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The Interpreter: Author Interview With Shah

Shah Sight
Shah Sight,welcome to our author interview, can I ask you why you are interviewing yourself?

Shah Sight Yes, of course, it's because I interview my fellow authors nearly every day, and no one agreed to interview me, so I had to take things into my own hand, and interview myself.

Shah Sight I always wanted to ask you about you and Khaled Hosseini, two writers from the same country, how do you campare your writing with his writing, I mean, the Interpreter to the Kite Runner, for example.

Shah Sight I have read Khaled Hosseini's first book the Kite Runner, Khaled has the ability to engage his readers in a very different way to mine, he is calm and collective, and very gentle with his writing, exactly like his own personality, a gentleman, whereas my writing is quite different. I can never write like him, I don't have that ability to engage my readers the way he does, it's extraordinary what he can do with his writing, and now we see the results, he is an international figure now.

Shah Sight I totally agree with you say about Khaled Hosseini's work, from what I have read in the Kite Runner. So, tell us how would you like to write, and why you think you can never write like him? Are you jealous of him?

Shah Sight Good question. Yes, every writer out there is jealous of him, if they dare to compare themselves with him, which I sometimes do, and the outcome is mere jealousy, nothing else. As I said, I write quite differently from him. I am not gentle with my readers, I am not calm and collective with them, I am not soft and slow, I am very different. My writing explodes in front of my readers' eyes and make them uncomfortable, which I am so sorry about that. I don't think they get a break from me throwing words after words of thrill and drama to them, for which I really want to apologise to my dear readers. I am very, very sorry.

Shah Sight Shah, why can't you try to be gentle with your readers, that is what you want to do in your life, from what I know, why you don't try to look after your readers and be gentle and calm with them, when you want to make your living out of writing one day, you can't continue doing this, bombarding your readers with a world of scary and dramatic words, why can't you be different for the sake of your own writing, and your own life?

Shah Sight Thank you so much, another good question, I think it's because that is my personality, as you know I believe that our personalities, what we are in our life, and how we have been raised, etc. etc., have a big influence on the way we write.

Shah Sight Deos that say that you are not gentle as a person, can I say that you are a gangster or something?

Shah Sight I am not a gangster, but not a gentleman either, something in between these two, maybe a totally different writer and a totally different personality.

Shah Sight Fair enough, what is your next book, do we expect the same stress and disturbance from your next book as well, or is it different, when it is going to come out?

Shah Sight My next book is called Running from Life.

Shah Sight Running from Life?

Shah Sight Yes, it is coming out soon, but I don't know how soon.

Shah Sight Can I tell you something, no one will read this book either, it will sit next to The Interpreter, like two disfigured twin brothers, will look at each other and think why the hell we are here in this world.

Shah Sight I know from where you are talking, because it's called Running from Life, and it's scary enough already, that is why you are saying that, and you think it's not going to be any different from The Interpreter. But, I don't care who is reading my books, and who is not, I can't change myself for my readers, I can't be someone else, I love to be myself, it's enough for me even if one person in the world likes my books.

Shah Sight Don't you think that is selfish what you are saying, don't you think that it's not fair when someone goes and pays money and buys your book, and he gets insult instead? He gets nothing but you showing yourself off, you don't giving them a break, you don't looking after them as a writer, but always thinking about yourself? Why don't you want to change?

Shah Sight You mean that I have to change myself for every reader that is out there? So, how I am going to change myself for every reader's choice that is out there reading my book?

Shah Sight Ok, Shah, it was nice to see you and have you on our show, but I hope to never see you again. You gave me that thrill from opening your book and reading your first word in the book, you continued doing so throughout your book until the last word, and now from when we started this interview up until now there is a thrill in my heart, you are a hell of a thriller writer, and I don't want to see you again. Bye.

Shah Sight I'm happy with what I am. I have lived with thrills and dramas, I will continue living with them, I don't want to be someone else, all I can say is sorry to those who have been scared by my writing, and that I think is human enough to put me into the world of any other normal human being, those who don't live in my scary world. What is wrong if for once I take them to my world to see what I have been through throughout my life, what is wrong to take them away from their comfortable life, and show them my horrifying life, what is wrong to take them from the comfort of Europe to my dramatic way of living, what is wrong if I want to introduce them with how I have lived my life, how I have been raised, and how we are still living, in horror, what is wrong if I can direct their calm and collective thoughts to our lives, to our war-torn land, Afghanistan.

Shah Sight

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