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Ashley Bazer

Shah Fazli

Ashley Bazer, Thank you so much for coming to Spotlight live, how much of you do we read in your book, of course you have written it, one thing, and if it is fantasy, we know you like writing fantasy, for instance, is your main character anything like you, in any possible way, if not tell us about your book and about yourself a little please?

Ashley Bazer Thanks for having me, Shah. It's a pleasure to be here. I write sci-fi (more specifically space opera). I've recently published ASYLUM with WestBow Press. It is part of a sci-fi series set in the Circeae System. WestBow is a self-publisher, but ASYLUM won a writing contest they sponsored, so I was able to publish free of charge! To answer your question, yes - there is a little part of me in all my characters. In ASYLUM, the two lead characters certainly come from different aspects of my personality. We have Captain Chase Leighton - strong, stubborn, and set-minded to get what he wants, and his wife Trista - innocent, sweet, and basically the damsel-in-distress. I have a theatrical background, so I love sweeping drama that takes you on an escape...and that's what I've written in ASYLUM.

Shah Fazli Thank you, OK now tell us why Sci-fi, not any other genre please?

Ashley Bazer Growing up, my dad loved sci-fi. He often told me about watching the very first broadcast of Star Trek. I also have two brothers (no sisters!) who were interested in sci-fi, so I guess it rubbed off. I also lived near the United States Air Force Academy, NORAD, and Space we had real-life space stuff going on all around us. Whil sci-fi might be a specific genre, it really is open to a multitude of possibilities. You might encounter a primative world, or one rife with technology that blows you away. There might be spiritual beings, or extraterrestrials. It's open to just about anything. :o)

Frank Creed Ash, how did you come to write space opera? Have you ever heard of

Ray Gun
“Eileen! Guess what!” Bertie threw his hat and jacket on the coatrack, dropped h...See More

Ashley Bazer Star Wars was a huge influence for me. I like how Lucas focused on the characters, relationships, and plot instead of the technology. In my writing, I start with the characters and go from there. Space opera just seemed a natural fit. And yes, I have heard of RGR, but it's been a while since I've visited. Thanks for the reminder! I'll have to check back in with them.

Shah Fazli It's a fascinating genre of course, what do we read in your book, can you name your Sci-fi elements please, stars, moon, ships?

Ashley Bazer I wanted a completely different universe, so I created a trinary star system that I named Circeae (pronounced SIR-see) which translates to "daughter of the sun." No specific meaning behind the translation. I just liked it. There are a number of planets and moons that surround the three stars. You can view a map by going to Of course, it's 2-D, but it gives you the basic idea. My characters do travel the system with starships. In ASYLUM, the most interesting of all is the Straightjacket - a prison ship for the criminally insane anchored on the outer boundaries of the system. I also use the wormhole concept, but in this universe, they are known as Pathways.

Check back soon for an updated, more exciting view of the Circeae System!

Shah Fazli What is ASYLUM about please?

Ashley Bazer ASYLUM is the story of Chase and Trista Leighton. They both serve the Ghosts - a band of people engaged in a cosmic battle with the overbearing government called the Progressive Legacy. Chase is wanted by the Legacy because he is Logia, a devout and gifted follower of the Ruler Prince (the deposed ruler of the system). Trista goes out on a mission which turns out to be an ambush. She's arrested and turned over to the Legacy's Experimental Medicine agency. Reid Terces is the doctor in charge, and he intends to change Trista's personality, removing her memories of Chase and the Ghosts, and turning her into a servant for Legacy purposes. She becomes Krissa and works as a computer analyst. The Ghosts first receive news that Trista has been executed, but then they learn of her true situation. Naturally, Chase tries to go after her, but he winds up in Legacy custody, along with his crew. They are all sentenced to the Straightjacket, despite their perfect mental health. After months of brutal treatment, the inmates of the Straightjacket riot. Just prior to this, Krissa boards the ship, assigned to fix the computers. She is taken prisoner by the other inmates. When Chase learns she is onboard, he finds himself in a struggle between reaching his wife and dealing with the identity the Legacy has created.

Shah Fazli Why ASYLUM, why not another title?

Ashley Bazer Asylum has a double meaning. We know the phrase "insane asylum" which can have a pretty bad connotation to it. The word is used for haunted houses and other frightening experiences. But it also is defined as a place of safety and refuge - a sanctuary. So with the Straightjacket experience, the word asylum came to mind. And of course, I'm all for happy endings. Without trying to spoil the ending for the readers, the main characters, following all the harrowing events, end up in a place of safety. They find their asylum. :o)

Shah Fazli Describe one or two scenes for us please, who is there and what happens?

Ashley Bazer One of my favorites scenes is shortly after the Ghosts have learned that Trista has been killed. The information is false, publicly broadcast by the Legacy in an effort to stun the Ghosts. Chase, being Trista's husband, is understandably devastated. He isolates himself, but the Ghosts wish to honor Trista with a memorial service. Chase's friends force him to attend. (The scene...) Following the service, Redic Clairet - the founder of the Ghost movement - visits with Chase aboard his starship (the Halcyon). They discuss the service, which leads into Redic sharing a bit of his story (takes place in a different book in the series). He can empathize with Chase because he lost his wife in a similar fashion. But he reminds Chase that vengeance does not belong to them. That he did not create the Ghosts as a way to get back at the Legacy for the evil they have created. Their purpose is to serve the Ruler Prince and restore goodness to the system.

Shah Fazli Thanks, can you read from ASYLUM for us please?

Ashley Bazer "I think you misunderstood the process, Mr. Leighton. This isn't a trial. It's a sentencing. You are a criminal, plain and simple. You forfeit any rights when you choose such a path." The judge stared at him as he pressed a button affixed to his desk. A red light under the screen indicated that his words were now being recorded for the official transcript. "The Legacy has recently instituted a new rehabilitation program. You will receive treatments, and if your behavior progresses, you may earn free time and perhaps, someday, release. Mr. Leighton, you are hereby, for an indefinite amount of time, sentenced to the Straightjacket, the Legacy's new prison ship for the criminally insane."

Chase's jaw dropped as panic lit fire through his chest. "I am not--"

"The doctors will, as stated previously, administer treatments at their discretion in hopes of rehabilitating you to proper citizen status."

Terror tumbled through Chase's head, sending the room spinning. He jerked on his chains, knowing it was a futile effort. They couldn't do this, could they? It was unjust. It was cruel. It was the Legacy. "Your honor--"

"When they feel you can and will comply with Legacy standards, your sentence will be reevaluated. Court officers, remove the criminal and escort him to prison transport," the judge ordered.

"You can't do this!" Chase shouted as two Zeniths grabbed his elbows. "I'm not insane!"

The judge's lips turned up in a callous and cruel smile. Chase could see the malice in his eyes. The red light faded back into the wall. "By the time they are done with you, you will be," the judge said before the Bands screen fizzled to black.

Shah Fazli Thank you so much, is the story to do anything with the earth, and us human beings, or it is just there, what do your characters look like?

Ashley Bazer My characters are human. I haven't dabbled with aliens. :o) And while some planets in the Circeae system have earth-like qualities, there is no relation to the reality we know. I use a 24 hour day cycle, a 365 day some of the things familiar to us are used, but it's not intended to be drawn from previous or future earthlings. :o)

Shah Fazli We have another event coming up, and it was a wonderful one hour time with you, such a pleasure, thank you so much.

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Ashley Bazer The pleasure was mine. Thank you, Shah, for supporting authors in such a great way! :o)

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