Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Interpreter: Author Interview With William

Shah Sight
William Talcott, Thanks for being here with us, we greatly appreciate your time, do you want to tell us something about The Mission, how did you start with this book, I believe that it has been a success, what do you think people like in your book the most, and what do you like about The Mission yourself, the thrill, the search, the love story, the mystery, the hero and heroine, what do you like the most about The Mission, you seem to be so enthusiastic about it? Tell us where can we buy this book?

William Talcott The Mission started out as a short story meant to entertain a group of friends I played video games with years ago. Part way into the story I asked myself where I really wanted to go with it and made the choice to kill off my first character. Instead of returning home victorious, we face the grim reality of a military operation.

William Talcott I hope that people like the characters the most. I really enjoyed writing the part of the Professor. I really get into stories with narratives. One influence for writing the part of the Professor was the movie Pitch Black. after the narrative by the character, Riddick, I felt I had to give it a try and the Professor was the perfect character to use.

William Talcott There were so many things that I enjoyed while writing the story. Writing the action was fun and I really got into developing the characters and the close ties between them as well.

William Talcott There is a love story through most of The Mission. There is a sort of tension between David and Mary. They are in love but because of who and what David is, he must keep his distance. David makes some difficult choices to keep Mary and others in his life safe.

William Talcott I'm not really sure who you would call the Hero or the Heroine in this story. There are so many. I find that in real life, it is the joint efforts of many who make heroic things happen. In The Mission, all of the main characters give of themselves.

William Talcott There are Heroes and Heroines in all of us.

William Talcott As far as purchasing The Mission, I have been doing the best I can to let everyone on Facebook know where they can get it. @ Amazon as an e-book! and it has recently been made available in print as well

The Mission (Remnants of the Past)
The Mission follows a group of mercenaries as they take a dying scientist to the planet Valdorion in what they believe is a search for a cure. Under advisement from Senator Tyrell and against his better judgment, the commander of the Undead agrees to take the youngest member of his mercenaries on...

William Talcott I would really like to Thank Shah Sight for giving me this opportunity to share my story with everyone here at The Interpreter: A Literary Group.

William Talcott This was Fun!

Shah Sight William, thank you so much, now we are totally convinced why everybody loves The Mission. It was a pleasure, hope to see you again soon.

Ashley Fontainne The Mission is an outstanding book! It takes the reader into another world, yet reflects current issues and scenarios that could be ripped from world headlines! I highly recommend this book!


  1. Thanks for bringing William Talcott's THE MISSION to us in such vivid detail, Helmand. Great job.

    I haven't bought this yet, but am close to hitting that button. William is a fine man as well as a good author; at least that's what my friends tell me.

    I'm glad Ashley likes THE MISSION; I trust her judgement implicitly.

    Best of luck, William, and big hugs - Betty Dravis

    1. This is quite a compliment coming from Betty Dravis! Thank You, Betty.

  2. You will have the joy of reading his book soon, we really had the honour of meeting him on our site, a wonderful person, and a wonderful book.