Monday, 16 January 2012

Author Gordon Mathieson

THE COLOR of ICE, by Gordon Mathieson, Publ. SinoAmerican Books, 2009

She stared at her former lover, now the sitting in the Oval Office.
“Look, I can’t take this assignment now. For God’s sake, I’m a Biology professor, and department chairman. I work with mice, monkeys and students. And some days, I can’t tell one from the other.  But this allied project with China…it sounds like you want me to be your…your mole.”
He stared into her eyes without a smile.
“Your word, not mine.”
She stood up and paced on the plush carpet.  Her mind reflected on their past as Harvard graduate students.  She knew he was fully aware of her fluency with the Mandarin language and her accolades in virus research.
“I’m still confused, Mr. President. I’m sure as hell not a trained spy and, and you could find anyone with my capabilities for this assignment. Why me?”
He stepped closer, gently resting his hands on her shoulders.
“Because, Carrie, unlike all the others, I trust you.”

HOOK ISLAND  by Gordon Mathieson  Publ. CreateSpace  2010

The two teens knew they were trespassing onto the condemned property but the underground factory and its maze of tunnels intrigued them. Their cell phone flashlight led the way.
Suddenly, a swooshing sound flew between their heads.
“What the hell was that?” Andy shakily asked.
“I…I think it was a bat…let’s get outta here!” Becky responded.
Suddenly a light flashed on behind a door. Factory Office was painted on the door window.
The teens silently duck-walked closer to eavesdrop on a conversation.
“Listen!” Becky whispered to Andy.
They heard a man ask about some illegal deal. He was quickly answered by a woman’s voice. It was a familiar voice.
The teens slowly rose up to peek through the blurred window. They immediately recognized the honey-blonde with her youthful outfit. She seemed in control of the agitated man.
Quickly, the teens slid their bodies back down to the floor.
Andy, with wide eyes whispered, “My God! That’s …that’s….”
“Our homeroom teacher, Miss Lakely!” Becky completed his sentence.

SUMMER GAMES  by Gordon Mathieson  Publ. Create Space 2011

      Mrs. Bing could see how Becky was very much interested in her new friend, Jake. But she also picked up the sincere affection the mixed-race young man had for her daughter. It was a pleasant evening and she was happy the young man was coming to her dinner table. It as Jake who spoke first after pulling out his chair to sit down.

“So, how would you say in Mandarin ‘I would like to use chopsticks?’” Jake asked.
“Oh, that’s easy,” Becky responded. “You can remember this — Wǒ xiǎng yòng kuàizi’ (我想用筷子) — see Jake, Wǒ xiǎng (我想) means, ‘I would like to. And yòng kuàizi (用筷子) means to use chopsticks. Pretty simple, eh?”
Jake smiled, and then answered with, “Xiè xiè” (謝謝) which meant thanks!

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