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Spotlight -- Virginia McKevitt

Shah Fazli
Virginia McKevitt, Wonderful to see you on Spotlight, so what do you have for us at the start of this event, anything about yourself, about your book, anything that you want us to know please?

Virginia McKevitt First, thank you for having me. Well I live in the mountains of Georgia and I am a writer of fantasy.

Shah Fazli Why did you choose to write fantasy, is it not because you love to live in the mountains?

Virginia McKevitt Lol, no, it is because I have a vivid imagination and always have. Make believe never left home.

Shah Fazli What do we read in Fracture, give us an overall idea of what this book is about please?

Virginia McKevitt Fracture is set in two worlds. Our present day and another world alongside ours. An assassin has been sent to our world to hunt and kill a clan of women who feed off of the memories of others. He encounters Kristina in our world and his life and hers is changed forever.

Shah Fazli Do you think everybody has got a different kind of fantasy, how did you come up with this idea please?

Virginia McKevitt Kristina's parents are killed by the Couton, the women our assassin is looking for. There meeting is not by chance and it sets off a series of events that exposes who Kristina really is.

Shah Fazli Do you think everybody has got a different kind of fantasy, how did you come up with this idea please?

Virginia McKevitt I think everybody has a fantasy of somekind and for different reasons. Some people want to escape the real world, some want to embellish what they are missing and some want to write about their adventures and share their worlds.

Shah Fazli Do you know why did you write this book, what motivated you please?

Virginia McKevitt I actually started this book in my twenties but life pushed it to the back burner. Marriage, work and a new baby was more at hand, then after Hurricane Katrina and two moves a little further north I found the manuscript and finished it, weel almost. It is a series.

Shah Fazli What was the actual reason behind entitling it Fracture, any particular reason please?

Virginia McKevitt There is. Fracture takes a deeper look past a fairy tail and into the lives of several people who are thrown together in one common goal. Fight an enemy and conquor their inner demons at the same time. Each character in the book has a torn life of somekind and how they go through this journey changes who they are.

Shah Fazli Thanks, so tell us please who Kristina really is?

Virginia McKevitt I can't give away all of her secrets but she is one of two main characters. She has lived all of her life seeing another world. A world of kingdoms and magic. Growing up she has been told her imagination is to wild and starts to push these visions away until she meets Tegrin. Their encounter and the murder of her parents rejuvinates her memories among other things that happen to her.

Shah Fazli Can you describe one scene of your book for us in your own words that you really like, please?

Virginia McKevitt I have more than one but there is a scene where Kristina is in the other world and she first realizes her feelings for Tegrin who is also fighting the same battle.

Shah Fazli That is brilliant, tell us a little more about Fracture, anything that you want us to hear, please, it is exciting?

Virginia McKevitt The book has something for every reader, action, drama, romance and the characters are real to life. A lot of people who have read Fracture say that is one of the things they like. The characters are believable even for a fantasy.

Shah Fazli How do your characters travel from one place to another, you know we normal human beings take trains, or planes, how do they travel?

Virginia McKevitt The title sets the stage. There is a fracture in the mountains of Georgia that seperates our world from the other world. It is usually flooded and impassable at only certain times and has been hidden from our world and only a few from the other. When it is found out we are in trouble.

Shah Fazli Thanks, now read from your book for us please?

