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Brian Bigelow

Shah Fazli

Brian Bigelow, Thank you so much for joining Spotlight, please introduce yourself to our audience, and tell us the title of your book?

Brian Bigelow The Sea Witch.

Neal James What's the book about, Brian?

Brian Bigelow I live in Colorado Springs, CO with my wife Brandy. She and I now live in an empty nest which is great.

Brian Bigelow The book is about a man who was abusive which is where the story begins. He makes a major change in his life and goes off in another direction. He actually becomes a decent human being.

Shah Fazli What motivated you to write this book, there must be a reason?

Brian Bigelow It was a memory from my past as I used to be Timothy. I hoped that it would reach others that are like I was.

Shah Fazli How is the book taken by others, what do people say about it, why did you entitle it The Sea Witch?

Brian Bigelow Why its called The Sea Witch is its the name of the boat he makes a new life on out in the Caribbean. He left everything behind that was a part of his life. Actually, I've been told the book is interesting.

Shah Fazli It is interesting, can you introduce a few characters in the book please?

Brian Bigelow Timothy is the main character, he's about 40 and he used to own a moving company in Denver.
In the Caribbean he meets Cherise who moves on to the boat with him.
A love affair does ensue between the two and they become a couple.

Shah Fazli What happens then, does it become a love story, or no, other things follow and the book becomes something else?

Brian Bigelow Around the middle the book becomes a love story. He saves her life for one is part of why a little later in the book. Things like that have a tendency to create a deeper connection between people.

Shah Fazli How do you classify your book, what genre?

Brian Bigelow I classify it as drama/sea adventure

Shah Fazli Thanks, can you describe one or two scenes for us, what happens and where it happens, who is there?

Brian Bigelow He wakes up to the divorce papers for one which happens in Denver at the house. His wife has left me and its the one event that hits him hard, he realizes what he's become and how he treated her. At this point he begins to make major changes.

Probably one of the most dramatic scenes would be when she was knocked overboard by the boom moving suddenly with a change in the wind. They just about ran aground on a reef, the boat was making better time than they expected. She's knocked overboard and gets pulled under. He stops the boat, dives in and saves her life.

Shah Fazli Thank you, can you read from your book for us please?

Brian Bigelow Quickly, he got the sail down completely then he grabbed a rope. One end he tied to the mast, double checking that it was securely fastened. He then attached the other end around himself and threw the excess into the ocean. The moment it landed on the water he dove in after it and began to search for her.
After getting close to where he had seen her last, he spotted her down a few fathoms. He immediately dove under the surface after gulping a big gasp of air. Through the undertow he made his way to where she was being taken away into deeper water. Just as he was reaching her he grabbed onto her pants waist. Then he loosened the rope tied around his waist and looped it one handed around the two of them. He then began to pull her towards the surface.
Even with both of his arms available it seemed to take all of his strength. Soon though, they had broken the surface. Timothy then began to pull Cherise the rest of the way to Sea Witch.
With an almost superhuman effort he pushed her up over the side onto the deck. Breathing heavily, he almost couldn't pull himself up. But finally he succeeded getting on the deck and rolling her onto her back. Then he began give her CPR, a series of quick chest compressions and breaths into her mouth. After about a minute a bunch of water came out of her mouth and she began to cough.
He fell down on the deck now totally exhausted from the effort he had just made. For a couple of minutes he stayed there, not moving at all. Then he opened his eyes and began to look at Cherise on the deck as she was lying on her back. She appeared to be looking at the top of the mast above her.

Shah Fazli Is the book a two character and sea story, or are there other people and places also involved?

Brian Bigelow There are two main characters and the main scene is the boat. They also visit many Caribbean islands so where they're at physically changes. Every last town is a real place and many places in the town are real also. You could almost use part of the book as a tour guide.

Shah Fazli Is it a very sad book, do we read a lot of sad moments, if yes, give us one or two examples please?

Brian Bigelow The main sad part is the opening. He overcomes his past and situations as they come up. I don't consider that sad in the least. Remember, he saved her life and they go on together from then on. It may be a dramatic event but the outcome is good.

Shah Fazli Yes, who do you think would read your book, do you have your target readers?

Brian Bigelow Someone like myself I guess would be probably a target market. Also, anyone the likes reading adventure stories.

Shah Fazli Thanks, do you remember what she tells him after being rescued, it must have been a very memorable moment for you to write, what are the exact words they say to each other?

Brian Bigelow They don't really say much but they do get married pretty soon after. There really isn't too many words for such types of events.

Shah Fazli That is right, tell us about one or two of their adventures in the Caribbean islands please?

Brian Bigelow A little bit after the wedding they go to a zoo. This parrot lands on Timothy and won't get off of him. Finally, Cherise gets one of the zoo keepers to help come take the bird away. I almost hate to say it but him getting beaten up by birds wings was a little funny.

The other was one where they dining at one of the restaurants. They were rather shocked to see Guinea Pig on the menu which really is on a lot of Caribbean restaurant menus. Not the tourist spots, the ones that the locals go to. Iguana is also big and Sea Turtle. After coming along some of that during my research some of it had to end up in the book.

Shah Fazli Thanks, what would be your message to those who read your book, and what is your writing tips to other writers?

Brian Bigelow Learn to live in peace at home, violence doesn't solve anything. If you don't like what you see in the mirror then change it.

My writing tip is to keep writing at least a minimum amount every day and never give up on your dreams.

Shah Fazli Thanks Brian for stopping by to answer our questions, such a joy. Hope to see on our show again.

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Brian Bigelow It was my pleasure and thank you having me here.


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