of pressure,
Never-ending emotions,
Courageously letting hope,
Enlightening that fear.
Debacle of Fear,
Outgrowing inhumane life,
Silent autumn cry.
Of fear,
Dives too deep inside,
With no trace of courageous hope,
Just silence of grief shrouded with fear of instant death.
Atrociously Blaming Cries Die,
Endlessly Forgetting Grievance,
Humanity Instigates Jerks,
Knowingly Lose Matter,
Nature Ounces Perfect Quench,
Rousing Silence Terrorize Unity,
Vampire Waits Xombie,
Yawns Zeal.

Diwakar Pokhriyal I am still in learning stage of poetry and thats why currently I am experimenting with different styles of poetry. As I have an element of fun in myself... I would love to have same in my potic styles and for that I should learn different form of poetry Passion for poetry

Chandra Shekhar Diwakar Pokhriyal I have a lot of thoughts.... but how to begin???

Fathima Manal Will it lead the poet away from the theme?Sometimes while concentrating on rhymes and styles I feel that am parting from the intended subject.ever occurred to you?

Diwakar Pokhriyal if you have thoughts then thats it. You already know the form of poetry rhyming or unrhyming, just start to pen it down. Don't think whether it will be a poem or not , just pen it down. Penning down is more essential. As you started to pen it down you will realize that there will be more counter - thoughts and thoughts and you will not stop writing them and in some days you will automatically become a poet in your mind.

Diwakar Pokhriyal Yes Fathima Manal, when you try to stick to one form, it happens because you have only one door to let ot flow. Open new dorrs while learning different form and you will see the flow will increase more and more Even unrhyming is also a style. So don't concentrate on style just keep writing your thoughts and give more emphasis on themes in start

Shah Fazli Floy Dy Ra Hi Diwakar ji!!! I would like to ask you what are your poems for you, or ask in an other way - what is it exactly what you would miss if you have no poetry?

Fathima Manal Thanks Diwakar ji.They were really inspiring words.

Diwakar Pokhriyal Floy Dy Ra - In short - "My poetry is me" - Its me when I am in love, alone, happy, in fun, with friends, crying, dancing and every other thing

Diwakar Pokhriyal And how I understand and see the world around me that is my thoughts

Shah Fazli If there is no more questions we would like to thank Diwakar and everyone for being here tonight, really a lovely experience, it was a pleasure. Please like our page to support authors.

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Chandra Shekhar thank you Diwakar Pokhriyal for ur wonderful insights

Diwakar Pokhriyal It was my pleasure to live more moments of my passionate world of poetry with such wonderful people. Thank you every one for being a part of my Life's first ever author interview. I wish every poet/ soul to reach the sky and conquer the never ending universe

Vikas Pratap Singh thank you, Diwakar

Diwakar Pokhriyal And special thanks to Shah Fazli and Catherine Mahoney for this wonderful event

Catherine Mahoney thank you on behalf of Mr. Shah, your guests and friends, it has been an enlightening expression to carry into the weekend and beyond.

Catherine Mahoney Is it okay if others add their thoughts and brief poetry here just to express their thank you for crossing paths with you and all your creativity? Vokas, and Antionia and others?

Diwakar Pokhriyal After being into the potic world for last 1 hour I can't stop sharing one more poem from my poetry book Droplets in the sea I am Lost in your Eyes

Innate elation surprises,

Agony disappears at thought,
Murdering thousand demises,

Lest rest at your court,
Overburdened with kisses & hugs,
Serving my solace,
Trembling at phony snug’s.

Innocent smile dissolves its tear,
Naughtiness sleeps in sighs,

Young dreams rouse at eyes,
Often, sneezing in freezing shiver,
Under the divine, clear skies,
Resting inside intolerable fever

Eloquent terrain sizzles,
Yearning endless emotions,
Eyes are the gate to heart,
Serving magical promotions.
Thank you again for the interview

Vikas Pratap Singh --> VPS 'हितैषी'
Blissful face, and eyes dreamy
blessed nature, tresses dispersed
a single view of yours for me
is a vista of the whole universe

Diwakar Pokhriyal Bro this is a real big thing which you wrote in short

Vikas Pratap Singh thank you... this poem of mine (containing more stanzas) has been published recently in a literary e-mag

Jen Walls Brother, thanks for sharing your inner flame of poetry. Your heart is an inspiration to many across the world over. Keep flowing your flame and surely, this light will continue to burn in many. Am sharing a recent poem with you here too. Love's joyful blessings to you and everyone!


Fruit ripened within
our sacred seeds
Heart's begin bursting to
fully flower into blooming
Realizing deep relations within infinity
Laughing joy silently kisses peace
Exposing hatred's loud cowardice
Righting a scale upon greed's malice
Breaking free from ego's ranting needs
to be coddled, heard and praised
Giving deeper breaths into love
Beloved is leaping upon clouds
passing by in night's failing light
swirling into our soul's inner sky
God is breathing deeply within us
sunlight's endless flame of fire!

