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Spotlight - ‎Frank A. Ruffolo

Shah Fazli
Frank A. Ruffolo, Hello, and thanks for joining Spotlight, before I ask you about The Falcon's Canticle, we want to know how you take your everyday life, for instance, do you love to cook food, watch TV, listen to the news, what makes you very busy in a day?

Frank A. Ruffolo I do all the cooking, love gardening and writing; TV not so much

Shah Fazli Thanks, now tell us about your book, what is this book about?

Frank A. Ruffolo It is about a planned terror attack on Our Nations capital, but I tried to let my readers know that terrorists can come in all shapes and sizes and not from a person we would consider to be a terrorist. It shows how my main character must balance his love of family for his love of country, while protecting the U.S.

Frank A. Ruffolo It is book two of a three part trilogy title "The Trihedral of Chaos"

Shah Fazli You said you love to write and do gardening, tell us how many hours do you do writing, and how many hours gardening, which one do you enjoy the most and why?

Frank A. Ruffolo I am currently editing and writing three books. I try to write at least two or three chapters per day. It allows me to keep up with the voices in my head. Gardening I leave to about two days a week. It is very hot in South Florida too hot to be out there everyday. Writing is my passion, gardening is my hobby. I am a storyteller that is why I write.

Shah Fazli Now, tell us about your story in the book a little bit more, please, what happens there, what is the role of the main characters, what do they do to save US, are they soldiers, working for secret services, or they are normal American citizens?

Frank A. Ruffolo
I established a Federal Agency the FSA federal security agency which works with local governments in time of crisis. My main Character Steve Ciccone is widower veteran from the Vietnam War, a sniper. Worked in the NYPD on A SWAT team and was semi reitired working or Homeland Security. He was recruited to the FSA, met a new wife, retiired from the FSA be was brought back as a consultant. The main antagonizer is a sleeper cell terrorist working as a nanny for a prominent US Senator, incognito. Her target is the National Archives Building to destroy the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. With the help of a rouge Israeli agent Steve and the members of the FSA with local authorities must stop this attack.

Shah Fazli You said you are writing and editing three more books, can you tell us their names, and briefly what they are all about?

Frank A. Ruffolo
The book I am editing is a murder mystery "The Shadow of Death" It takes place it Fort Lauderdale. Det. Jack Stenhouse must determine how a beautiful young women found buried on Fort Lauderdale beach was killed from the bite of a Black Mamba. This snake is only found in Africa. This tale weaves in and out of the Fine art scene of Los Olas Blvd. into the gutter of international porn and child trafficking. The Second Book is a sequel to my murder mystery. Jack and his stripper girlfriend DiDi, her name describes her assets, move to New York City where Jack is now a Detective for the 1st precinct. He must now stop a serial killer influenced by the feast of Saturnalia. This book is titled the Saturnalian Affect. The third book is a sequel to my first novel "Gabriel's Chalice". It is tilted "Michael's Sword" . What I can say about this story is a large Asteroid is going to hit the Earth....will it be stopped and how???

Shah Fazli Thanks, you mentioned terrorists in The Falcon's Canticle, describe them in detail please, what kind of people are they, and how many of your characters play that role?

Frank A. Ruffolo
the main terrorist is Risa Rashjani born in the United Arab Emirates and recruited by Al Qaida. She is trained as an explosives expert and is posing as a nanny and personal assistant to a prominent US Senator.Her alias is Lisa Thomas. She receives a coded message for the attack and must acquire the materials to construct a bomb. She enlists a local man disillusioned by the federal government's role in his families loss of their farm. Rick Collins embittered my his parents suicide supplies Risa with the Ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel she needs. Moshe Saban a rouge agent of Mossad, tracks down Risa from his undercover activity in Iran to Florida to Virginia to Washington DC. Will He and Steve succeed???

Shah Fazli Do you want to read a few lines from your book for us please?

Frank A. Ruffolo Sure coming up

Frank A. Ruffolo
‎"General, it’s Moshe. It's going down this morning. Risa Rashjani is posing as Lisa Thomas, an employee of Senator Lewis. She is driving his black motor coach into Washington via Route 29. I couldn't try to stop her, as the coach has bulle
tproof glass. I’m posing as a police officer and noticed the glass when I pulled her over. I also noticed that she’s wearing a headband, which is wired. I believe she has a mercury switch in the band. If her head drops, it will probably set off explosives. Let the FBI know. They can’t let her into Washington, because the collateral damage from any explosion will be great. I’m going to let the Charlottesville police know what's going on. Oh, by the way, I think she blew up the Senator's house."
Moshe shuts off his cell phone and gets on the police radio in the cruiser.
"I have an all points alert. My name is Moshe Saban from Mossad, and I have commandeered Officer Reilly’s cruiser. You will find him halfway up Lewis Mountain Circle, handcuffed inside a Dodge pickup truck off the side of the road and down an embankment. Risa Rashjani, whom you may know as Lisa Thomas, is driving Senator Lewis' motor coach to Washington, D.C. The coach is loaded with 1,500 pounds of ammonium nitrate fuel oil bombs. She plans to blow up your National Archives. I will follow her in your cruiser. Do not try to stop her. She has a kill switch, and she can blow up that bus at any time. Fifteen hundred pounds of ANFO will level a city block. If she thinks anything is wrong, she will self-destruct. I will keep you posted on her position, so keep everyone off the roads. Oh, she blew up the Senator's house."

Shah Fazli Thanks, do you want to give some tips to people who are new to writing, please?

Frank A. Ruffolo Write down everything and anything. I write like as if I am telling a story, So tell your story. Do not be afraid to rewrite.Your storyline will change as your characters develop. EDIT EDIT EDIT and be prepared for rejection.....GOOD LUCK and Shah it has been great thanks

Shah Fazli Thank you much, and we enjoyed your time, hope to see you soon. Visit: http://shahsightshop.blogspot.de/2012/09/the-falcons-canticle-frank-ruffolo.html

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Frank A. Ruffolo grazie


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