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The Interpreter: Author Interview With Michellle Grogen

Shah Sight
Michelle Grogan, welcome on our show, and thanks for being with us today, do you want to say something to our members, something unique about yourself as a person and as a writer, before I ask you a few more questions?

Michelle Grogan Good Morning Everyone! I am so glad to be here! I am not sure how unique a person I am, I am pretty laid back and like things simple. But when it comes to my writing, I like to create drama and conflict - things that bring my characters together, have the potential to tear them apart, and figure out how to overcome the obstacles in life to get back together again.

Shah Sight Michelle, thank you so much. When I first wrote it was about my own life, and a friend was the first person to tell me to do so, what motivated you, was it your parents who said you should write, or was it you who found out that talent in you first?

Michelle Grogan
I began writing when I was in middle school, but I began telling stories when I was younger by acting them out with my Barbies and My Little Ponies. Early on, I never really shared my stories with anyone - at that time, they were just for me. I did read A LOT - & I still do - and decided one day that if all those other authors could do it, why couldn't I? My family has always been an encouraging force in my life and now my fiance has been the one person who has pushed me to get my writing out there and does all he could to help me with that. In college I began writing one page stories that I shared with the leader of a youth group I was part of and he thought they were good and would be even better expanded. My first foray into letting others really read my writing came when I began writing Fanfiction and posting them online. Not sure if I totally answered that question LOL!

Shah Sight It is perfect Michelle, thank you so much, can you tell us what was your first story about, if you remember, or tell us about your first book, you said you wrote drama and conflict, what should we expect to read in your first book?

Michelle Grogan
Well, I think my first story - written when I was in middle school - had to do with teenage issues and growing up. I don't remember a lot of the details. As far as being influenced by conflict and drama, I grew up watching soap operas with my mother - my favorite being (then and now) General Hospital. My first published novel - Forbidden Love - was inspired by that soap and by the Romeo and Juliet theme of love being forbidden and what two people do in order to be together . . . with the conflicting families being connected to organized crime. In my first book, my readers should expect romance, characters trying to find their places in the world, a father and daughter trying to reconnect, and one man looking to use a blossoming love to get what he wants - no matter the costs.

Shah Sight Michelle, very interesting indeed, I ask you one more more question about your first book, and then move on to the next, what characters do you love the most in your book, and why, what I mean is that you really enjoyed writing about them, and they are still with you today, was it your main characters, is there also the good and bad guys in your book like there is a in a film?

Michelle Grogan
In Forbidden Love there are definitely good and bad guys, but it might surprise readers when they figure out who the good guys are & who the bad one is. As for my favorite character I'd have to say it's my female lead character Jessica Alvarez. Jessica has been with me even before I found the right story for her to star in. She's a character that I have cultivated for years before she found her place in Forbidden Love & has had a chance to tell her story.

Shah Sight We really enjoyed your first book's details, tell us something about your other book, something as interesting as your first one, be it the characters or the story, and do you have another book?

Michelle Grogan
Well Forbidden Love is the first in a trilogy. The second installment will be Is Love Enough? & focuses on the continuing growing relationship between Jessica & her father Luis as well as her feelings for Jake. There will be romance, there will be danger as both Luis & Jake inhabit very dangerous worlds. And through it all Jessica has to figure out if love is enough to stand up to & survive all that is thrown at them.

Shah Sight Mechelle, give us one or two Amazon links to your books, before I ask you a few more questions, where can people buy your book as this will hopefully reach hundreds of people?

Michelle Grogan My book is being offered exclusively through It is availed for the kindle for $2.99 & free for Amazon Prime members to borrow. Here's the link

Forbidden Love:Amazon:Kindle
Amazon:Forbidden Love

Shah Sight Thanks Michelle, I will ask you a few more questions, we are loving this interview, but we don't want to keep you with us all day. I don't believe much in being influenced by other writers, and it is a personal thing, what about you, do you really think that you are following some of your favourite authors?

Michelle Grogan
Well I think in some ways I am influenced by the writers that I read. The genre that I write is romantic suspense but I read a wide range of genres. I think I'm more influenced by ideas & styles. I did fall into a slight rut where I was comparing my writing to those of James Patterson, Andrew Gross & some other big name people. I had to take a step back & remind myself that my writing shouldn't be compared to theirs because we are all different people with different writing styles. Once I stopped doing that I was able to focus on me, my writing & the stories my characters want to tell.

Shah Sight I think Michelle you did the right thing, still my personal thoughts, others may think differently. Can you please read a few lines of your book for us where your favourite female character has played a part, just a few lines please, I know you might not remember it, but give it a try please, if you do, or we will move to the next question?

Michelle Grogan
This is from Chapter 3: "Good morning sweetheart," her father said, coming out of the kitchen with a mug of freshly brewed coffee in hand.
"Dad!" Jessica spun around, tossing the phone onto the couch and launching herself at her father, heedless of the coffee he was holding. "Are you okay? What happened? Why did the police come for you last night?"
Chuckling, her father sipped his coffee. "I can brew some decaf for you," he offered.
"Funny. Come on. What happened?" she asked, curling herself into the leather armchair as her father sat on the matching couch.

Shah Sight Michelle, that is how we love our books, and our characters, and you proved it to us, and I am sure that is how much your readers love your book, thank you so much for your time, if you want to tell us anything in the end please give us the joy of hearing it, before we say goodbye to you, and hope to see you soon again?

Michelle Grogan I just want to say that this was my first interview as a published author & I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts & writing with you!

Shah Sight Thanks Michelle, and it was amazing journey with you today, and I really hope to have you with us again.

Michelle Grogan All you have to do is ask!!


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