Thursday, 19 July 2012

Interpreter: Author Interview: Talun Thomas

Shah Sight
Talun Thomas, Let us thank you for being our guest this evening on our talk show. You may want to say something to our audience at the start of this show?

Talun Thomas Hello thanks for having me. I hope to shed light on my book "That Which Way"

Shah Sight Tell us about your book please we would love to hear about it, this whole show is to know about our guests' works?

Talun Thomas I have written a book based on actual events. A young boy in 1978 was witnessed being pulled into the waters of Lake Erie by a spirit deity. The reason for the abduction was then unclear; the releasing of the boy after being held thirty minutes underwater began what is the greatest crusade in history.
In the beginning a God created the heavens and the third planet from our sun called Earth. What if the information translated and placed within what is known today as the Holy Scriptures of the Bible was altered to accomplish an ulterior agenda? Spirits do walk among us and they affect our lives daily. There are those of us that have direct contact with they who make the three a.m. hour more than a time to open a gateway between their world and ours. With what has been revealed, we no longer need to question could there be life after death, we now need to worry will there be life after a second angelic war.
“That Which Way” is a non-fiction story; its contents are disturbing and reveal secrets. It is complete at 114,088 words but does not follow traditional pathways for novels. This book is fresh, new and full of meaningful insights into a world that we once thought was already discovered.

Shah Sight Thanks. Amy Garcia Walker is here she might ask you questions. Please tell us why did you decide to write this book, what message do you have in it, and who do you think would be your audience?

Talun Thomas It is spiritually inspired and it was asked of me to tell the truth about what took place in heaven that started the most lamentable war in all history. The entire human race must know the information held within the pages of this book. I view it as a reliable bible that we should have had long ago.

Shah Sight Can you read a few lines of your book for us please?

Talun Thomas Even though they could use polymorphism to be either male or female on earth, King Yahweh wanted the one named Lilith to prove she alone could submit to a higher authority and so summoned her.
Lilith was the unsanctioned leader of the group, and so was asked if she alone wanted to be responsible for the fates of her sisters. Lilith, however, was unable, to date, to be submissive and her defiance would not allow her or her fellow Femora to dwell within the Triads.
“May I speak freely?” she asked unto King Yahweh.
“You may.” He replied.
“Why is it, My Father, that we are being punished for being Femora? Why is it that I feel other spirit creatures fearing us? I wish to be equal among my brothers.”
King Yahweh replied, “You, yourself, have spoken the answer to your very question.
You were made too powerful, too wise and too bold. Now that you understand what it means to be a complete Femora and not just a vision of one, you would not consider yourselves equal; you could never be able to submit to any authority. My intentions were to make you the weaker vessel. You have become the greater.
I do not desire to destroy what I had created, so I placed you alive within the Circalus’ until you can prove yourself capable of submission, as all others in my Kingdom must be.
I have a task for you, and if you succeed, I will restore you and your sisters’ ranking, allowing you to return to your birthplace and live amongst us all once again. Do your sisters choose you to represent them?”
“Yes, King Yahweh, they do.”

Shah Sight You said, "It has come to my attention that some followers believe that this book is a matter of opinion. If it were not based on fact. If it were not based on truth, I would never have written it." What do you mean by that?

Talun Thomas Opinion is a work of fiction. I would not write a comic book or give information that did not come from a source outside of my own power. The puzzel pieces fit together in such a way that the book cannot be refuted.

Shah Sight Why do you think so many people like this book already, and who do you think those people are?

Talun Thomas People are tired of the same stale message. The Bible has shown no hope for mankind. The words kill slain murder and so forth are shown 354 times throughout the Bible and are all directly related to God. The God that so many wanted to believe in. A conspiracy so big that 21 billion spirit creatures chose death over serving the wrong God has taken place. People want to be on the right side even at their own demise. It is what makes us human.

Shah Sight Talun, this is amazing stuff, really. When would the book come out, and where do you see your book in the future? What do you hope for this book?

Talun Thomas This book is not for the light hearted or those that rather be fed from the pulpit. It is said that before the end of the Common Era or man’s days arrive that religion must fall. I hope this information from this book brings an end to all religion. God has hidden a tragic occurrence from not only us as humans but his spirit creations as well. We do not die with the flesh but are conscious memories do. We must pay fast attention and take action. My hope for this book is to open the eyes of those blinded and to finally restore equipoise to a broken system. No more death and sickness that has been allowed by God. It is not and never will be about money. It is about the truth.

Shah Sight We are enjoying this, but I am afraid, this will be the last question for this interview. Give us a few links to where we can find you or That Which Way?

Talun Thomas

"That Which Way"
A true story of how one man reveals the most lamentable religious conspiracy ever conceived. In 1978 a child was pulled into the waters of Lake Erie. He was kept alive while under the water and fed information about what really took place in biblical history and what his role was and now is. "That W...

Shah Sight Thanks, it's been a joy to have you with us on our live talk show. See you soon.


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  2. Talun Thomas is an amazing writer, I have read The Definitive Gray. I highly recommend for people to read this. Take time to understand what is said. I believe what Talun Thomas has written.