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The Interpreter: With Christine

Shah Sight
Christine Sutton, Welcome to our group, and thanks for taking part in this interview. You have named your short stories 'Red', and your novella sequel 'Snow', right, let me express myself that I am impressed by the titles, tell us, apart from these titles, what else there is in your books that would make them stand out among other books, is it the stories, is it what people have said about them, is it the covers, or is it you as a person who have written them? Are you having lots of interviews about your books, apart from this one, tell us what else do you do to promote your stories?

Christine Sutton I gave the two stories one word titles because I think it best expresses the essence of the stories. These two stories are very different retellings of two classic fairy tales. There is one main character that is present through both stories, Kayla Burkheart. The stories follow her through a journey of discovery. She finds secrets that have been long buried in her past, and she also finds that the people she should be able to trust are not trustworthy at all. One theme that flows through both stories is that family is not necessarily blood related, and those that are blood, are not always family. I believe that my characters are strong and well developed. There is also a third installment in the works. It will be titled 'Let me come in'

Christine Sutton I try to bring a lot of myself into my works, but what you read is my take on how people behave. I think one thing that I have is empathy for people, no matter how unsympathetic they might be. I treat every one of my characters as an individual. I believe that even if they are bad people, they still deserve the respect of having their story told.

Christine Sutton I get a lot of compliments on my covers. :) I work hard on getting them exactly the way I want them. To me, they are the first thing that a person sees, so they are in essence my first impression. I ask for a lot of feedback from other people that I respect before I add a cover image to my work.

Christine Sutton I actually do not do a lot of interviews. I am more than open to doing them, though. *wink* Anyone that would like to interview me is more than welcome to contact me.

Christine Sutton As far as promotion, I am always here on facebook, and I belong to several groups, such as the Kindle Horror Books group. I also started two groups myself, Each called 99 cent Kindle and Nook deals, respectively. Please feel free to look them up and join. I try to be as active as I can on message boards and forums.

Christine Sutton I have two other titles that I am very proud of as well. One is titled 'Killers' It includes four short stories all told from the point of view of a killer. Some of them are sympathetic, and some are not. This title is 99 cents.
A collection of short stories that take you on a roller coaster ride of emotion....See More

Christine Sutton The other Novella is titled 'All the Little Children' I think that is probably the scariest book I have written to date. Also 99 cents.

All the Little
All the Little Children is a novella that will leave you on the edge of your sea...See More

Christine Sutton All of my titles have 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon, and my feedback has been very positive. I am a firm believer that you can't please all the people all the time, but I do my best to make most of them happy. :)

Christine Sutton Thank you for allowing me to answer your questions, and I hope everyone who decides to download copies of my work enjoys it. Please feel free to contact me if any of you would like to chat! Thanks again!

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