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Spotlight - ‎J.w. Smith

Shah Fazli
J.w. Smith, Welcome on Spotlight, how do you want to start with this event, do you want to say something unique about yourself, something different, it can be anything, we want to know what you think about yourself, not what others know about you, if that is all right please?

J.w. Smith I am a father of three two beautiful daughters and a Son.

Shah Fazli What is No Love Lost about, do you have any personal connection to the story apart from the fact that you have written it?

J.w. Smith No Love Lost is a novel written directly about my past.

Shah Fazli Do you want to say something about your past, what was going on in your life in the past?

J.w. Smith It's about a young man growing up in the urban society of life and transitioning into a Man of God.

Shah Fazli What do you mean by a Man of God, did you become religious, is that what your book is about, about God and religion?

J.w. Smith It's a novel depicting the character of a man trapped in Los Angeles gang life and parents that were into drugs, leaving me no sense of direction in life. Later in life, my failures became my the stepping stone of truth for this manuscript.

Shah Fazli How did you start with this novel, tell us about where exactly the first scene happened, in the house where you lived, or is it something totally different?

J.w. Smith It Started in the household I was raised in. When my parents divorced at a very young age for me, it left me thirsty for some guidance. The streets became available, as the need to be excepted by someone or group came into play.

Shah Fazli Describe the main character for us, how is he like, and how does he look like, tall, black eyes, thin, like you have described him in the book please?

J.w. Smith The manuscript No Love Lost was written. with the intent on bringing the street lifestyle and pressures endured by the younger up and coming young men, to watch out for. When we have a youth from a single family home and there's more kids, parent working to survive,the child will most likely, follow his /her peers.

J.w. Smith Lil Jay was the main character. He's tall, about 6'3 and muscle built with a six pack, smooth mocha chocolate skin.

Shah Fazli What happens in the book, are there a lot of abuses, fights, who else is there in the book as your main characters?

J.w. Smith At a young age my father was a real ladies man. My mother on several occasions caught my him in nearby motels with other woman and always caused a scene of catastrophe. My sisters and I were always drug along on the Journey, until drastically on one particular situation, the woman was murdered and mama was lead away in handcuffs. We were separated as kids and I began a life of street general at the tender age of 13.

Shah Fazli So how have you integrated those realities of your life into this novel, was it easy for you to write, for instance what would happen in the motel if you had to write such a scene?

J.w. Smith These scenes are all in the book. It stirred up alot of past emotion in me, to be able to have to relive some of the more unpredictable moments in my life. Although, later in life it was used as the mild stone for greatness.

Shah Fazli Can you read from your book for us please?

J.w. Smith Grit and Grind was the mentality that Lil Jay grew up with. Corrupted by the fierce streets of Los Angeles, he eagerly became the product of his environment. Being a part of the "elite" club of upscale hustler'$ known to streets as "Ballerquot;, Jay needing that guidance while wanting to be accepted and respected, considered it to be the life.

J.w. Smith Ms. Barbara opened the refrigerator door and peeked inside as if she hadn't heard a word ma had muttered. Ma hurriedly ran into the kitchen, shut the refrigerator door, and looked Ms. BARBARA in the face. "BITCH" are you fucking my husband?" She screamed. This time the tone in her voice had escalated from zero to ten in one breath.

Shah Fazli What would be your message at the end of this interview, as we are running out of time, I am afraid, do you have anything to say in the end? And if you have a trailer about your book, please post it here for us?

J.w. Smith I would just like for the readers to Know this manuscript was written to inspire the youth of today and bring us as parents into awareness. Thanks For joining me today in my interview with Mr. Shah Fazli, Its been fun and a great experience for me to make connection with the fans, friends and avid readers who support great novels.

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Shah Fazli Thank you so much Smith for your time. Please visit:

This novel is a fast paced, high riveting love tale that every avid reader will
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Shah Fazli

This novel is a fast paced, high riveting love tale that every avid reader will
enjoy reading. Below is the movie trailer link on youtube.

J.w. Smith Thanks for having me and if we aren't friends, send me a friend request.

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