Virginia McKevitt The sight of Tegrin entering the city, followed by a wagon of corpses, rippled through the crowded streets like a wave. With each strike of Maketi’s hooves the town’s people cleared a wide path. They stood huddled together in fear, staring at the gruesome parade as it passed them by.
The impressive animal inhaled filling his lungs with air. His large black eyes moved over the crowd. He could smell their fear around him and it excited him. He shook his head and snorted.
The crowd backed away even further. Maketi was as formidable as his master and they wanted no part of him. His powerful hooves could kill in a single blow and he had no patience for any but Tegrin.
Tegrin tightened his powerful thighs against Maketi’s sides, telling him to calm down and the horse resumed his steady pace to the amphitheater in front of the palace.
Tegrin never made a sound or looked at the crowd. He wanted this moment to be etched in their memories forever. The citizens of Patwain would never forget this day and when they traveled through the countryside. Neither would the other inhabitants of his world.
Ahmor could feel the sweat trickle down his face. It dripped from the tip of his nose and onto his arms then the seat of the wagon. It seemed he could feel the eyes of every resident of the city burning a hole in his back. He stayed focused on the horse and rider in front of him, his hands on the reigns so tight that it hurt.
He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the empty amphitheater ahead. Soon they would be inside the gates of the palace and away from the prying eyes of the town.
The amphitheater was large in scope and was elevated so that one could see a performance from any vantage point. It sloped at the street entrance so that props and sets could be brought in by wagon.
Ahmor’s heart dropped when he realized they were heading into the center of the theater. When they reached the middle Tegrin moved in alongside of the wagon.
“Unharness the horses and send them to the stables. Wait for me here.” His face was hard and emotionless. “Do not let anyone near the wagon.”
Tegrin turned Maketi towards the palace gates and was gone. Ahmor stepped down from the wagon. He did not want the crowd to think he was weak or afraid so he made no attempt to hurry. Once the horses were loosed he signaled for a guard to come and get them then he stood with his arms folded across his chest staring at the crowd.
Tegrin stopped Maketi in front of the Hall of Kings and slid to the ground. He walked up the steps yelling over his shoulder at the waiting stallion.
“Behave yourself this time or the king is going to put you in the field with the pigs.”
Maketi shook his head and snorted then trotted off somehow knowing that would not be an easy task. Tegrin grinned in spite of the dower circumstances. It would be quite a feat to try and get that animal to do something he did not want to do.
Tegrin entered the long hall lined with the statues of kings great and not so great. This was one of the first accomplishments of the then new king. His father had shown him drawings of a great city by the Dovence` River, where his kingdom would flourish and grow.
The young prince would listen for hours to his father’s plans and hoped that one day he would help him build his dreams, but his father was never able to fulfill his visions.
When Yorandt was nineteen years old his mother and father were killed in a carriage accident. He was left to rule an empire. He embraced his father’s vision and soon Patwain was no longer a dream but a reality.
Yorandt’s greatest achievement however, was not a city, but his alliance with the Lion Clan after his father’s death. The fear and respect they carried, made him a powerful ruler in his world. Their loyalty to the king is the stuff that legends are made of. His most loyal and faithful is Tegrin.
Tegrin entered onto the balcony where King Yorandt was waiting.
“You have returned with success my friend?”
“Almost Sire. There is one more who must pay the price for his loose tongue. Gordain, who has had the honor of being a trusted member of the Guard Elite, is the one who has allowed this to happen.”
“Are you sure of this Tegrin?”
Tegrin’s voice carried no emotion, “Yes Your Majesty. Natiana told me before she died.”
Yorandt felt the blood drain from his face. It was well known of the relationship that Tegrin had with Natiana. He started to speak.
“You do not have to say anything Your Majesty. May I finish my mission?”
“Yes Tegrin. Finish it.”
Tegrin bowed. “When I return, I will have news of the other world to share with you.”
Before the king could answer, he was gone. Yorandt walked to the balcony edge and looked down below. A dark play had already unfolded. Act one had set the scene for the main character. Act two was about to begin.
It took only minutes for Tegrin to reach Gordain’s living quarters. He pulled open the front doors that led into a large room whose focal point was a grand pool. The older Guardian was taking a relaxing dip in the cool water while four Couton women lounged in sofas surrounding the pool.
“Leave us!” Tegrin rumbled.
The women scrambled to their feet and fled the room. Gordain was no fool. He sensed this was not a friendly visit but he told himself to remain calm. He lifted himself from the pool and reached for his robe.
“Tegrin, my friend, what brings you into my home unexpected and ill tempered?”
“You have betrayed your king, my friend. The women of the Couton clan know of the other world because of your loose tongue. They have hunted and killed there because they cannot control their hunger.” Tegrin stepped closer.
“Did you not miss Serina? She has been gone from your harem for several days. I know you have plenty to keep you busy, but was she not your favorite?”

Shah Fazli Thanks a lot for your time, and it was a pleasure, sorry that we have run out of time, hope to see you again.

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Virginia McKevitt You are welcome and sorry for the mishaps.

Shah Fazli It's facebook, it can happen. We really enjoyed it. Thank you very much.

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The Secret Enemy Saga:"Two Worlds,One Destiny"

Virginia McKevitt Thank you for having me.


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