Jen Walls
All Rights Reserved

Diwakar Pokhriyal Thank you Sis Jen Walls

Muzzammil Shah So,Mr. Diwakar Pokhriyal what has inspired you to compose poems?

Shalini Samuel Hi Diwakar Pokhriyal,who do you think should get the credit that you are a poet today? Your parents, teachers,God or who else made you into a poet? Where did you get that spark?

Diwakar Pokhriyal No inspiration, it's all started with an element of fun which is still alive today. I started for fun and continued for 5 to 6 years in same manner. Enjoying poems is more important along with reading it. There was no inspiration, only a classroom in which a teacher told us to write for fun. It was raining outside and that's why we can't go out for playing cricket. So we were inside our classroom when our english teacher started it as a fun exercise. From there it all started and sooner it became a habit. And a habit is beyond inspirations. Because inspiration may change but a habit lasts for much longer

Shalini Samuel How did you find a publisher for your poems? Say about your publishing experience, so that it would be helpful for other aspiring writers.

Diwakar Pokhriyal Shalini Samuel, When I look back then I must say that My english teacher, myself and few of my friends who were there with me while fun of creating poems. I hardly remember anyone finding faults onto my poems and they were all cheering and fun loving.And I believe that was the atmosphere which helped me to grow as poet. For the first 5 years I simply wrote rhyming poetry in English and Hindi. That was limited to me and few of my friends and we all used to have fun. And during my Post graduation days I realize that it has become a habit. I really believe that it was a blessing from god which helped me to grow as a poet because as of my family - no one knew about my poetic mind since I published my first book. And for finding a publisher, When I started believing into my poetic capabilities and passion of writing poetry. I strated searching for a poetic publisher. I searched through internet and found poetry publisher in there. I searched for so many days. I sent a mail to them regarding my ambition along with my written poetry book ( which had my previously written poems). And my publication journey started

Muzzammil Shah Diwakar Pokhriyal which form of poetry do you like most?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Rhyming poetry because it flows so smoothly as if I am singing a song. I have recently tried to give one of my rhyming poetry a music to turn into a song

Muzzammil Shah That's great! Which poet do you like most and why?

Diwakar Pokhriyal In my hindi poetry book, when I was in school , I loved reading Harivansh rai bachhan's poetry. Another one is Rabindra nath tagore. I loved their poems

Muzzammil Shah what is your opinion about the poetry of Rabinra nath Tagore on the basis of Gitanjali?

Diwakar Pokhriyal A book tell us about that certain subject from the poets eyes/mind. And even in his book Gitanjali, I loved the way he expressed himself. One poem which I loved most it is - मेरी रक्षा करो विपत्ति में, यह मेरी प्रार्थना नहीं है;
मुझे नहीं हो भय विपत्ति में, मेरी चाह यही है।
दुःख-ताप में व्यथित चित्त को
यदि आश्वासन दे न सको तो,
विजय प्राप्त कर सकूँ दुःख में, मेरी चाह यही है।।
मुझे सहारा मिले न कोई तो मेरा बल टूट न जाए,
यदि दुनिया में क्षति-ही-क्षति हो,
(और) वंचना आए आगे,
मन मेरा रह पाये अक्षय, मेरी चाह यही है।।

मेरा तुम उद्धार करोगे, यह मेरी प्रार्थना नहीं है;
तर जाने की शक्ति मुझे हो, मेरी चाह यही है।
मेरा भार अगर कम करके नहीं मुझे दे सको सान्त्वना,
वहन उसे कर सकूँ स्वयं मैं, मेरी चाह यही है।।
नतशिर हो तब मुखड़ा जैसे
सुख के दिन पहचान सकूँ मैं,
दुःख-रात्रि में अखिल धरा यह जिस दिन करे वंचना मुझसे,
तुम पर मुझे न संशय हो तब, मेरी चाह यही है।।

Muzzammil Shah thank you. what is poetry in your eyes?

Diwakar Pokhriyal For me "Poetry is Me", when I have over flowing emotions I write, when I have nothing I write, It's like expressing myself to me which in turn is read by my friends and all others.

Muzzammil Shah what is the quality of a good poet?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Every one is good. I think a poet thinks about his expressions and thoughts more. Because everyone has it's own meter to judge a poet. Some judge them through usage of words, some through the idea, some through style of writing and some through different meter. The quality of a poet is having patience and determination to write for his love of writing.

Shalini Samuel Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore has wonderful poems portraying Creators creations, and the poets relationship with the Creator. Do you love those poems? Whats your idea about modern Indian poets, is creativity increasing or decreasing? Are Indians doing good at the international level.

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