Friday, 4 November 2011

After my warm regards to you let me take you through the novel in a few sentences, then I will write how I wrote this book:

The Interpreter -- fiction, war:

The interpreter is set in Helmand, Afghanistan.  It's about the story of an Afghan interpreter working with the American forces, in a district called Sangin, one of the most dangerous places in Helmand.  I think only this sentence explains a lot about what actually this book is about.

In Helmand when Shabir hears the Taliban commander's voice over the ICOM, he thinks he is the same commander who took him to jail, in Kabul.  But is he the same commander?  

Can Shabir survive all the drama in Helmand?  What happens to the other interpreters?  What does Dozakhi do to harm the interpreters and their families?  Can NATO win over the people's hearts and minds, with the everyday threat of the Taliban?  What do the locals think after losing their men, women and children in the cross fire between the Taliban and NAOT....?  

Take a journey through The Interpreter and experience it all for yourself. 

Now let me introduce myself:

My name is Shah Wali Fazli.  I was born in Kabul.  I studied medicine at the University of Kabul, but I left it after the Taliban took over the city.  In the year 2000 I came to England.  In England I studied English and computer.  My first book was called 'Running from Life', published in the Dari language, which is also available in English.  After NATO went to Afghanistan, my first job in England started with the British army, advising them on the Afghanistan issues, and also giving them cultural training, where I got the idea of writing 'The Interpreter'.  I worked for years for the British army before I moved to Germany and started working with the American army, doing the same job.  I still work with them and I love the job.

Your kind comments would be greatly appreciated.

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