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The Interpreter: Author Interview: Candy Little

Shah Sight
Candy Little, Welcome to our show, and also to our site, we are really excited to have you with us today, please add to this excitement by saying something about yourself or anything else that you may want to say at the start of this interview, before we ask you about your works?

Candy Little Sorry I hit the wrong button!!

Shah Sight Just carry on please, we would love to know about you, no worries, tell us about yourself please?

Candy Little Well, my life is a little boring. I'm a wife and mother of 2 adult kids. I've been subbing for the public schools and work with kids with learning disabilities and autism.

Candy Little I started writing about 12 years ago.

Candy Little My writing career started a little different than most. I lost my third child, she was stillborn. The nurse suggested I keep a journal to help with the grieving process. After a few years I decided to turn my sorrow into my first romance novel.

Shah Sight And that romance starts from where in your life or your characters' lives and where does it end, tell us please how you have related your personal grief to your story, or how does it fit into your characters' lives, how was it for you to write such a story?

Candy Little Unforgiving Ghosts is my first novel. I named my character after my daughter, Megan. I have her go through the pain and sorrow I was feeling. But I made Megan run away from the situation. I made her do the opposite of me. I had her bury the pain and not talk about. She tries to pretend it didn't happen. When the pain and memories get too strong, she runs away to Santa Barbara.

Candy Little Now I have never had a problem talking about my daughter and I cry all the time. Burying the pain is not how I deal with it. But I didn't want my character to BE me.

Candy Little Writing about the pain in the form of my character was great therapy.

Candy Little I went through the sorrow from a different perspective.

Candy Little I wasn't ready to face the pain head on by doing a memoir, but a romance novel felt like dealing with the sistuation from a third POV.

Shah Sight Well, Candy, now there is tears in my eyes as well, and I was about to say that you have done a great job in creating such characters who carry out your pain, maybe, far, far away from you as the time goes by. And what is your next book about?

Candy Little once I wrote mt first book, I was hooked and couldn't quit writing.

Candy Little Actually the next book coming out is Unforgiving Ghosts. I had The Unwilling Bride come out first but it was the third novel I'd written.

Candy Little Sorry, I made you cry but I'm not sad. If God hadn't taken my Megan I would never have started writing. God uses EVERYTHING for good!!

Shah Sight Candy, will you please read a few lines of the book that carries out your feelings, we would love to also feel your feelings in the lines that you have written in your book?

Candy Little Death By Broken Heart is a novella that I wrote in 2008. My writer's group was doing an anthology called Small Towns. So I wrote a mystery that takes place in my town. However, I still got some romance in there.

Candy Little Okay, give me sec to find a part.

Candy Little This is the opening of the novel. Don't think anything could express my feelings more!! Megan’s heart burst into tiny fragments. The dark clouds loomed overhead as if mocking her. The gray, dreary day seemed an indication of her mood. The bright balloons waving solemnly in the wind looked out of place against the field of gray stones. The silver mylar balloon with ‘Happy Birthday’ inscribed in bold letters further aggravated her misery. Serving only to remind her of the birthdays missed. The parties never thrown, gifts that wouldn’t be unwrapped, cake not eaten, but mostly the absent of the candle marking another year.

Shah Sight Wow, it is really beautiful, thanks for reading it for us, Candy. I bit all your readers are tearful by starting and ending your books, it really touched me, tell us about what your readers say about your writing, please?

Candy Little I have strong characters and I'm good with dialogue.

Candy Little Most people also comment on descriptive I am.

Candy Little ‎*how* descriptive. LOL!!

Shah Sight Thanks, what kind of books do you read yourself, for instance, what are you reading now, and tell us if reading other books has influenced your own writing, if yes, which books and which authors?

Candy Little I have always loved reading romances. I like some mysteries too but usually cozy mysteries that have less violence in them. I just finished a cozy mystery by LeeAnn Sweeny (I think). To be honest I haven't had much time to read.

Candy Little My favorite author is Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. She started the whole historical romance genre back in the 70's

Candy Little My historical was inspired by her. But my ideas come from God. He's the one who directed me down this path.

Shah Sight In your own book which you call a romance, can you tell us a little bit more what happens there, for instance, how do your characters come face to face, where do they meet first, in a college, in a park, where, and maybe you can tell us a little bit more about it, we would love to know more, please?

Candy Little The Unwilling Brides open with Caitlin climbing down a tree, trying to escape because her parents have arranged a marriage. She almost kids killed but her brother is there to save her. Dillon comes to dinner and that is where the reader gets the info behind the marriage.

Candy Little Caitlin's family was forced to leave their homeland, Ireland because of the Irish Uprising. They've been in America for four years but now because of politics, her family is being forced out of America too. Under Dillon's name, Caitlin can stay and be protected.

Candy Little Caitlin is stubborn. She doesn't want to get married at all. And, Dillon is from England and she considers anyone from England her enemy. So Dillon is her enemy twice.

Candy Little Dillon is gentile and agrees to the marriage to protect Caitlin. However Caitlin treats him badly in the first half the book. She's punishing him for everything that is wrong in her life.

Candy Little But Dillon still falls in love with her. And, as much as Caitlin hates to admit it, she falls in love with him too. Which is good because the second half of the book they need each other.

Candy Little There is a strumpet trying to Seduce Dillon away from Caitlin. And a wicked step-mother trying to kill Caitlin and her husband.

Shah Sight Thanks, we have one more question for you for this interview, Candy, will you please say more about yourself, are you a romantic person yourself, do people say that to you quite often, or is it just your writing, are you well known as a romantic person?

Candy Little Yes, I am a true romantic, however I married the most unromantic and practical man. LOL!! I'm surprised we've last 22 years. So I live out my fantasies in my novels.

Shah Sight Thank you Candy for your time, and for everything you kindly said here, do you want add anything else at the end of this interview, we will get the links to your books now, so don't worry about that, any other thing that you want to add?

Candy Little I can't think of anything. I'm all talked out, which trust me, is a big task!! LOL!! Thanks for having me and have a blessed night.

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Candy Little Thanks and Goodnight!!

Shah Sight Good night!!

Jake Hollow Sorry for not being here when it was live.

Candy Little No problem Jake. Thanks for stopping by anyway.

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