Monday, 19 December 2011

The Interpreter -- Old and new Kabul

Why do I love to work with NATO?
The answer is that these soldiers who leave their homes, families and everything behind, and go to live in the camps in different parts of Afghanistan, need support; our support in particular, as Afghans. I love to keep working with these soldiers and make them feel that they are doing something real good in our country.

I have been to Kabul twice after NATO went to Afghanistan.  It made me feel happy to see the Afghan police and army taking the security of different parts of Kabul.  I was over the moon to see new hospitals, schools, and other public and private buildings, like new shopping centres, etc.  People have a life, unlike when the Taliban were in the city.  There is money, jobs and new possibilities for our people.

And there is the hope that this fragile security in the rest of the country will also get better soon.    

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