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Adam Santo

Shah Fazli
Adam Santo, Thanks for coming to be our guest, today I listened to your interview on a blog radio, I heard a few minutes of it but then it went dark and no more interview, so I kind of missed that, you were saying that you write horror, and she said she was scared of reading horror, etc. can you please take us through that interview briefly, how it went and how it ended please? — with Adam Santo.

Adam Santo Yes, we talked about how certain genres are labeled and some of the misconceptions that follow. I talked about my novel being a dark fantasy more than horror. Julie Joyce (the host) veered away from novels dealing with horror, but I explained that my book didn't dive as deep into the gruesome as she perceived.

Shah Fazli Thank you very much, I love dark fantasy, and I missed interviewing someone writing that genre so you are very welcome, tell us something real dark about your book or books please, what do you think make them that dark that we get scared?

Adam Santo (The interview has been updated and placed on my website. ) Well, I wouldn't say scared. This trilogy is dark because of elements within the story. Paranormal events, the fact that Sally is a zombie, and various other situations make this novel suspenseful. I'll offer an excerpt in my next post.
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Robert Rumery In your opinion : What is the difference between Fantasy and Dark Fantasy?

Adam Santo Excerpt from Temperature: Bitter Cold Commotion of a perverted circus sideshow danced in her wake. Feet dragged, arms reached out in an incongruous bear hug, and groaning from partially formed lungs filled the stagnant air as all paraded comically behind Sally. She did not find anything funny about it right then. Strings to her soul were being tugged at by unspoken words; they were back in head singing sweetly to turn back. ‘Stay’ and ‘Join us’ were strongest in her mind – so strong that she considered listening. It terrified her to be lulled so easily and spurred her to seek out an exit quickly.
High pitched shrieks came echoing down the hall from denying them her return. In the distance, sounds of bones snapping and forced grunts of fighting floated her way. It meant they survived the fall, too, and now carved a path to her.
That’s all I need, she thought of breaking into a full run, but worried she might miss a side passage leading out of this carnival for the damned. Sally could not tell if bad luck or karma led this chase, My plate’s already full with the dead rising up. Any living person wanting me will have to take a number and have a seat. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the dimness of the tunnel to make out darker crevasses that might be side tunnels. I don’t remember doing anything so terrible to piss off karma this bad.
Now and again dust billowed out from the pocks in earthen walls. Dead woke to her call unasked and unwanted to stand against her foes. If they could just tell her how to get out after tumbling out of their endless slumber, she would welcome them with open arms. They told her nothing and she wished they had stayed dead. Cuffed as she was, Sally ran around each blind corner; mystified and appalled by her unwelcome fortune to find help when no one else could do it for her.

Adam Santo Robert: For me fantasy falls under a brightly light world where things can go bad for the main character. Dark Fantasy involves elements of horror (i.e. Dracula or vampires, zombies, and the like).

Adam Santo Dark fantasy isn't as easy a subject to narrow down.

Shah Fazli Thanks, Adam, tell us about your characters in one of your books please, in a way that we get to know them and even like them if possible?

Adam Santo Speaking of Dracula, if you take the time to read Bram Stoker's version it isn't as scary as some might think. However, this novel is labeled horror because of vampires and the fact that they are undead.

Catherine Mahoney Not a professional but as in Adam's book, he has supernatural, dark creatures and thrills based on mythology and other topics. Interesting question

Catherine Mahoney seems to answer somewhat the question

How to Write Dark
Writing anything is difficult. Writing a fantasy is more difficult. But you want to go even further to a dark fantasy, read this article!

Adam Santo Sally is the main character we follow throughout the trilogy. She can be head-strong at times, but knows when to relent if she is in over her head. She finds a strange new world unfold in front of her as Bocnic, her friend and mentor, tries to show her how to handle being a zombie (truly undead). Sally learns that dying isn't all that it is cracked up to be. She isn't completely dead from the get-go; she is dying slowly after being reanimated.

Shah Fazli Thanks, very interesting, tell us about a scene please, I am sure you remember quite a lot of scenes from your book, but a few would stand out in your memory?

Catherine Mahoney Your tale was complex, with twists and moral lessons in-between the pages, So you could say dark Fantasy is a battle of the consciousness of right and wrong consequences? yes or no?

Robert Rumery What is your favorite author and book by said author?

Adam Santo In Temperature: Bitter Cold I enjoyed Sally meeting a Grim Reaper for the first time. The experience for her was very unique I think.

Adam Santo Robert: Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series is a favorite. Another would be Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series.

Robert Rumery Wheel of time.. Very nice!

Adam Santo Robert: The second author's series has twelve books surrounding a single event. Each book a different God (Death, Fate, War, and so on).

Adam Santo Catherine Mahoney: At this point the story is in a freefall between good and evil. People are being pulled in many directions for both sides. A simple yes or no can't be enough of an answer.

Adam Santo Catherine Mahoney: On a moral level - each character fights for what they believe, so with that in mind I'd say yes.

Shah Fazli What do you like about writing dark fantasy in particular please?

Adam Santo I like to write fantasy in general. Some of the things I have planned aren't exactly dark. A ghost story or two still might fall under horror, but I'm looking to expand my horizons in the coming years.

Robert Rumery How is writing fantasy different from writing horror?

Adam Santo Robert: Horror can be many things when gore or certain characters are introduced. Straight fantasy doesn't always have demons chrashing the party. Evil people, but not of an unknown kind.

Robert Rumery Who are some of the people that influence your writing style?

Adam Santo Robert Rumery: Two I've already mentioned. I particularly enjoyed Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. Those first few novels inspired me to write in the manner I did. Some have left reviews about my first book needing to be a movie; well, I thought the same thing of his books.

Shah Fazli What is your advice to new writers please, what should they do or not do?

Adam Santo Believe. If nothing else believe in yourself. Writing is a lonely career where the only people you talk to sometimes are those in your head. Questioning why you've decided to tackle such a large literary monster as becoming an author will be answered after the manuscript is complete. Knowing someone is enjoying your wild ride of a tale will keep you moving forward - one keystroke at a time.

Catherine Mahoney Wow, such inspiring motivation Adam, and Robert thank you for being the host, interesting conversation.

Shah Fazli It was such a pleasure Adam, thanks so much for your time. Others can ask questions if they want.

ShahSight Literary Book Shop: Ocean's Fury Adam

Catherine Mahoney You gentlemen know that Mr. Shah would like to take these events and post into a book, would you agree to that proposal?

Adam Santo Thank you for having me here.

Adam Santo Sure.

Catherine Mahoney Welcome, there is a post blog with interview and bookstore, please come back any time.

Catherine Mahoney I also heard from a little birdie, Authors to Watch may be looking for guests, with Tricia, wonderful host interviewing, let me know, will contact and see if there is a spot for you, Adam and Robert

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