Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Interpreter

My name is Shabir Khan, I am from Kabul, and I work for the American NATO forces in the Sangin district of Helmand, as an interpreter. Mullah Aslam is the Taliban leader, who was born in Helmand, and was a Gulbidin Hekmatyar's Jihadi commander before joining the Taliban.

When I live in Kabul, I study and join a sport club, but when the Taliban take over Kabul, I am taken to jail and tortured for a month. We sell our house and shops in Kabul and leave for Moscow.

Now, back in Helmand, I listen to Mullah Aslam and his men chatter over the ICOM. I fear that Aslam is the commander who put me in jail, and tried to kill me. I am after the truth about Mullah Aslam, Mullah Aslam sees me as a traitor and infidel, and he is after me.

Until one day when I encounter a Taliban checkpoint, and I come face to face with Aslam and his men. I fire the first bullet at them, when they fire thousands back at me and my interpreter and childhood friend, Sami. In the cover of a stone, I and Sami fire the rest of our bullets and keep one bullet each.

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