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The Interpreter: Author Interview: Courtney Conant

Shah Sight
Courtney Conant, Accept our warm welcome on our live show today, we are so pleased to have you with us on this show. As many of our audience know about you, we leave asking you to say something about yourself at the end, now we would love you to introduce your main characters in The Blood Moon of Winter, please?

Courtney Conant
Thank you so much for having me here! I'm glad to be a part of the group and to get a chance for this interview...

Regarding my characters from BMoW, there is really only one main character and one secondary (though he does become more andmore prominent throughout).

Liliana Makay, my MC, takes the leading role as your average, everyday woman attempting to make her way through life as best she knows how. Life is normal until she begins dreaming of another world. The more she dreams, the more she comes to find out that she is actually not dreaming but that the world really does exist and she is slowly being brought over to it.

Courtney Conant Now Jason Caurns, a handsome author who just happens to walk into Lily's life, only plays a minor role in the first book. However, in the second, he holds a much larger part.

Shah Sight We know Jason, as an handsome author as you describe it yourself, Courtney, does Jason being what he is, especially being an author, plays any specific role into the main story, why did you chose Jason an author, does it help the story flow, does it help Liliana find out the truth about her dreams, tell us the connection please?

Courtney Conant
It's difficult to not give away too much, when describing the connection between the two. Jason just happens to be Lily's favorite author. Though their meeting each other seems purely accidental in the beginning, as the story progresses, it comes to appear as though it was preordained to happen.

They have a deep connection that slowly comes to the forefront and becomes quite prominent (and even more important in the second novel).

Shah Sight Thanks, we totally understand that. You may want to tell us about the sequel of this book, before we continue asking you about your other works, do you want to tell us something about your next book and also when will it be published, or maybe its name?

Courtney Conant
The sequel is titled Beyond the Known Horizon and it is currently underway. It picks up right where Blood Moon ends and continues the journey of Lily, as she attempts to learn a whole new life and of the new world she is now inhabiting. The other side of the story follows Jason in his attempt (as poor as it is) to cope with the loss of Lily from his life and how he tries to find a way to Makayra, the land Lily has been taken to.

The novel goes back and forth between the two main characters and is a bit more difficult to write and keep track of so it is taking longer than I had expected it to. My hope is to have it completed by fall and published by December of this year. It will take some hard work but I am fairly confident that I can achieve this.

Shah Sight Can you read a few lines from your published or unpublished book, totally up to you, and also describe your books by adding a few tags to them here, please?

Courtney Conant
Here are a couple of paragraphs from Beyond the Known Horizon.

After her disappearance, he had gone into her office and grabbed the book. It meant something to him, a reminder of that moment they had shared, a reminder of what could’ve been. The book was the only thing he had of hers and he kept it with him always. It was his way of keeping her fresh in his mind. Thinking of if he found her… When, not if, he thought to himself, for I will find her. He would give her the book again and watch for that same radiant smile to shine across her face again. It was what he longed for, each time he looked at the book.

He sat like that, on the edge of the bed, staring at the book, for a long time. He could almost imagine that if he went up to the window, that he might see her and her panther sitting at the edge of the lake. Of course, that was his imagination running wild. He knew it was only a scene and not real, yet he could feel her presence as he looked longingly toward it. Rising from the bed, book in hand, he made his way to the window. He laid his head on the frame and looked into the painting. As he did so, he felt a tugging sensation, something pulling at his mind, drawing him forward.

Courtney Conant Some tags that might help... Paranormal, Mythological, Quantum Realities, Prophecies, Ancient Rituals, Talking Creatures, Fae, etc...

There are so many possible tags, but I don't want to overdue it!

Shah Sight Thanks, Courtney, why Jason falls in love with Lily, as you call her in your book, is she beautiful, is she very clever, or is it because she is very different from any other girl out there, tell us how does Lily look like?

Courtney Conant
Lily is your typical girl next door, pretty but nothing overly special. She has natural red hair down to waist, dark auburn with bright scarlet undertones blended throughout, fairly pale skin, almost like porcelain, and no freckles. For the most part, she is simplistic.

As Jason comes upon Lily for the first time, he sees her as a carefree woman, swinging in a park, late into the evening, not seeming to have a care in the world. He is instantly drawn toward her.

Shah Sight We will have a couple more questions for you for this interview, now tell us about yourself please, Courtney, we would love to know you as a person a little bit more, what is the most unique characteristic about you that we should know?

Courtney Conant
A little about me? I'm a go-getter, I guess you could say. I need challenges and always do my best to accomplish what I start out to do. Here is an example: I'm a distance runner and just finished my first full marathon (26.2 miles) only a week and a half ago. Halfway through the race, I got sick. I had internal bleeding and and infection in my intestines. I didn't know how bad it was at the time but I was not going to let anything stop me from completing that race. I finished the marathon and proceeded to spend the next 3 days in the hospital getting myself fixed up.

That's what I do, I always try to finish what I start, no matter what extreme it takes me to.

So I write, I run and I publish as well. With the help of some friends, we are starting our own indie publishing company for all fictional genres. Actually, the company goes live tomorrow! is our fan page, if anyone is interested in checking it out. Our actual website is under construction currently and should be complete shortly.

Xchyler Publishing
Submissions are currently open. We are accepting all types and styles of fiction...See More
Page: 353

Shah Sight Very interesting and this says a lot about you as a person, you have one more book as well, The Mind Entangled, right, tell us a little bit about this book as well, please?

Courtney Conant
The Mind Entangled is a work in progress as well. It is going to be a collection of short stories, all following the life of Adrianna, a once beautiful and outgoing dancer turned kept woman. After marriage, she slips under the control of her husband without even realizing it is happening to her. Things change suddenly, as she is warned of an unknown danger that is facing her.

The story is my own take on the children of one of the great Norse gods. is the link to Part One: The Discovery on Amazon, where it is available for free, and is still on the Best Sellers list for Mythologies.

I hope to have part 2 in the collection done in the next couple of months. It will be titled Part Two: The Torleif.

Shah Sight Thank you. Give us some promotional tips at the end of this interview please, how do you promote your books?

Courtney Conant
Well, the best promotional tip I could give would be for every author to host their own book launch party. Back in January, I was able to host a launch party for Blood Moon at a local SciFi/Fantasy convention and it was a huge success! It brought in a lot of attention and has helped to pave the way for my work. It also helped to meet with those that had already read my book and to meet new readers. It did motivate me to work on the next in the series as well.

Shah Sight Thanks a lot Courtney, it was a real joy. Also visit:

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The Mind Entangled - Part One Courtney Conant

Courtney Conant Also, for anyone wanting a signed copy of my first novel, it can be purchased at I do ship anywhere in the world.

Where to
Changing Hands - a Tempe bookstore that supports indie authors - now has copies ...See More

Courtney Conant Thank you again, Shah, for having me and I'm always around and open for discussion, for anyone with questions or just looking to chat about books!

Shah Sight It was a real pleasure to have you on our show today, hopefully see you soon. And I owe you a review for your book, which I will post to Amazon soon.

Courtney Conant How I love new reviews!! I look forward to reading your thoughts on my work.

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